Porbeagle shark brace

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Daniel Welch and Ross Stanway enjoyed an awesome day on the boat with good numbers of bass and a couple stunning porbeagle shark. Dan and Ross both bringing fish of over 200lb to the side of the boat. Dans son Solly was at hands share the experience. The three anglers also enjoyed sport with bass.

Many thanks to Dan for allowing me to use the splendid images.

Porbeagle Shark Action Off North Devon

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Mark Jones and Craig Mcloughlin enjoyed an epic days action from Mark’s private boat with porbeagle shark off the North Devon.
Mark and Craig had 8 shark runs landing two each. Marks biggest was a male fish calculated at 172lb. The fish took Mark over an hour to land on a lighter outfit intended for tope fantastic battle one I won’t forget.All bait and chum supplied was by Craig Crafty Mcloughlin of Braunton Baits.
also hats, T-shirts and bait towels.

Once in a lifetime – Truly epic day – By Dan Welch

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Many thanks to Daniel Welch for sending this superb report on a truly epic days fishing.
Fishing is so much more than just catching a fish. It’s about the preparation, anticipation, the journey, the wildlife and the environment that surrounds you. It doesn’t matter how well prepared you are you never know what the result will be. Little did we know this trip was going to be one of those really special unforgettable ones.
Last Sunday the weather and tides were just right to go on the hunt for what some one say is one of the UKs ultimate fish, the porbeagle shark!
The alarm was set for 03:30 and we left harbour on high tide in the dark, the lights of the town and faded into the distance as we steamed out. As the first glimpses of daylight arrived the silhouette of the land began to appear and the surface of the sea shimmered, the conditions looked promising. We arrived at the chosen location a couple hours later.
3 shark rods were set at various depths all rigged with barbless circle hooks suspended beneath brightly coloured bottles. There were a lot of dolphins and a number of whales in the area surely this was a good sign. After a short wait the middle float disappeared and we hooked into the first shark of the day it was by no means big by porbeagle standards but a nice shark around a 100lb photos were taken and the fish return. We had a few more takes over the next couple hours and landed another two sharks and lost one and saw others cruising around beneath the boat in the crystal clear water.
Whilst fighting one shark there was a sudden commotion about 20m from the boat it was a shoal of skip jack or bonito sized tuna jumping clean out the water hitting bait fish, we could not believe our eyes. I frantically grabbed a lure rod and cast at them hoping one would grab the lure. Within a blink of an eye they vanished back into the depths and my focus returned to landing the shark. We were elated not only had we landed some of our target species we had also seen and come close to getting a tuna. Our expectations for the day had already been surpassed.
As low water approached fishing slowed down. We had been hearing load splashes and a commotion long way from the boat. As time past these got closure until we could actually see what was going on, it was huge feeding frenzies. The feeding frenzies got closer and closer until they were just a mile or two from us at this point we had to go and investigate. We steamed out at full speed to get out to the feeding frenzy before it moved again. When we arrived we came across an incredible site of multiple whales, dolphins, hundreds of sea birds, sharks and what we believed tuna feeding. Neither of us had seen anything like this before. We cast lures into the feeding frenzies and put whole mackerel baits in. Ross suddenly hooked something on a lure only for it to be ripped off the hook we then saw another shark beneath the boat and then the rod I was holding which had a whole mackerel bait was taken and it ran off at speed, it turned out to be a hard fighting male porbeagle. By the time I landed the shark the feeding frenzy had gone quite and we were left with a couple dolphins and whales around the boat and slick smooth water created by the fish oils released during the frenzy. We were so privileged to witness this off our own coast line and chances are it’s a once in a life time experience. We are just glad we managed to capture some photos and film to share without preconditions friends and family.
We hung around a bit longer but had no more bites so decided to worked our way back home fishing wrecks and reefs on the way back. We caught a number of bass and even a John Dory doing this.
In total we landed 4 sharks and lost one, the largest shark was estimated at 150lb. An incredible and almost unbelievable day! Ross summed it up saying “you don’t normally hear epic and fishing in the same sentence but today was truly and epic day”.

Porbeagle Shark – Are the Reel Deal

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Reel Deal has once again put anglers in touch with the large porbeagle shark patrolling the North Cornish Coast. Following on from the huge fish estimated at 500lb Peter Hearn hooked a shark estimated at 250lb. The shark was beaten using sponsors Penn Tackle supplied by High Street Tackle. The shark were attached to the boat using Ammon Chum mix and Ammo frozen mackerel hook baits.

Sea Angling Round Up – Smoothound, bass on lures, 500lb shark!!!

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There are encouraging signs along the coast with smoothound showing from regular marks a couple of weeks earlier than expected. Ian Hooper and Nick Job fished a popular local shore mark and landed several hounds to almost 7lb and Cameron Atkinson landed a good hound in Appledore Shipbuilders Competition. ( See Results Below).

Combe Martin SAC Member Mark Jones ventured out with his lure rod and was pleased to Catch and release a pleasing bass of over 4lb.

Reel Deal Skipper Dan Hawkins took a party of anglers in search of an early shark and succeeded with Ross Needs from Bristol bringing a huge porbeagle estimated at 500lb to the side of the boat after a battle lasting 2hours and 10 minutes. The fine fish was carefully unhooked and released and swam away strongly. (Below) See video on Facebook Page).

(Above) Cameron Atkinson took the top three places in Appledore Shipbuilders Monthly Rover landing a dogfish of 2lb 71/8oz for first a smoothound of 7lb 81/4oz for runner up and a dog of 2lb 6oz for third. 19 fished the competition.

Bideford monthly rover results

1st Paul Downing thornback Ray 10lb 6 115.277%

2nd Dick Talbot bull Huss 9lb 101/2oz  96.562%

3rd dick Talbot dog fish 2lb 9oz 85.416%

4th Paul Downing thornback Ray 6lb 5oz 70.138%

5th Jon Stevens dog fish 2lb 0 1/2oz 67.708%

6th Andrew Clements thornback Ray 5lb 11 1/4oz  63.367%

(Above)Paul Downing with a fine thornback of 10lb 6oz

Reel Deal – Shark Season Underway

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The first porbeagle of the season has been caught from Ilfracombe based Reel Deal skippered by Dan Hawkins who takes customers to marks off North Cornwall. John Krupa a member of the Plough Angling club brought the shark estimated at 250lb to the side of the boat. The shark was unhooked at the side of the boat.   All sharks hooked by anglers in these conservation-enlightened times are returned alive to ensure the survival of these magnificent fish. The shark was tempted using a whole Ammo frozen mackerel and attracted to the boat using Ammo Chum Mix.

Winter Shark

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Ian Tyldesley of Ammo Baits fished off his home port of St Ives aboard local Charter Boat ‘Bluefin’ Charters skippered by Sam Narbett and  enjoyed success with porbeagle shark. During their latest trip they scored a double hook up of male porbeagles. These were two of four fish brought to the boat on a calm December day. The fish were drawn to the boat using chum created at the Ammo Factory using a blend of new oils. All shark are carefully released to ensure the survival of these enigmatic predators that haunt the clear waters off the North Cornish Coast.
I questioned the capture of porbeagle shark in mid winter as I had thought of these as a fish of the warmer months. Ian told me that the shark have always been present at this time of year but are not often targetted. This got me thinking about what else may be lurking in our waters that we do not target? The seasons are undoubtedly becoming less defined and if this is the case we perhaps need to think outside of the box a little more.
                 We now catch grey mullet all year off the North Devon coast when we used to consider the season from May until late October. We catch smoothound in December and occasional tope in January. I wonder what lurks in the deep waters off Lundy during the winter months?
During late autumn and winter large shoals of herring mass in the waters off North Devon. We often see large pods of porpoise in pursuit of these fish. Could there be porbeagle shark beneath the waves? In a previous article I published I used the picture of a porbeagle caught in herring nets off Heddon’s Mouth. If only we had more time and money to explore these possibilities.

Porbeagle Shark – On Reel Deal

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 Kevin Hainsworth, Rich Mullans and Rich Drays had an exciting day on Ilfracombe based Charter Boat ‘Reel Deal’ they decided that they were all going to have a go at enticing the porbeagle they hooked to the boat in a team effort. The porbeagle was caught on Veals Mail order terminal tackle and reels on a 10/0 circle hook. The fish measured 70 inches by 38inches girth and weighed 127lb she fell to a blast frozen Ammo mackerel.