14 members fished Appledore Shipbuilders December Rover.
The winner was Andrew Atkinson with a specimen Flounder of 2lb 4 3/4ozs.
James Atkinson secured second spot with a club specimen 3 bearded Rockling of 1lb 8ozs and Josh Atkinson was third with a Dogfish of 2lb 5ozs.
As winter storms sweep in its time to take great care when fishing North Devon’s Open coast. Rather than repeat previous words on safety please see link to a previous article that still holds good.
Between winter storms with the water stirred up there is every chance of catching good sized winter specimens. I relish the winter shore fishing at this time launching big baits out into the dark waters hoping to tempt a predator hunting the food rich water. I enjoyed a session on a rough night recently choosing a mark that gave some protection from the strong North West Wind. As the light faded a couple of small whiting seized my mackerel and squid bait. Then as darkness descended dogfish and small conger rattled the rod tips. As the tide pushed in and large waves pounded the shoreline we moved to a more elevated position and cast our baits into the rocky bay hoping for a late bass. A few more small conger were tempted along with a pleasing huss of around 7lb.
¬† ¬† ¬†Spurdog should show soon with every chance of a tope, big conger, huss or ray. Reports of a few whiting are encouraging as these fish will undoubtedly have those big predators in pursuit. It’s time to fish heavy, wire traces, heavy leaders and a tough main line of at least 20lb b.s.
Combe Martin SAC member Alex Mcleish tempted a specimen rockling weighing 1lb 9oz during his latest trip the coast.