The Vital Link

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BERKLEY – Trilene = Big Game Mono – Review

            Arguably the most important piece of angling equipment the line is vital in maintaining the link to the fish that we seek.  The choice of main line will to some extent be determined by many factors but whichever line is chosen it should be strong and reliable in relation to its diameter.

            I have used many lines over the years and once I have found a good line I am reluctant to change. We can invest a great deal of time and money into catching big fish and it is vital that when the chance comes the angler has that strong reliable connection with the fish.

            Throughout the year I fish for a large variety of species that involves the use of many different lines. When fishing from the open coast targeting fish using beach casting tactics I have been using Berkley Trilene, Big Game Mono for many years and have total confidence in it.

            The greatest test for a line often comes when fishing snag ridden ground when it is imperative to put a lot of strain on the tackle when trying to extract a fish. It is also a good indication of the lines strength when it comes to pulling for a break when the end tackle is snagged.

            When the end tackle is snagged and cannot be shaken free the procedure is to point the rod at the snag and walk slowly back. When fishing North Devon’s rocky shore line I often use 25lb B.S Berkley Big Game Mono. It is when carrying out this task that I realise just how strong this line is. The line has a degree of stretch that absorbs the initial strain, its high abrasion resistance provides a consistent strength. I have tried several other lines over the years and the ease at which they part when pulling for a break is alarming.

            Basically, as a general use mono line Berkley Trilene Big Game ticks all the boxes as a line to be used with total confidence.

Berkley Wire Cutters – Handy Snips

Berkley Side Wire Cutters

“Pike anglers are strongly advised by the Pike Anglers Club to always carry a strong pair of side cutters in case there is a need to cut through hooks to aid unhooking.” These Berkley Side wire cutters are ideally suited to this purpose and a wide range of other uses for the sea angler and lure angler.

They are excellent tools for snipping off those old rusty hooks on lures prior to replacing them.

It is also a good idea to carry a pair of side cutters for use in an emergency. I once had a large hook penetrate a finger whilst in Egypt fishing for Nile perch and was forced to have the hook cut free to remove it from my finger. Many hours away from hospital I dread to think how we could have proceeded without a pair of side-cutters.

Heavy duty wire traces used in sea angling need top quality side cutters for cutting traces to length when making traces and for the occasional instance when a hook is too deep to remove from a fish.

The Berkley side cutters have carbon steel jaws, Corrosion Resistant Composite Coating, Ergonomic Co-moulded handle, spring assisted one handed operation and an adjustable lanyard.

These smart looking side cutters are a useful addition to any  sea angler or lure fisher’s armoury.