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Looks like a crackinglure fishing weekend at Anglers Paradise – Full results to follow as soon as Zenia compiles a full report!


The Lure Weekend has officially finished, and what an amazing Weekend it was!!! The Anglers fished their socks off and the Captains did their Teams PROUD!

I honestly don’t know where to start, I’m missing everyone already, it’s a weekend where Anglers from across the Country join us and we all share the passion of Fishing, make friends, laugh (alot!!), Fish, and have a ‘Ruddy’ good time!

This was the BIGGEST 5th Lure Weekend at Anglers Paradise and it couldn’t have gone better, I want to thank every single one of you for being a part of our Lure Family, I honestly feel so blessed to have the opportunity to Host such a great Event and meet such wonderful people doing it, thank you for making my job such a pleasure!!

A MASSIVE Thank you to the Team Captains who did us so so proud – Nathan Edgell aka the Pike King who represented Team Fladen, Ben the ‘Stinky’ Humber who represented Team Fox Rage, Robbie Northman who represented Team Savage and Kev Cox who represented Team Fox Rage who sadly couldn’t make the presentation as had to be taken to Hospital. The poor chap had Flu all weekend but tried his best to battle the Weekend out but it defeated him on the last day and turns out he has severe Pneumonia on both lungs, he’s now back and home resting and on anti-biotics – Kevin – thanks for doing an awesome job despite feeling how you were – we wish you a speedy recovery and please rest!!

The Team Captains did a SUPERB job yet again and the results of the Lure Weekend will be trickled out throughout the week – so watch this space, I need a day to recover and then I’ve got 100’s of pictures to sort!!

Thank you to John Deprielle from Fladen who was our Professional Photographer of the Event, he’s taken some amazing pictures that I can’t wait to share with you!!

Thank you to the Costa Boys – Adam Sinclair and Ben Bagham who joined us and gave some amazing Prizes for the Winners inc 5 Pairs of Sunglasses!!

Thank you to all the Sponsors – Fladen, Fox Rage, Savage, Costa, Quantum and Drennan – The Prizes were absolutely Phenomenal this year and the Winners went home with massive smiles with all their goodies!!

Thank you to the Adjudicators – George Crisp, Paul Oglesbee, Ashley Bunning, Paul Tegg and Jamie Noone – You ALL did a superb job and made sure everything went to plan!

Thank you to the Staff at Anglers Paradise – Especially Kit Edmonds the Chef who made sure the Anglers were fed – the Food was amazing and Kit didn’t stop from 6am right the way to 8pm!!

Not forgetting my husband who helped me massively to make sure everything ran smoothly – I couldn’t have done it without him!!

There were some great catches and you won’t believe the surprise catches until you see them!! All to be announced and REVEALED in the coming days!!

Anglers Paradise

European Lure Fishing Show 2018

The European Lure Fishing Show 2018 was held at Bristol last weekend and I was fortunate to visit the show with fellow Combe Martin SAC members Nick and Jack Phillips.  This is the second year of the show and after hearing good reports from last year I thought it worth taking a look. The event focus’s on Lure fishing and Fly Fishing with an extensive range of products on display along with talks and demonstrations.

The best side of these shows is undoubtedly the opportunity to meet up with fellow anglers and swap tales with old friends.

We took time to listen to two talks; one on world wide fishing with Dave Lewis of Sea Angler with Dave giving sound advice on chasing those bucket list fish that take anglers to some stunning locations.

The second talk was delivered by Henry Gilbey and was a thought provoking one that revolved around the wearing of life-jackets. Henry told of two young brothers who tragically died whilst fishing off the North Cornish coast. The fact that Henry knew the mark well and that he had intended fishing it that day undoubtedly struck a cord. I know Henry and he is passionate about his fishing and has like most keen sea anglers had a few near misses.

After listening to Henry I visited the Art of Fishing stand and purchased two Crewsaver Buoyancy aids. One for myself and one for my son James. After close to fifty years of fishing I am all to aware of the statistics with anglers drowning every year I ask myself how likely am I to become one of those stats? The life jackets are not cumbersome and after a few minutes you forget you have them on. Why would you not wear one Henry asked? £70 is but a small price to pay if it saves your life?

It was noticeable that very few anglers attended Henry’s talk on safety at sea. I am sure that if Henry had been waxing lyrical about lure fishing  many would have sat hanging on his every word. Health and safety isn’t sexy but it was probably the most important topic on the agenda and most chose to ignore it!

Strangely in all the years I have been fishing on the coast I have given only passing thought to my own safety. Yet I have had nightmares about  fellow anglers being washed into the sea whilst I stand helpless on the shore. What would you say to their nearest and dearest?

Perhaps it is for others that you should don that life saving vest for lets face it if you get washed into the sea on a dark and stormy night without a life jacket your not going to worry for long.

A short film shot in conjunction with the RNLI on the North Devon Coast was a true eye opener as to what happens if you fall into the water wearing waders. I will share the film on my Facebook page when it is released. Take a few moments to watch.

Great to see Mark Underhill present and chatting to enthusiastic anglers about his first season at Wimbleball lake.

(Above) Angling Trust Blogger, Author and angling guide Dominick  Garnett

Lure Fishing Event- Anglers Paradise


9th, 10th and 11th November 2018
Anglers Paradise, Halwill Junction, Devon EX21 5XT

Accommodation Available from just £140pp for 3 Nights, this includes Fishing and Entry into all Competitions.

Anglers Paradise



PRIZES include a Week’s Holiday at Anglers Paradise, Tackle and More!

Bass from boulder strewn shores

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First day of autumn probably the finest season for angling. One more try for a bass in Combe Martin SAC’s lure competition.

As I walk to the shore a few family’s are enjoying time beside the sea as summer fades. Its a balmy air as I make my way across the familiar boulder strewn foreshore. I arrive perspiring just before low water and make my way out onto a favorite  rocky promontory. The sea is calm, clarity good and I feel confident as I clip on a patchinko surface lure and launch it 40 yards or so out onto the water. After searching the water for ten minutes or so without any swirls behind the lure I clip on my favourite candy coloured shallow diver. After two casts I feel that electrifying jolt through the thin braid as a bass slams into the lure. The rod pulses in my hands as a bass of a couple of pounds fights for freedom. I relish the sight of the bass as it swims on a tight line in the clear water.

A couple more casts and a repeat performance as bass number two hits the lure.

As the tide pushes in I hop off the rock before getting trapped by the rising water and move fishing from boulders flicking a surface lure into the shallow water. There is a swirl behind the lure and I pause momentarily before twitching the lure and get an immediate response as a small bass nails the lure hard. I lift the bass from the water and on grabbing the fish impale my finger on a flying treble hook. Bass on one hook finger past the barb on the other; Ouch!!! I really should carry a small first aid kit..

A wash off in salty water and its time to resume fishing. I search the shoreline finding three more bass as I relish the calm water and the splendid scenery. I love fishing these shallow boulder strewn shorelines and the exciting encounters as the bass appear in the clear water sometimes smashing the lure just a few feet from the edge.

I end the session as the evening sun illuminates the steep cliffs pausing as I walk back to enjoy a hot coffee from my new drink pod.

The next few months are an exciting prospect for the angler with bass, mullet and tope on the sea angling agenda.

Big Bass in the dark

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Danny Watson of High Sreet Tackle Ilfracombe has taken the lead in Combe Martin SAC’s Lure Fishing Competition landing a fine bass of 70cm.

The fish was also weighed before being returned and scaled 8lb 9oz.

Danny has kindly agreed to award the prize of an HTO Nebula Lure Rod to the runner up in the competition if he wins as High Street Tackle are sponsoring the competition. So there’s a challenge to club members get out there and claim the top spot and save Danny the embarrassment of winning his own competition!!!

Congratulations go to Danny and Ross in getting out there after dark and having the confidence to cast a lure its something I have been intending to do for ages.

Danny story below :-

Absolutely bloody buzzing man! Got a message from fellow club member Ross Stanway – ” Did I fancy a quick lure session in the dark,” was hardly going to say no was I? He quickly got into a fish of about 2lb, we were pleased. Then about half an hour later all hell broke loose and I was into this beast! My second night time lure bass – measured 70cm and weighed 8lb 9oz! It went like a steam train taking line like mad – it was absolutely mental. Lots of people know I have banged on about doing this for ages – now I have and believe me it is pretty mad. I did not expect something like this! I can’t stop grinning!!!

The fish was tempted on a white do live stick – High Street Tackle sell Laggin Dragons which are very similar.

Bass on the lure winners

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High Street Tackle have been running a lure fishing competition over recent weeks and have announced the winners of the latest.

Olly Larvin and Peter Hayes both landed bass of 70cm tempting them on Size 4 Fillish Black Minnows.

Combe Martin SAC are still competing in their own lure fishing competition sponsored by High Street Tackle but so far despite catching plenty of bass there are three members on 55cm. With three weeks to go I am sure this will be beaten!


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(Above)Double Hook up for Dan Welch and Ross Stanway

Combe Martin SAC Club members are competing for  top quality lure fishing prizes donated by Ilfracombe’s High Street Tackle. Shop owner Danny Watson is a keen lure angler and is keen to promote this growing branch of angling that is receiving a big boost with this summers clear waters ideal for this method. Entry into the competition is free for paid up CMSAC Members. The competition ends on September 2nd to coincide with the clubs annual fun fish on Ilfracombe pier.

(Above) The current leaders in the bass fishing section are Daniel Welch and (Below)Jonathon Stanway fish of 55cm.  Dans was tempted on a surface lure. and Jonathon’s on a Black Fillish minnow This is Dan’s third fish entered into the category.

(Below)Fellow member Ross Stanway is close behind with a bass of 53cm!

Chris Bonds leads the best fish other than a bass with this stunning boat caught pollock of 11lb 3oz tempted on a sidewinder sandeel.

9lb14oz pollock – Dan Welch

(Above) Beautiful evening lure fishing landed 2 lost one the biggest was 43cm caught on a sexy brown fiiish lure. Daniel Welch

Combe Martin SAC – Get Luring

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Lure Fishing is one of the few growth areas in UK angling with this exciting branch of angling bringing new recruits into the sport each year. The crystal clear waters along the North Devon Coast this year are ideal for searching for bass and other species. Combe Martin Sea Angling Club Members are competing in a two month long competition that commenced on July 1st and culminates on September 2nd with the presentation of prizes at the clubs annual Fun Fishing Event. The competition is generously sponsored by High Street Tackle Ilfracombe who are providing a quality lure fishing rod and reel. Danny Watson is a keen lure angler and ensures that the shop has a vast stock of lures to tempt  bass, pollock, mackerel and a range of other species.

IMPORTANT – Please remember that there is a total ban on retaining bass for the table.

Some of the clubs anglers have already enjoyed some lure fishing success with Ross Stanway amongst members to land bass to over 5lb.

3lb bass on a fiiish crazy sandeel.

I have been lure fishing for bass over many seasons now and have enjoyed success from time to time with bass to almost 10lb. The excitement when a big bass hits the lure is undoubtedly addictive and the quest for the perfect lure costly. I am certain that lures catch far more anglers than fish but that’s all part of the fun. The most important feature of a lure is that it gives the angler confidence for a confident angler fishes with conviction and belief. In truth half a dozen lures will probably be all you will ever need; a few hard plastics,:- shallow diving, surface lures, soft plastics and metal lures.

My favourite hard plastic lure -IMA Komomo SF-125 in Candy Crush Colours.

Bass tempted on a surface lure.

Shallow boulder strewn shorelines are my favourite for lure fishing

Small pollock tempted with LRF Tackle.
Time for one or two more casts!

Light Lure Fishing for Pollock

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Blue skies, calm seas and clear water the lure fishers paradise. Daniel Welch has been enjoying some superb sport off North Devon’s spectacular coastline.

Awesome light gear fishing for pollack on a 16g Nomura rod. Loads of pollack around 4-5lb and got smashed up by a couple big ones. So moved to a slightly heavier setup and had a 10lb 3oz beauty caught on a size 4 fiiish candy green lure supplied by High Street Tackle

Luring bass amongst the boulders

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I set out on my first lure fishing session of the summer with Jeff Pearce and took him to a remote rock mark that has been kind to me in the past. I was pleased to see that the water clarity was excellent as we looked down into the bay whilst we strolled down the cliff path. We had timed our visit to coincide with low water and I knew that by the time we arrived at the far end of the bay the tide would be starting to creep in. Lure fishing sessions are generally determined by tide, light and water clarity.

By the time we reached our starting point we were both perspiring from the effort of rock hopping. Jeff was probably wondering if the effort was worth it. I clipped on my favourite shallow hard plastic lure and hopped onto a boulder. I flicked the lure thirty yards or so out and commenced an erratic retrieve. The water clarity was excellent and with my Polaroids removing glare from the water I could watch the lure as I worked it back to the waters edge. On the third cast a dark shape materialized behind the lure. The fish closed on the lure and I kept up a steady retrieve giving the lure a twitch before running out of water. Lure and bass converged, the rod hooped over as I watched the drama unfold at the end of my line. It is magical moments like this that feed the addiction of lure fishing. That moment of electrifying contact especially when its all clearly visible.

Success so early in the session was just what we wanted and ensured that each cast was made with optimism and belief an essential ingredient in any form of angling. Jeff was into a small pollock a few casts later that that further buoyed our optimism. Half an hour later I once again felt that thrilling jolt down the line as a fish hit the lure but this time the hooks failed to take a hold. Next cast into the same spot and bang! Another bass was gyrating on the line. A similar size to the first fish that I estimated as close to 4lb.

As the tide crept in we decided to make our way back along the bay. Sadly huge rafts of weed had drifted close to the shore and rendered a large portion of the bay difficult to fish. We finished the session fishing an area of the bay that I have found seldom brings any success but with a setting sun and a couple of fish under the belt we were not complaining.

My favourite ground for lure fishing for bass is shallow and boulder strewn. Bass will swim into water barely deep enough to cover their backs and in this terrain they do not have long to inspect the lure. There are thousands of lures to choose from and lure choice is important and needs to suit the conditions so give a little thought as to what you think will work. Confidence in the lure is vitally important and this factor probably influences what is successful. I carry a handful of lures in my Snowbee sling-bag and only use one or two for 90% of my fishing. This doesn’t stop me being tempted when I visit the tackle shop where I suspect the lures catch more anglers than fish.

(Above) A fine selection of lures in Ilfracombe’s High Street Tackle