Combe Martin SAC member Kevin Legge joined the Weston Outcasts SAC on a trip to Norway. Many thanks to Weston Outcasts for allowing me to share the entertaining account of their angling adventure. From what I can gather fishing conditions were pretty brutal at times. Despite this the warmth of friendship shines through.
Last week saw 5 of our members of Weston Outcasts SAC embark on a 10 day Norwegian adventure. Luke, Damo, Kev ‘Keth’ Legge ( Combe Martin SAC) and Matt ‘the gaff’ Dallow, all under the expert tutelage of Uncle Phytos. Also, accompanied by former member Sean ‘just my luck’ Anderson. Fishing was hard, battling freezing -15 temperatures and stiff easterly winds, however a few decent fish were caught and a few more bites missed (mainly by Gaff master Matt 😬).
Day 1. The team was split to maximise space on the marks which were chosen to mainly get respite from the sub zero winds. Fishing was tough, Damo, Keth and Just my luck failing to register bites, while Luke and Matt both missed Halibut runs. The only notable fish of the day was from Luke. His first cast fishing specifically for a wolf fish produced a lovely 12 Lber which took off as he was tightening down on his lead.
Day 2. Phytos, Luke and the Gaffer headed to Bodø and registered several cod to near doubles, whilst the others visited a mark a little closer to home. 2 decent bites for Damo and just my luck but both failing to connect.
Day 3. Returning to their mark from Day 1, Mr Dallow managed to tame a lively 21lb Halibut. Not to be outdone on the very next cast, Lukes ratchet screamed off and after a short battle he banked a Halibut almost exactly 1lb heavier than Matts, Mr Dallow then showed the world his expert Gaffing skills (hence the nickname).
Day 4. Sean and Phyt fished a known mark and both registered Codling. Whilst the others ventured a bit further afield. The day was fairly slow a few codling and coalies caught and a couple of small halibut for Damo. Just as the sun was setting ‘Keth’ received a timid bite but as he struck into it, he realised that he may have hooked a Kraken! A 3.5 hr battle ensued in a freezing Blizzard. Each time a metre was gained the beast took 2, eventually slipping the hook and skulking off into the deep. Hard luck mate! We also nearly lost Matt to a snow drift on the way back which saw him disappear up to his waist like the Vicar of Dibley!😬😂
Day 5 saw a communal fish for all of the lads together, which although no notable fish there was a steady stamp of smaller cod, coalies and Halibut throughout the day.
Day 6 the lads ventured to a new mark further south. Mr Dallow caught his first Haddock and Keth had a decent Plaice around the 4lb mark on his first cast and a beautiful specimen Flounder for Damo.It was looking like it could be a productive day however with the turn of the tide fishing switched off 😔.
Day 7. The A team went on a plaice hunt, ‘ the Gaff’ was on fire 🔥 plucking out 5 plaice to around the 3lb mark whilst both Luke and Phytos struggled to catch any! Elsewhere, B team missed a few runs but still no decent fish 😬.
Day 8. Matt and Luke decided to charter one of the boats from the accommodation, the fishing was not much better, a decent coal fish pushing double figure being the catch of the day. However, they spent most of their time cruising through the Maelstrom like Crockett and Tubbs. Sean and Kev ventured to a new mark producing just one double figured codling for Kev and nothing for Sean 😔. Phytos was paired up with Damo, feeling sorry for him over his lack of fish, he took him under his wing and put him on a 35lb Halibut. Better late than never!
Day 9 Phyt, Matt and Luke caught a few coalies, whilst the other crew missed a couple of runs.
Day 10. Last chance saloon for some, saw Dimmo, Keth and just my luck wake at the crack of dawn in order to try and salvage a decent fish before packing to come home. Keth managed a lovely 25lb Halibut right at the death. Well done mate.
All in all a cracking trip, despite the lack of fish, genuine belly laughing most of the day. It’s hard to moan really when you are surrounded by breathtaking scenery and stunning wildlife. Eagles, moose and otters being the highlights. A special thanks to Kurt Saltstraumen Brygge for great accommodation and warm hospitality. Can’t recommend the place enough. Until next year!

Jeremy Wade – To Visit Torrington

Jeremy Wade in Great Torrington

book signing and more


Jeremy Wade will be in Great Torrington, Devon, England on 4th August to sign his new book “How to Think Like a Fish” at the Plough Arts Centre. (Books will be available to purchase on the day)In addition, we will be screening one of his latest programmes Dark Waters.

Jeremy will open with a short presentation at 10.30am before the book signing begins which will be until 12.30pm in the gallery at the Plough. The screening will be from 1.30 and there will be an opportunity for any questions and answers after the film finishes.

We look forward to seeing you on the day.  Tickets are available from the Plough for £5 per person to enjoy both sessions and guarantee your seat at the film. The Plough Tel No is (44) 01805 624624 Web details are

The event is organised by River Reads bookshop so please contact them if you require any further information, or would like to purchase a signed copy of Jeremy’s book and are unable to attend.