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When I first read of carp they were considered a fish of the summer months and seldom fished for. How times have changed with many factors meaning that the carp are caught all year round with many anglers having the ambition of catching a carp in the snow. The lack of winter snow is perhaps one of the factors that ensure we catch carp all year that and the warm clothing and modern bivvys that make winter fishing far more comfortable. It would be good to get a picture on here of carp in the snow! There’s a challenge!!!




Steve Pinn sent me these superb images of winter carp caught from Stafford Moor’s Lodge lake. 5 fish, not bad for December. 20Ib 12oz (yellow fish) and 17Ib 8oz (orange) – both on CC Moore Northern Special pop ups on a bed of free-by live red maggots.