Twenty Three more twenties for Upper Tamar

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South West Lakes continue carp stocking into Upper Tamar with another 23 fish all over 20lbs stocked. They managed to get some of those fish being released on film.
For more details on all the fish they  have stocked visit –…/upper-tamar-gets…/
Now that the Tamar stocking is nearing completion we will be turning our attention to some of our other fantastic waters and looking at how we can improve them including stocking opportunities. We will update you on plans for the other lakes as things progress so please keep an eye on our website.
Below are just a few of the carp banked from the venue in recent months

Big carp from Local reservoirs

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Deano Johnson had this cracking 26.02 common from Lower Slade on his first visit having just purchased our all waters ticket.

Shaun Freeman who has these two commons from Tamar a few days ago. 20lb 3oz and 22lb. Both caught on Mainline Cell pop ups fished on a stiff hinge close to the bank.

Shaun Freeman who has these two commons from Tamar a few days ago. 20lb 3oz and 22lb. Both caught on Mainline Cell pop ups fished on a stiff hinge close to the bank.

North Devon Match Group versus Bude Canal Angling Club- North Devon Winners!

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North Devon Match Group versus Bude Canal Angling Club

Upper Tamar Lake Results : Individual

1st Stuartshelley Burridge 24lb 8oz

2nd Steve Maynard 23lb

3rd Tom Downing 18lb 9oz

4th Paul Elworthy 18lb 5oz

5th Martin Turner 17lb 11oz

6th Nathan Underwood 17lb 7oz

26 anglers fished , Team result NDMG 206 points Bude 145 points , The pleasant autumnal conditions provided for a good match, top weights were mainly skimmers on the feeder, but there were some good roach nets recorded to the pole. North Devon Match Group overturned the 30 point defect to win back the annual trophy 342 to 308 .

Carp anglers battle on through stormy conditions

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Carp anglers are enduring stormy conditions at Upper Tamar Lake fishing the Upper Tamar Mainline Baits Carp Pair Competition.

The gale force winds and heavy rain are proving to ideal catching competitions with a succession of good fish coming to the bank. The competition ends on Sunday when I imagine the competitors will all be a little weary and weather warn. Modern clothing and quality bivvies ensure that fishing in such extreme weather is viable.

Overnight Mainline competition update….
Matt Pepperell and Chris Hudson have landed two fish on peg 9 (end of the arm). A 13.06
Common and a lovely 24.02 common in the rain!
George West and Andy Woon land there fourth fish, a 7.07 common to move further away in the lead from peg 12.
Jamie Woods and Richard Chalke landed there second this time a 11.14 common from peg 26.
Jon Gibbons and Damion Braund caught a lovely 20.12 common from peg 14.
Dan Gay and Andy Pickering had a 9.09 fish from peg 31.

Upper Tamar carp

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Ashley Bunning has these two beauties from Upper Tamar this week. The common was 23.12 and the mirror was 17lb. The fish fell to a NashBait 20mm cultured hookbait.

(below) Shaun Freeman has this beauty from Upper Tamar at the weekend. 22lbs on the nose caught using a Stiff hinge with mainline link pop ups casting to showing fish from the Bradworthy arm area of the lake.

(Below) Ryan Tester proudly displaying his new personal best. carp of 23lb 10oz from Upper Tamar. This stunning mirror was tempted on a milky malt hookbait in just 2ft of water.

Stunning carp from trusty waters

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Some stunning carp from North Devons trusty South West Lakes carp waters!

(Below) Carl Watkins  had this beauty from Lower Tamar yesterday. ‘25.2 caught with a single 14mm vitalbaits kraken pop up over 18mm kraken freebies soaked in vitalbaits robin red and black squid, and salmon protein hydrolysate‘.

(Below)Karl Yates had a cracking session on Melbury at the weekend. 6 fish to 23.10 with three over 20lb!

(Below)Mervyn Beale has been back on Upper Tamar and rewarded with this lovely 21lb Mirror and 16lb Common yesterday. 20mm Nash Scopex Squid boilie doing the trick for Merv with a 5 bait stringer.

(Below) Tim Surridge has this 20lb common from Upper Tamar on his first visit to the venue. Tim also caught two more to just over 16lbs. Fishing the lookout swim with Cornwall Baits red seed and special occasion boilies.

Upper Tamar – Three quick commons

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Aaron Bunning Had these 3 commons of 19lb 14oz, 15lb and 12lb on a spur of the moment 4hr session Sunday after work. ‘I saw a few fish showing through the afternoon and couldn’t resist having a go. All fish fell to Scopex squid wafters fished as single hookbaits to showing fish’. Great stuff Aaron!

Carp and Pike from South West lakes

(Below)Aaron Bunning has this lovely 19.12 mirror from Upper Tamar recently. His first carp of 2020. Nash baits scopex squid boilies as always for Aaron.

(Below) Barry Lee has this cracking 14.10 common from lower Tamar over the weekend in pretty cold conditions. Barry cast to showing fish at 120 yards range and caught on a tiny popup and stick bag.

(Below) Toby Bassett with a double figure pike from Slade Reservoir.