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Combe Martin SAC member Kevin Legge enjoyed a weeks fishing from the shore in Norway where he and his companions from Veal’s Mail Order landed some notable specimens including cod to 38lb, halibut to 32lb and a fierce looking wolf-fish of 14lb 2oz to Kevin. To combat Norways hostile climate the team chose to wear clothing from North Devon based  Reeds -Chillcheater.

Pheotos Yianni with a 38lb cod
(Above)Kevin Legge with a 14lb 2oz wolf-fish.  

(Above) Damien Close with a 32lb halibut

Twenty fours hours after arriving home from Norway Kevin was out on the local shoreline where he banked a stunning brace of bull huss scaling 13lb 9oz and 11lb 1oz.


Dave Brooke – bull huss 10lb

RIGS FOR TOOTHY CRITTERS – Article by Kevin Legge

Kevin Legge as a well earned reputation for catching specimen fish from the North Devon shoreline and having fished with Kev for close to forty years I know he is meticulous in his preparation and leaves nothing to chance. Kevin has been testing the latest terminal tackle from Veals Mail Order and sent me this short article.

I have been asked recently about wire traces for toothy critters. I have been using the Mason Wire for a few years now in 175lb b.s this wire is both strong and extremely kink resistant a plus when the straps and dogfish are about in plague proportions.For hooks I use good old Varivas extras or the recent catfish hook. I have always been a fan of stainless steel swivels and the latest from Seadra are exceptionally robust with the 1/0 crane swivel rated at 525lb! To connect the trace to hook and swivel I have been using Seadra double barrel crimps 1.2mm. The crimped joints are protected using Mustard shrink tube (3mm) this creates a neat finish and protects the fingers from shards of wire that can give a nasty cut.

At snaggy marks Kevin often uses a single hook instead of the more commonly used Pennel rig.







Specimen bass for Kevin Legge

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Combe Martin SAC member Kevin Legge landed this fine bass of 9lb 2oz from a local beach. The fish was tempted using Ammo mackerel and returned alive to the sea. I expect to see a few double figure fish caught over the coming months on both lures and baits. Big baits after dark on the beaches have a proven track record though there is plenty of room for experiment with bass that can be tempted using a wide range of tactics. Big bass venture into surprisingly shallow water where free-lined baits on light tackle can bring surprising results?



Kevin Legge 9lb 2oz bass