Koi from Paradise

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Many of you will recognize this Fish in particular, a Koi that has been a personal best to lots, he just loves to say hello and grace your nets!

Here is Duncan Price with the beauty at 8lb 1oz and also his partner Jessica Fernadez with some beautiful catches from the Koi Lake.

Anglers Paradise

Latest News from Anglers Paradise

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Zenia at Anglers Paradise is successfully trying to get more women interested in fishing and having some success as can be seen from her latest post below,


As you know, we LOVE to see more Women on the banks enjoying FISHING!!

Here is a lady that does just that! Emily Wearden, 35 from Abingdon in Oxfordshire has only been fishing for a year and joined us last week with her partner James and caught 2 Personal Bests – a 5lb 11oz Koi from the Koi Lake off the top on Dog Biscuits and a 9lb Mirror from the Beginners Carp Lake on a Pineapple Wafter, her partner James Durkin also caught a Personal Best 3lb 8oz Koi from the Float Lake on a pop up.

Emily Shared –

“We have just come back from a fantastic week at Anglers Paradise. Your family/staff have done a great job on not only the fishing lakes, but also the accommodation. We came down for James 40th Birthday and can’t wait to come back next year.

I have only been fishing for about a 1 year, I am now 35 years old and love fishing!”



Steven Blackburn, 39 from Liverpool joined Anglers Paradise for a week with the lads for some fishing and fun and on their last day they decided to go back to the Koi Lake to see if they could catch one of the bigger ones…

Well Steve did catch one of the bigger ones but he forgot his scales to see exactly how big it was!! But, it definitely looks bigger than 8lb+!!

Steven shared –

“I was free lining using the soft floating biscuits from your tackle shop, I was fishing just a few feet from the bank around the Lillies to the left as you enter the lake from the foot path. After throwing in a few freebies to get them confidently feeding I chucked in my hook bait and next thing I know this massive head slowly comes up through the water and sucks it in. I couldn’t believe my luck. All the way through the fifteen minute fight to get it in I was constantly saying ‘please don’t come off, please don’t come off”

We ended up doing two days on the Koi Lake, easily the best fishing experience I’ve had to date.”

(Below)Oli Dietrich caught this fine carp of 24lb  from the complex xanadu on #robinbaits.

Anglers Paradise

Fish From Paradise

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Julia Marston, a Sandwich Bar Owner, 55, from Heathfield, East Sussex had a week to remember at Anglers Paradise after catching a wide variety of Specimens to say the least! Julia caught an amazing Personal Best 55lb 5oz Catfish from our Day Ticket Specimen Cat Lake. Julia caught the Monster using 20lb main line, very strong fluorocarbon hook link, running 3oz lead, Catmaster Size 2 Barbless Hook with 2 20mm Mainline Salty Squid Boilies. Julia said – “My heart was beating so fast, my hands were shaking, I could not believe the size of this fish!! I don’t think I will ever catch anything as big as this Cat, it really is a Fish of a Lifetime”!


Julia also caught 2 Personal Best Koi’s of 8lb 4oz AND 10lb 4oz Koi from the Koi Lake both on a Fruitella 15mm Mainline Boilie, and to finish off she caught a PB 3lb 8oz Golden Orfe from the Specimen Tench and Orfe Lake also on Fruitella Boilies – What a week!


Jackie Charlton (below) 47, an accountant from London caught ‘Simon’ the Koi at 13lbs 8oz from the Specimen Tench and Orfe Lake which smashes Jackie’s previous 2lb Personal Best! It’s a very special Koi that doesn’t come out often, and being the Only Koi in that Lake makes it a very special Fish when you do manage to catch it! It’s certainly one of our favourites! The fact that Jackie saw the Koi and then caught him was just great, we think her Hubby was slightly envious…

Jackie caught the Koi float fishing using a small pole float with sweetcorn as bait, feeding pellet and sweetcorn.