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Ben McDonnell, 27 from Kent caught a personal best 67lb 13oz Catfish from the Main Carp Lake.

Ben caught the catfish on a casual carpers 15mm spiced krill boillie topped with a 12mm spiced krill pop up, it smashed his old PB of 19lb 1oz by 48lb 12oz!!

(below) Alan George, 49 from Wales caught his 1st ever ‘30’ from the Main Carp Lake, a stunning 30lb 8oz Mirror winning him our Fish Of The Week competition.

Alan shared –

“After arriving at Anglers Paradise on the Saturday afternoon, we enjoyed a few drinks with our friends before venturing down to the Main Lake to take advantage of the peace and quiet as a 5c’s member. I decided to do a bit of stalking on the surface free lining bread. It wasn’t long before I spotted a few in one of the back bays, soaking up the sun. I flicked out a single piece of bread and it wasn’t long before a carp slipped up and took the bait!

After a short hard battle through the pads, my good friend Mick Pearson did the honours of netting the fish and couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw what was in there.

The mirror carp weighed in at 30lb 8oz and was a new PB and my first 30lb plus carp. Not bad for the 1st cast of the holiday!”

(Below)Ben Gregory caught a personal best 5lb 8oz Golden Tench from the Specimen Tench and Orfe Lake. Ben shared – “I’d already had quite a good day on the lake having had 13 Tench and 1 Barbel. However despite my friend Mitchell’s pleads to leave because it was pretty cold, we persisted for another 30mins and I had one final bend in the rod from the lily pads. The biggest was saved to last on a robin red pellet. My new personal best at 5lbs 8oz! It’s been a great week, we hope to get back soon!”(Below)Steve Self caught a beautiful 8lb 6oz Koi and a rare two tone Koi from our famous Koi Lake off the top with bread crust stalking them for hours. Steve also tried a new tactic and fished with a daisy off the top to see if he could catch one on a flower and he did it!!!

Anglers Paradise


Anglers Paradise – Beautiful Koi

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Steve Self who caught a beautiful 8lb 6oz Koi and a rare two tone Koi from our famous Koi Lake.

Steve’s story –

“I had been fishing with Zenia and the boys during the afternoon, and caught some lovely little koi from the Koi Lake with them. But after they returned home, my mind turned to the large red and black Koi Carp I had seen cruising the surface during the morning before they arrived to join me. I didn’t have any trouble finding it. It seemed confident in itself, knowing that it was clever enough by now not to get caught.

I stalked the fish around the margins with a rod/line/hook simple surface set up. The bait of choice was a chunk of bread crust. But no matter how hard I tried, the Koi evaded me at every step. Eyeing the free offering with a concealed look with suspicion, before turning it down flatly. Mouthing the bread to inspect it, then spitting it out in disgust at my poor attempt to trick it. 2 hours passed in the hot sun, with me slowly and stealthily stalking the margins, only to either miss a take from it, or it spook at the dodgy crust and swim off.

I must have missed hooking it a good dozen times and I became more frustrated and dismayed as the time progressed, stalking my rod in the air and cursing my bad luck. It was indeed a clever fish! Then, when I couldn’t find the Koi to follow anymore, he appeared right beneath my feet, supping up some other morsel. Seeing the opportunity at last, I rolled the hook bait bread on the backside and allowed it to plop into the water right on its nose as if something had just fallen in from the side – and it took it straight away!

Red and black colour filled the air as it leapt and dove down into the lake. My pulse of sheer relief, excitement and joy on hooking the large koi, was soon swapped with a teeth clenching 5 minutes deftly playing and dodging the fish from one snag to another, hiding places it seemed to know all too well were there to lose me in. Soon enough though it was tired enough to be netted and photographed, a wide shouldered 8lb 6oz, with magnificent colouring as to be expected of an Anglers Paradise Koi. The fish stood as a testament to what can be achieved with a LOT of patience and persistence. A fine reward for two hours on tiptoe!”


Here he is with his winning Fish and being presented his prizes with special thanks to PB PRODUCTS UK.

Anglers Paradise

Stunning double figure Koi

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If Carlsberg made Fish I think they’d look like THIS!! Brett Davies had a day on the famous Koi Lake with his girlfriend Derian and they had a fantastic day of nonstop catching including this stunning 11lb 7oz Koi making it a new personal best for Brett!

Brett shared with us –

“I stalked this fish for 45 minutes. There were multiple failed casts, a good few rejections of the free-lined dog biscuit, and a lot more whispered swear words. Then on probably the tenth cast, the bait dropped just on the fishes’ nose and it came up sweet as nut and gulped the biscuit down.

The fight was absolutely mental, probably 3 or 4 minutes of dogged power, mostly right under the rod tip. I did forget to say that even though I had 12lb line straight through to a size 8 hook, I was using one of the light lure rods I had with me for the lure weekend, and it was bent double.

I eventually slipped the net under and I knew it was biggest Koi I’d personally seen at Angler’s Paradise in more than 20 years visiting, shaking like a leaf I was.

Seeing the scales spin around to well over 10lb shocked me. A new PB Koi at 11lb 7oz and it’s also one of my many favourite Angler’s Paradise experiences. Lovely.”

Anglers Paradise

Colourful Koi at Paradise

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Latest from Zenia at Anglers Paradise

Matthew Colegate, 26 from Leigh in Kent caught some stunning Koi including a Two Tone Koi!! Matthew lost count of the number of Koi he ended up catching, the biggest at 8lb 8oz and 8lb 2oz, I’ve included all the pictures as they are far too good not to share!! All the fish were caught on free lined mixers/A2 baits pellets.
I’m personally extremely envious and I’m sure many of you will be too!!

Anglers Paradise

There is more than carp and catfish in Paradise!

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Trevor Walker, 61 from Wakefield landed this gorgeous 6lb 3oz Koi from the Koi Lake – An awesome picture of colourful fish.

William Leonard, 18 from Harlow, Essex had a very successful week catching a variety of exoctic species including this stunner!
William caught this very rare and unusual 3lb 8oz Two Tone Golden Tench from the Specimen Tench and Orfe Lake using the traditional lift method with an Allcock Aerial Match Centrepin and handmade float. The bait of choice was sweetcorn fished in the margins.

Jacob Wise in this picture is an Angler who does love to catch eels, this one was from the Octopussy Lake, there are eels the Lakes up to 6lbs may be more!

Anglers Paradise


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Latest news from Zenia at Anglers Paradise. Good to see so many posts with Ladies, Families and Juniors.



They’d Look Like This!!

Stunning Catch by Eloise Wyatt, from Somerset who caught this Beauty of a Koi at 6lbs 10oz from the Koi Lake using her favourite Tactic of fishing off the top using Dog Biscuits to tempt Fish Like This One!


Anglers Paradise
Anglers Paradise


Colourful Fish from Paradise

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The latest report from Zenia at Anglers Paradise demonstrates the wide range of beautiful fish to be caught at the complex.

Sam Whapshott, from Bexley, Kent caught a Personal Best 11lb Koi from the Koi Lake caught on Dog Biscuits, what a beautiful Fish! (Below)

SamWhapshott11lbKoiDogBiscuitSteve Macdonald from Woonton, Herefordshire had a BIG Surprise when he reeled in the Big Koi from the Specimen Tench and Orfe Lake at a whopping 15lbs!! Jackie Charlton caught him during the first week of July at 13lb 8oz so he’s put on a lot of weight in just a few weeks! Steve said – “Caught this cracking fella on the last day of our holiday with you. I had wanted to catch a double figure carp and a Koi so I was made up when my last cast of the day on the Specimen Tench and Orfe Lake resulted in this 16lb beauty, making it my new Personal Best!
The rig was a very simple 11mm bait-tech pellet banded onto a size 8 hook on a running ledger rig cast close to the lily pads. We had enjoyed a great day on the lake with loads of Golden Tench, Blue and Golden Orfe and an 11lb 14oz Grass Carp. It was a day well worth braving the wind and rain for!”. (Below)


Tommy Flower and his Wife Stevie from Bexley, Kent, had a rare fishing session together on the Specimen Tench and Orfe Lake. Tommy normally targets the Carp and Stevie is new to fishing, so this was a change from the Norm! Tommy and Stevie caught many Colourful Specimens including Golden Orfe, Blue Orfe, Koi Orfe, Golden Tench, Two Tone Tench and Grass Carp using Maggots as the hook bait. Here are just a few of the Specimens they caught! Watch Out Tommy, looking at the size of Stevie’s Catches, she’s one to watch! Always great to see Couples enjoying the Sport, hopefully the start of many Fishing Days out together. (Below)


Anglers Paradise
Anglers Paradise