Carping in Paradise – 1ST 40 OF THE YEAR FROM KRACKING!

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He’s only gone and done it again! Steve Elsbury came back to Nirvana’s Kracking Carp Lake after taking a year’s break and caught Parrot the Mirror at 45lbs making it the first Kracking catch of 2019 and the first 40 from the whole complex this year!

Steve shared –

‘After a year away from the Kracking Carp Lake in Devon I thought it was time for another visit. With the drop in pressure and the conditions looking bang on I couldn’t resist it, and I was rewarded with this chunk of a Mirror known as “Parrot” weighing in at bang on 45lb.

I fished a CR1 wafter topped with fake corn over a large bed of crushed CR1 boilie, pellet, and corn, finished off with some CR1 syrup. Hybrid armo-hawk curves doing the business.’


Anglers Paradise

Fifty Three Pound Leather Carp – Devon’s Biggest Living carp!

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The biggest living Carp in Devon !!! and new complex record, a 53lb 4oz Leather Carp nicknamed Silverback, caught by Ryan Owen from Manchester.Not only does Ryan come on holiday to Anglers Paradise but this time he came with a friend and they fished one of the day ticket waters called Kracking Karp, the reward was his biggest ever Carp. He was so pleased that he went into the water to release the fish. Zyg opened a bottle of bubbly, had the first swig and gave the rest to Ryan.

Anglers Paradise

Some Cracking Big Carp From Paradise

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Luke Potter, 30 from North Tawton, caught this Personal Best 29lb 12oz Mirror from Nirvana’s Day Ticket Kracking Carp Lake caught on a snowman setup, fished over a mix of 12&16mm Manilla boilies. Luke saw lots of Carp crashing up the far end (inlet end) so he set up in the last two pegs and fished very tight to the right hand side of the island. It’s the second time Luke has fished the Kracking Carp and to make the catch even more special, he caught it on the Morning of his 30th Birthday!!

5C’s Member Chris Flook from Ivybridge caught a new UK Personal Best 38lb 9oz Common from the Kracking Carp Lake. Chris caught the Common from Swim 1, 15yds out in a gap in the weed using 20lb line, 2 nr 10mm Duster Matrix pop ups on a hinge rig, size 4 barbless hook. Chris Said –“It was a tense fight with such a fish at short range. Thought I’d lost it at one stage in the weed, but as it was close in I was able to exert pressure from above and it came free and after that scare it came easily to the new net. Not a bad way to christen a new rod and net.I went on the lake hoping for a PB so it was mission accomplished.I have to thank Lee and Frank Hydon, two other anglers who gave me a few of their pop ups to try when they left. Thanks to Zyg, you and Joe and the rest at Anglers Paradise for giving me the chance of catching such a magnificent carp.”

12 Year Old Alfie Bartholomew caught his Personal Best 19lb Mirror from the Main Carp Lake on a White Pop Up!
It’s so great to see the younger generation out there with their Families enjoying it together.

Tom Chambers from Skipton caught a stunning 26lb 8oz Common from the Specimen Carp Lake on Pellet fishing in the margins.

Lee Graver, 45 from Bude, joined his friend for a quick session, this was his 1st time on the Kracking Carp and within just a few hours he landed a New Personal Best 48lb 4oz Mirror beating his previous PB by 10lbs!! Lee used a 3oz inline drop off lead, with inches of esp braid, size 6 barbless hook with 2 grains of fake corn, he fished from swim 3 across the far margin.

Thomas Starbuck, 48 from Croydon, London, caught a Personal Best 25lb Fully Scaled Mirror from the Main Carp Lake using an ARSD rig from CMCR, on a 18mm Essential Cell Wafter.

Anglers Paradise


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The latest new from Zenia at Anglers Paradise. A chance to bank a huge carp on a day ticket!


Graham Kelly, 36 from Tiverton joined us for the 1st time to fish the Kracking Carp Lake.

AS many of you know, this Lake is challenging but to come here for the first time and to catch all 3 bites (let alone get 3 bites) is not something we hear often!!

Graham had one hell of a session, resulting in him catching a hat trick of Mirrors – 20lbs, 25lbs and 35lbs!!

Graham fished from Peg 2, used sweetcorn and pellet with a simple in-line lead set up, and the moral of the story is – keep it simple – it works!


Anglers Paradise

47lb 6oz Mirror from the Kracking Carp Lake

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BIG Congratulations to Arron Fisher who has caught a 47lb 6oz Mirror from the Kracking Carp Lake, not only is he the first angler to catch on Kracking Carp this year so far but this fish is also Arron’s New UK Personal Best Carp, as you can imagine, Arron is pretty chuffed with himself and quite rightly so!

The Kracking Fish have been brought on for many years by our team from Tiddlers at Ounces to THIS BIG, so we are very proud to see anglers go onto catching them and making New PB’s!

Arron said –

“Well here she is, the ‘Jewel of the Lake’ and a new English PB at 47.06lb. I am absolutely buzzing to have caught her especially as it is the first fish out of 2017. She couldn’t resist a 12mm CR1 pastel pop up on a armohawk size 8 chod hook fished with a bag of CR1 crumb and HOB Blitz and hemp. Also a massive thank you to Andrew Moores for driving out and doing a great job on the photos.”

Anglers Paradise


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Latest report from Zenia at Anglers Paradise

 Sam Lunt, 24 from Manchester caught a Rare Black Eyed 21lb 10oz Common from the Specimen Carp Lake which is the biggest fish to date that Sam has caught from Anglers Paradise. Sam’s Story – “Last day of the week and still not caught anything over 20lbs, although the Specimen Carp Lake has been fishing hard, I fancied this was the best chance of getting one. I was down early in the morning but nothing for the 1st couple of hours, until a Pastie decided to take my Bait! I cast back out onto the spot and it wasn’t out much longer than 5 minutes before it ripped off, I knew when I hooked into it that it was no pastie this time!! After a hard battle crossing my other line it went into the net 21.10 Common……Happy Days. This was my biggest Common from Anglers Paradise, it was an unusual fish as it had a black eye and I have never caught a fish with one before which made it special!” Sam caught the Common on a KD Rig with a Mainline Cell Boilie. It may be a Common but it’s certainly not a Common Fish we see everyday!! WELL DONE SAM!

14249820_10154558788804540_4506735090808804921_o14290075_10154558789549540_1689741165655811468_oJohn Salt, 36, from Rugby, had a session to remember on the Main Carp Lake and the fact he had all his Family there made it even more Special! John caught a PB 67lb 8oz Cat, a 22lb 8oz Common, 21lb 4oz Mirror and a 24lb 8oz Mirror, this is also the first Fishing Photo he has ever had with all his Family in it, which is just perfect that they were there to share the moment with Daddy! John caught the Fish on All End Tackle PB Products using Hall’umbaits P1 Boilies. (Below)

22lb 8oz common carp and all the family
22lb 8oz common carp and all the family (Above )


5C’s Member Chris Flook landed his UK Personal Best Mirror of 32lb 2oz from the Specimen Carp Lake. Chris caught the Stunner on double 16mm Sticky Baits Manilla Pellet boillies, with a Size 6 barbless hook, using a blow back rig with line aligner, cast out near the reeds. (Below)

Scott Brown, caught a scale perfect 19lb 3oz Mirror from the Main Carp Lake, it may not be a 20 or 30, but when they look like this, it really is irrelevant! Scott caught the stunner using Finnforce Banoffee Pop Ups on a Stiff Hinged Rig. (Below)

ScottBrown19lb3ozMirrorMainDean Sinclair, 30 from Watford caught the Famous Tadpole at 29lbs 7oz from the Specimen Carp Lake using Mainline Cell to attract the Beauty making it a New PB for him too! (Below)

29lb 7oz Tadpole
29lb 7oz Tadpole ( Above)

Scott Vern, 29 from Okehampton caught his 1ST EVER UK 30 from the Kracking Carp Lake. Scott caught a 24lb 2oz Common and was happy with that as it was, but then he goes and lands himself a New UK PB in the shape of this 35lb 12oz Mirror!! Both Fish were caught on a Mainline high impact boilie tipped with a white pop up, fished on a fluorocarbon d rig and baited with approximately 50 cell boilies. (Below)


Anglers Paradise
Anglers Paradise