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DSCF2784The weather forecast was far from good with strong winds and heavy rain forecast but it was a Friday night and after a week at work the coast was beckoning. A phone call from my good mate Kevin Legge sealed the decision and a short session was planned to coincide with high water.  We knew a sheltered spot and with top quality waterproofs there was no excuse not to go.

One of the beauties of bass is that they can be caught on a wide variety of methods and one of my personal favorites is to free-line  holding the rod to feel that electrifying pull as the bass intercepts the bait. First cast I had a good pull and missed it. Second cast and I connect with a pleasing bass of around 3lb 8oz that is carefully returned. I expect more takes but that is the only take  I get all evening. A couple of hours later Kev gives a shout and I scurry over to slip the net under a bass that we estimate at around 6lb. The fish gives a good account of itself on the light tackle and rounds off a pleasing excursion. The fish is tempted on a large flapper of Ammo mackerel.

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Specimen bass for Kevin Legge

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Combe Martin SAC member Kevin Legge landed this fine bass of 9lb 2oz from a local beach. The fish was tempted using Ammo mackerel and returned alive to the sea. I expect to see a few double figure fish caught over the coming months on both lures and baits. Big baits after dark on the beaches have a proven track record though there is plenty of room for experiment with bass that can be tempted using a wide range of tactics. Big bass venture into surprisingly shallow water where free-lined baits on light tackle can bring surprising results?



Kevin Legge 9lb 2oz bass