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Ben McDonnell, 27 from Kent caught a personal best 67lb 13oz Catfish from the Main Carp Lake.

Ben caught the catfish on a casual carpers 15mm spiced krill boillie topped with a 12mm spiced krill pop up, it smashed his old PB of 19lb 1oz by 48lb 12oz!!

(below) Alan George, 49 from Wales caught his 1st ever ‘30’ from the Main Carp Lake, a stunning 30lb 8oz Mirror winning him our Fish Of The Week competition.

Alan shared –

“After arriving at Anglers Paradise on the Saturday afternoon, we enjoyed a few drinks with our friends before venturing down to the Main Lake to take advantage of the peace and quiet as a 5c’s member. I decided to do a bit of stalking on the surface free lining bread. It wasn’t long before I spotted a few in one of the back bays, soaking up the sun. I flicked out a single piece of bread and it wasn’t long before a carp slipped up and took the bait!

After a short hard battle through the pads, my good friend Mick Pearson did the honours of netting the fish and couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw what was in there.

The mirror carp weighed in at 30lb 8oz and was a new PB and my first 30lb plus carp. Not bad for the 1st cast of the holiday!”

(Below)Ben Gregory caught a personal best 5lb 8oz Golden Tench from the Specimen Tench and Orfe Lake. Ben shared – “I’d already had quite a good day on the lake having had 13 Tench and 1 Barbel. However despite my friend Mitchell’s pleads to leave because it was pretty cold, we persisted for another 30mins and I had one final bend in the rod from the lily pads. The biggest was saved to last on a robin red pellet. My new personal best at 5lbs 8oz! It’s been a great week, we hope to get back soon!”(Below)Steve Self caught a beautiful 8lb 6oz Koi and a rare two tone Koi from our famous Koi Lake off the top with bread crust stalking them for hours. Steve also tried a new tactic and fished with a daisy off the top to see if he could catch one on a flower and he did it!!!

Anglers Paradise


Latest Catches from Anglers Paradise

(Above) AMAZING GOLDEN CATCH! Here is Jonathan Sanders from Corsham, Wiltshire with his truly fantastic Personal Best 5lb 8oz Golden Tench from the Specimen Tench and Orfe Lake! Jonathan caught the beauty on float fished sweetcorn.

Father and Son, Daniel and Michael Shephard stayed with us last week at Anglers Paradise for the first time and wanted to catch some of the Specimens on the main complex Lakes.
Michael Shephard caught a stunning 26lb 4oz Common from the Specimen Carp Lake, Daniel caught two pretty scaley Mirrors of 22lb 1oz and 14lb 7oz, with Daniel also landing a 15lb 5oz Common from the Main Carp Lake. All fish were caught on our popular Paradise Baits ‘The Twist’ boilies. Daniel said – “It has been a pleasure fishing on your complex, we will definitely be coming back with some more of our friends thanks again for having us.”

(Below)2 PERSONAL BESTS FOR YOUNG HARVEY! We are over the moon for Harvey Cooper, age 10 years old from Seaton who’s beaten his Personal Best twice in 2 hours! Harvey caught a 17lb 6oz Mirror and a 22lb 12oz Mirror from the Main Carp Lake. Harvey set up on Friday 13th on Neville’s Point with his brother Tristan and Dad Scott, casting his baits over to the margin of the 5c’s island he settled into the session. At 9pm Harvey had his first take which resulted in a 17lb 6oz Mirror (New PB!!) he left that rod out to let his swim settle. At 11pm his final rod burst into life which resulted in another Personal Best 22lb12oz Mirror. Both fish were caught on Paradise Baits ‘The Twist’ boilies. Harvey said – “Two pb’s in two hours, I was well chuffed!! Friday 13th not unlucky for some!!”

(Below) Julian Chidgey had a couple of hours at Anglers Paradise on the Specimen Carp Lake. After seeing a couple of big carp sunbathing amongst the weed, it took him a while to get them interested, but then out of the blue a lovely fish appeared in the margin and took a stray mixer. Swinging the cut down pop up hookbait into position gave him an instant take and a beautiful 24lb Mirror.

Anglers Paradise

Big catfish and golden tench from Paradise.

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Anglers Paradise offers a wide variety of species as can be seen from the latest reports sent to me by Zenia.

5lb 2oz golden tench
Golden ide – orfe (Leuciscus idus). 5lb 2oz

Ellis Titheridge, aka Essex Boy, celebrated his 40th Birthday in style when he caught an amazing Personal Best 5lb 2oz Golden Orfe from the Specimen Tench and Orfe Lake, smashing his previous Personal Best of 1lb 14oz. Ellis caught the Golden Orfe using a Maggot Feeder Float with a 8inch hook length. Ellis said ‘It was by far the best present I could wish for!’. Ellis also caught this rare and stunning Two Tone Tench on the same day.

Alex Bishop 56lb catfish
Alex Bishop 56lb catfish

Alex Bishop, 18 from Southend had a VERY memorable session with his Dad Garry on the Day Ticket Specimen Cat Lake. Between them, they had two 56lb Cats, a 32lb Cat and a PB 31lb Mirror! So they both left with New Personal Bests! Alex caught his PB 56lb Cat on the last morning as pictured, you can see by his smile, he was one happy Boy! Alex used 2 Halibut Pellets to catch the Beast.

55lb catfish
55lb catfish

James Perry came to us in search of his ‘1st’ ever Catfish and certainly did just that and caught a 55lb Cat from the Specimen Cat Lake. James caught the Monster using Paradise Baits Catastrophic Dumbells and Halibut Pellets. James would have been happy with any sized Cat but to catch a 55lb Cat for his 1st was a Fishing Dream made true.

56lb 3oz Catfish
56lb 3oz Catfish

Part of our Estate Team Thomas Winspear, 25, went on the Specimen Cat Lake on his day off hoping to catch another PB. Well, he certainly did that and beat his previous 42lb Cat with this 56lb Cat. Thomas caught the Monster on Meat with a Fruit Pop Up on a Simple Running Ledger Rig.