img_3710 I joined Kevin Legge on saturday night as storm Angus approached; the weather forecast predicted the storm to arrive overnight with heavy rain. Close study of the forecast indicated that we should enjoy a few hours before conditions became too severe and with our quality Reeds waterproofs a little rain would do us no harm. Kevin had fished the previous night and had landed the first of the winters spurdog! Rain persisted through the night but the wind held off and the sea conditions were close to perfect. On the first cast of the night Kevin’s ratchet sounded as something grabbed his Ammo squid and launce cocktail. I descended the rocks and lifted a pleasing huss of 9lb 6oz from the water. The rest of the night brought a small conger and few dogfish. The wind picked up as high water passed, right on cue we packed away and headed for home. As always at this time of year grabbing the window of opportunity is key.

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