There is no place better for buying tackle than your local tackle shop and before Christmas I intend to visit the local shops that have supported North Devon Angling News in its first six months. I started today at Summerlands Tackle at Westward Ho! This well established family run tackle shop has been trading for as long as I can remember and has a fantastic range of products for all angling disciplines. In my view its far better to walk into a shop and see the products. Tackle shops are also at the heart of the angling social scene a place where anglers often bump into old friends and swap tales from the waters edge.


Among the many offers in the store on the run up to Christmas are :-

 PENN 525 Mag Reel RRP £169.99 on offer for  £89.99 with free Rovex line

Preston Innovation Thermal Suit RRP £139.99  on offer for £119.99

Chub RS Flat bed+ Bed-chair RRP £109.99 On offer for £54.00   “Limited Stock”

All Subject to availability.


15327636_10154778631202533_1611719412_nAdvert  - Summerlands Tackle

Jon gets spurred on in the cold night

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Jon Patten has allowed me to post his latest exploit here on North Devon Angling News. This is the second spurdog I have heard of from the shore so far this year which is a promising sign so early in the winter season.

Decided on a little evening session the other night based on the hunch that there may have been a spur or two about from one of the local beaches,With temperatures failing to minus 5 we hoped that we would be busy thus keeping us warm. Baits were sent out into the murky depths of the Bristol channel where hopefully something would dine on our scrumptious offering, Barely 10 minutes had passed and the first of our bites came, in fact a flurry of bites consisting mainly of dogfish, eels,whiting and huss……Nothing big but enough to keep us occupied which was very pleasing watching the rods continuously nodding amongst an array of shooting stars coming down from the skies
Our session was almost over when i saw a bite that after a couple of pulls the line fell slack almost to the floor,a couple of turns of the handle saw tension regained and a swift movement of the rod top saw weight at the end of my line
After a little bit of a scrap i could see eyes at the waters edge signalling the reflective eyes of our intended quarry the spurdog, it might not have been a big one ………but the account was open and hopefully the first of several this winter as this once rare visitor now visits our shores more frequently than years gone by
Varivas sport 20lb main line, 130lb flouro carbon trace and 8/0 BMX hooks
Bait used ……squid, sandeel, mackerel and bluey


Winter Boat sport off Ilfracombe

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Many thanks to Toby Bassett who sent me this report and pictures of a very enjoyable day on John Barbeary’s Bluefin off Ilfracombe .

I am sure the bigger spurdog will start to show soon and there is every chance as the winter progresses that someone will hook that elusive big cod or fifty pound plus conger.

Fishing aboard the bluefin..with john Barbeary, Dave Clements. Pete Gregory, Troy Laing .loads of huss..and small female spurs…cracking weather with the sun shining all day long….also caught were. Eels. Dogfish, a thornback ray…Good fun had by all with plenty of banter and early Christmas cheer.



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Tuesday, November 29th, 2016

An appeal to all anglers from the Angling Trust

Readers of North Devon sea Angling News
Please act now to to stop bass netting and get a fairer deal for sea anglers. Sign the petition and share on your Facebook page.

The Angling Trust is pressing hard to secure a better outcome for threatened bass stocks at the crucial forthcoming meeting of EU fisheries ministers on December 12th.
Across Northern Europe, sea bass stocks are in deep trouble because of commercial overfishing and the repeated failure of politicians and fishery managers to follow scientific advice and introduce the necessary conservation measures. The Angling Trust and Bass Anglers’ Sportfishing Society (B.A.S.S.) have pressed hard for a ban on bass netting and we fully support the EU Commission’s proposals for 2017 for a sustainable and well managed recreational and commercial hook and line only bass fishery.
Last year’s disproportionate restrictions on anglers and increased commercial catch limits were bad for bass, bad for coastal businesses, bad for the tackle trade and damaging to our sport. The Commission’s proposals would not only see the removal of the damaging bass nets, which also kill sea birds, porpoises, dolphins and seals, but the introduction of a more flexible monthly bag limit for anglers. This would be good news for the struggling charter boat fleet and for the fishing tackle trade as more anglers would once again go bass fishing.
But there’s a real danger that the proposals will be watered down in the face of political pressure from commercial fishermen and so we need to stand up and be counted as anglers.
The campaign seems to be going well and we already have over 6,000 signatures on our national petition. Lots of people have gone on to the campaign page to either sign or to send an email to their MP. However, we need to keep the pressure up and this is where YOU can help.
It would be great if you could sign the petition and share on YOUR Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget to send on to friends and family, too!
Click here to sign the petition
If you use Facebook and/or Twitter, then please post a message along these lines (you can use the image at the top of this email):
“Let’s support our fellow anglers by signing the national petition to get rid of the damaging bass nets and give these wonderful fish a future. The decision will be made on December 12th so we’ve not got long. Click here to sign. It only takes a minute so…PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE NOW.”
Should you wish to know any further information, click here for our full briefing.
We have a wonderful opportunity to save our bass and move to a net free fishery as, for once, the EU Commission have adopted what we anglers have been demanding for years. Your help in making this happen would be greatly appreciated.
Best wishes and many thanks for your support on this and other issues.
Mark Lloyd, Chief Executive
Angling Trust & Fish Legal

Taw in top Flounder form

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A Charity Competition based at the Rolle Quay Inn raised over £700 for  Willand House. The flounder competition was won by David Jenkins who landed three flounder for a total weight of 5lb 123/4oz. The bag included a fine flounder of 2lb 61/2oz that won the biggest flounder of the day prize.

15205624_10154127478241538_1152717772_oSteve Luxton was runner up in the competition with a three fish bag of 5lb 3/8oz and David Jenkins son Charlie secured third place with three fish for 4lb 61/4oz. Louis Rooke took the prize for smallest flounder of the day at 14oz.

15215761_10154128792021538_748629422_oCharlie Jenkins

Large numbers of flounder were landed over the weekend in the competition and by pleasure anglers taking advantage of excellent conditions following the recent floodwater tat has flushed out the bait robbing crabs and accumulations of leaves. John Shapland fishing a session on Monday November 28th landed a fine brace of flounder weighing 1lb 14oz and 1lb 10oz.


Bull huss wins Combe Martin Competition

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A bitter North East wind blew down through the Bristol Channel making fishing conditions difficult for the dozen who booked into Combe Martin Sea Angling Clubs Lee to Lee Competition on Sunday 27th November. I was fortunate to take top spot with a specimen bull huss weighing 10lb 9oz that was tempted on high water using an Ammo Bluey, mackerel and squid cocktail presented on a pennel rig using 6/0 Sakuma Manta Extras. Thanks to Rob Scoines who got soaked through whilst netting the fish amidst a torrent of spray.

img_3754Wayne Thomas – bull huss 10lb 9oz

Daniel Welch took second spot in the competition with a pouting of 15oz and Ross Stanway third with a dogfish of 1lb 11oz. Daniel Welch also landed a pleasing pollock of 2lb 10.5oz. A few other dogfish, rockling and small conger were landed.


Cyril Petherick Memorial Results

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 1st Taz wotton flounder 1lb 13 1/2oz 2nd Marilyn Wotton flounder 1lb 12 1/2 3rd Taz Wotton flounder 1 lb 9 3/4 Winner of the pool nearest fish to 1lb 10 was also Taz wotton Juniors 1st William Richards flounder 15oz 2nd Charlie Jenkins flounder 14 1/4oz 3rd William Richards flounder 9.7oz

15146853_10211259108179586_1172392465_oTaz Wotton

Lee Watts  said a massive thank you for the turn out Bideford & District Angling Club enjoyed on Sunday with 46 senior entry’s and 6 juniors. A very tough day for all competitors today with more wood in the river than fish. A massive well done to Taz and his mum cleaning up (lucky gits) and well done to both juniors for putting fish on the scales.

Our next open comp is the Christmas comp on the 11th Dec be great to see u all there!

15036284_10211150108214655_1310703660447196650_nAdvert  - Summerlands Tackle


img_3710 I joined Kevin Legge on saturday night as storm Angus approached; the weather forecast predicted the storm to arrive overnight with heavy rain. Close study of the forecast indicated that we should enjoy a few hours before conditions became too severe and with our quality Reeds waterproofs a little rain would do us no harm. Kevin had fished the previous night and had landed the first of the winters spurdog! Rain persisted through the night but the wind held off and the sea conditions were close to perfect. On the first cast of the night Kevin’s ratchet sounded as something grabbed his Ammo squid and launce cocktail. I descended the rocks and lifted a pleasing huss of 9lb 6oz from the water. The rest of the night brought a small conger and few dogfish. The wind picked up as high water passed, right on cue we packed away and headed for home. As always at this time of year grabbing the window of opportunity is key.

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