The Pearson family enjoyed a fun flounder fishing session in the Taw estuary with Candy Pearson hauling a double shot of flounders and nine year old Ellie Pearson catching a whopper of 1lb 10oz.

The humble flounder can provide great fun for family fishing with no sophisticated tackle required as the fish can be caught in very shallow water. For great sport use a light carp rod or spinning rod with a 2 or 3 hook trace with size 2 fine wire hooks and a bunch of ragworm. The fish can also be caught using light float tackle set so the the bait trundles over the sand. LRF style tackle can also give an alternative challenge with artificial ragworm on the hook worked slowly through likely spots.

Summerlands Tackle are presently selling fresh locally dug harbour ragworm. Phone to secure your order if you suffer from a bad back it can ease the pain.

Thin lips giving good sport

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Ian Laird caught this thin lipped grey mullet in the Taw Estuary using a baited spinner. These hard fighting members of the mullet family can give great sport and can also prove frustrating as they follow the spinner to the bank turning away at the last minute. Thick lipped grey mullet are also present in the estuary’s in good numbers but require a totally different approach with bread the top boat presented on float or quiver tip tactics. In the past huge catches of thin lipped mullet were made using float fished harbour ragworm a tactic that is seldom used today.

Flounder provide Junior joys

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The humble flounder have introduced many young anglers to the joys of fishing. Kevin Legge took six year old Grace Joslin on an angling adventure on the banks of the Taw Estuary where under Kevin’s guidance she landed a fine 1lb 10oz flounder. One of angling’s greatest attributes is that it gives that hands on link to nature that can last a lifetime.

Flounder Competition Results

The flounder competition season is in full swing with North Devon Anglers enjoying sport on both the Taw and Torridge Estuaries. Mark Beer took top spot in Triple Hook Clubs Flounder Open with a flounder scaling 1lb105/8oz. In runner up spot was John Passmore with a flounder of 1lb 75/8oz.

Thirty-Seven anglers braved the weather to compete in Bideford Angling Clubs Cyril Petherick Memorial Competition, Congratulations to junior angler Tommy Taylor who caught the biggest flounder of the day a fine specimen of 1lb 14oz. Top senior angler was Robert Bowden with  a flounder of 1lb 113/4oz. Second was Darren Short with flattie of 1lb 111/4oz and third Nick Job with a flounder of 1lb 91/2oz. Tommy Taylor also took runner up in the junior section with a flounder of 151/2oz. The pool winner for the flounder closest to 1lb 4oz was Darren Burslem with a flounder of 1lb 31/4oz.

Estuary Sport

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Robbie Hancock secured the Triple Hook Clubs RBL Shield with a flounder scaling 1lb 111/2oz. Dennis Toleman took runner up spot with a flounder of 1lb 2oz. Large amounts of floodwater and associated debris made fishing difficult though several flounders were landed by non club members over the weekend. I would expect flounder fishing to

(Above) Ian Hooper with a flounder that brought a broad smile despite the cold wind.

(Above) Kyle Blackmore with pleasing flounder.

(Above) Kyle Blackmore with an estuary bass

Flounder fishing beneath a setting sun

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The tranquil Taw estuary bathed in the light of a setting sun. An awesome back drop to a spot of fishing for the humble and obliging flounder. Many thanks to Kyle Blackmore for allowing me to use his pictures. On light tackle flounder can give great sport and are ideal species for junior anglers to target over the coming half term. There is also every chance of a bass with a few good sized fish present.