Latest Carp from Lower Tamar and Melbury

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Aaron Bunning sent South West Lakes Trust this catch report from his session last week at Lower Tamar – well done Aaron!
‘During a 36hr session on Lower Tamar last week I managed a five fish hit, the highlight being a stunning old mirror carp just under 20lb. It was great to have a few of the elusive mirrors. All fish were taken on Nashbait Scopex Squid wafters over matching freebies’.
Tim Thornton is back at Melbury after bagging a couple last week. Tim sent South West Lakes Trust this report after catching a real beauty yesterday!
‘Well after spending an uneventful night in the only available swim in the teeth of the wind I deduced the carp weren’t there.
I moved swims first thing into a swim occupying the centre of the reservoir. The cold wind got stronger and at 1pm my left rod ripped off on a one toner. An epic battle ensued and eventually after much nail biting this epic carp of 27lb 4oz slid over the net cord.

Melbury Carp Session

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Tim Thornton sent South West Lakes Trust this cracking catch report from his recent session at Melbury (happy birthday Tim).
‘Birthday session at Melbury Reservoir in Devon. The session started off very promising with the ghost koi low double being the first capture.
Then disaster struck and I pulled out of three decent carp on the trot. One was a chunk. That’s fishing.
Then at midnight my middle rod ripped off and a pristine hard fighting twenty common was later in the net. Another of 18+ followed. A great venue in fantastic surroundings.
All the bites came to either DNA baits SLK wafters or milky malt dumbell wafters over a bed of SLK boilies
Great to share the session with my mate Terry Reed.
Thank you South west lakes, I will Definitely be back!’

Stunning carp from trusty waters

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Some stunning carp from North Devons trusty South West Lakes carp waters!

(Below) Carl Watkins  had this beauty from Lower Tamar yesterday. ‘25.2 caught with a single 14mm vitalbaits kraken pop up over 18mm kraken freebies soaked in vitalbaits robin red and black squid, and salmon protein hydrolysate‘.

(Below)Karl Yates had a cracking session on Melbury at the weekend. 6 fish to 23.10 with three over 20lb!

(Below)Mervyn Beale has been back on Upper Tamar and rewarded with this lovely 21lb Mirror and 16lb Common yesterday. 20mm Nash Scopex Squid boilie doing the trick for Merv with a 5 bait stringer.

(Below) Tim Surridge has this 20lb common from Upper Tamar on his first visit to the venue. Tim also caught two more to just over 16lbs. Fishing the lookout swim with Cornwall Baits red seed and special occasion boilies.