Stafford Moor – November silvers festival 2021

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Joanne Combe Reports from Stafford Moor
November silvers festival 2021 on Tanners Lake.
Des Shipp (Preston Innovations) and Mark Goddard won the top prize of £1000 as they both had identical weights of 23lb 10oz , they also picked up the 1st in section which was £160 a huge well done to you both sorry you only got a ‘well done’ medal although I thought that was better than half a trophy
Des won from peg 3 and Mark won from peg 5.
Jo would like to thank you to everyone who fished our festival and qualified for today’s final was a great weekend.

Stafford Moor 2018 – Silvers Festival

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Winner of Stafford Moors March Silvers Festival 2018 is Mark Goddard who won with just 5 points and a total weight of 98lb 8oz ! Mark also won the Largest bag of 37lb 9oz from peg 10 on Pines. In second place was  Des Shipp who had also 5 points with a total weight of 85lb 6oz.  In third place was Dave Smith with 9 points and a total weight of 82lb 15oz. Jo at Stafford Moor said “Thank you all so much for a fantastic week, really enjoyed seeing you all again and meeting some new faces. Thank you for your amazing support.

North Devon Match Group Championship No 8 Darracott Reservoir Results

Many thanks to Martin Turner’s weekly updates on North Devon Match Group and Bideford Angling Club Matches

1st   Paul Elworthy 19lb 10oz

2nd  Neilsen Jeffery 16lb 11oz

3rd   Martin Turner 15lb 1oz

4th   Andy Gray 13lb 6oz

5th   John Lacey 13lb 1oz .

Paul drew a peg on the far bank and made the most of the deeper water with pole and corn for a winning bag of skimmers, Neilsen drew the end peg and fished worms on a small feeder for 2nd, Martins net was made up of roach and rudd.

Note Summerlands Tackle sell permits for South West Lakes Trust Fisheries.


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Here are the results from Stafford Moor’s Silver Manic Festival 2016. The  winner was Mr Andy Griffiths with 10lb 5oz from peg 36 well done Andy ! Who picked up £1000.The competitors battled against a bitter cold wind throughout the day.  The fishery had 3 x 1st in section winners who each won £200 and 3 x 2nd in section winners who all won £100 each these are:

1st Chris Davis
2nd Dave smith

1st Bradley Gibbons (MAVER)
2nd Chris Bailey

1st Peter Randle
2nd Mark Warren


STAFFORD MOOR – Silver Manic Festival – Practice Day

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Stafford Moor are hosting the Silver Manic Festival over the weekend the practice Match on Friday November 4th was fished on Tanners , Woodpecker and Pines lake 42  fishing. Well done to Andy Morrison who was the winner of the day with 28lb 8oz he fished on Woodpecker peg 28 Andy fished red maggot. In second place was Chris Simmons who fished Tanners peg 32 and bagged himself 21lb 1oz well done to everyone who fished today. .Day one of the Silvermanic festival starts tomorrow with the final on Sunday i will keep you all posted with results.
 1st Andy Morrison Peg 28 Woodpecker: 28lbs 8oz
 2nd .Chris Simmons Peg 32 Tanners: 21lbs 1oz
 3rd  Dave Smith  Peg 24 Woodpecker: 19lbs 0oz
4th  Adrian Marshal Peg 26 Woodpecker: 16lbs 9oz

Day one of our Silvermanic Festival here at Stafford Moor. Was a freezing cold day. Had 3 guys from each section on each lake qualify today. These are Tanners: Rob Henrick, Mark Warren, Andy Griffiths, Tom Downing, David Smith, Boz Phillips. Woodpecker: Duncan Edwards, Adam Palmer, Chris Davis, Jim Lawrie, Bradley Gibbons, John Fridge. Oak: Peter Randle, Adrian Marshall, Steve Clark. Pines: Chris Bailey, Dave Carter, Paul Burckett.

1st -ANDY GRIFFITHS Peg 36 Tanners: 18lbs 7oz

2nd  ROB HENRICK Peg 4 Tanners: 13lbs 11oz

3rd  STEVE CLARK Peg 15 Oak: 12lbs 6oz

4th   ADRIAN MARSHALL Peg 14 Oak: 11lbs 2oz