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Luke Siddle, 19 from Hull, decided to give Nirvana’s Kracking Carp Lake a try on the last night of his annual holiday to us. Well, within just 5 hours of fishing it was worth it and he landed a 31lb personal best Mirror.

Luke shared –
“After an extremely tough weeks fishing, I went into my final night on Kracking Karp on a bit of a downer, I just wasn’t expecting this! My rods were set at 5pm and in my head I knew what I was doing was right, it was up to the fish at this point. Come 10pm my right rod screamed off on a near enough locked up reel so I was on it in seconds, what a buzz that was! After an intense 5 minute battle in the pitch black I got it free of the lily pads and securely in my net, what a result!

I fished Peg 1 using a solid bag presentation consisting of a wide gape pattern hook on a 3″ hook link and a 3oz inline lead. In terms of bait I used a mixture of krill boilies, krill pellets, cloudy krill liquid and sweetcorn.

Perfect way to end another great week at Anglers Paradise! Thanks again, we will be returning for sure!”

Anglers Paradise