Stafford Moor Forty!

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A new Lake record carp for lodge lake at Stafford Moor.  Steve Tancock caught this 43lb beauty using Mainline cell boilies , there were 4 other witnesses on the lake to verify the weight , Steve popped in the day before and said it was quiet up on the lake then had a few out including a 28lb, 32lb, 35lb then smashed it with this 43lb!

Latest Carp catches at Stafford Moor

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Jamie Everard  fished up on Stafford Moors Lodge lake and banked ten carp all caught on Bait-works Atlantic heat & small scent from heaven pop ups on top as a snowman fishing tight to the spit.

(Below) Adam Atkins fished on swim 1 with his dad John up on lodge lake and had 3 fish out all caught on Sticky Baits buchenberry pop ups on a Ronnie rig.

(Below) Dean Goodwill and friend Steve  had several carp from lodge lake and Beatties, Dean was using Himders Walters dipped in Betalin and Steve was fishing with Sticky baits krill & pink pop ups.

(Below)Graham Beer who had one out today in a day session up on lodge lake on swim 2 caught on Sticky Baits Manilla boilies.


Great Carp sport at Stafford Moor

The mild conditions have really brought the carp on the feed at Stafford Moor where anglers are enjoying success on both Beatties and recently reopened Lodge Lake.

(Above)Jack Lord with his 25lb 3oz catch from Beatties lake on the inlet swim using Mainline Cell boilies.
(Above)Matt Luscombe  had a new personal best of 27lb 6oz from the dam wall on Beatties Lake Matt had 2 fish out in 24 hours using good old Mainline Cell boilies.

(Above)Simon Jones who comes fishing here with friend Jon Osman. They fished up on the dam wall on lodge lake at the weekend had 6 fish out up to 22lb using Mainline cell pop ups .

Natasha Harrison with her 11lb catch from the spit on lodge lake using sticky Baits Manila boilies. Natasha had blanked at other fisheries for the last 7 times she has gone fishing so was pleased to just catch even if it wasn’t the biggest she still caught !

Steve Pinn “The BIvvy Tramp” sent me this report from the recently reopened Lodge Lake.

“These are the best of last week’s catches on Lodge lake which has been closed for most of Jan and Feb for maintenance work. We were rewarded as the first on there for some time with 21 fish between myself and ‘The Captain’ Keith Maker. I think Keith had more fish but I was delighted to get a cracking fish for Lodge lake and a pb for that lake at 25Ib 14oz plus the beautiful ‘apple slice’ mirror at 17Ib 4oz – a perfect example of how size doesn’t matter when they are that attractive. I also caught the scaley fish during that wonderful purple dawn.  Bivvy Tramp.

Stafford Moor – Carp Catch

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Stuart Hutchings and his dad Brian fished the dam on Lodge lake Stuart  was fishing with essential cell crushed in a PVA mesh bag. a 22mm boilies with goo squirted in the centre also using CC Moore northern special as hook bait. Brian was fishing with Sticky Baits Manilla boilies and Manilla 12mm pop ups , they had 12 fish out up to 19lb 14oz in a day session.15741173_364014697295521_2218973003608959469_n 15726325_364014713962186_4585471108009932067_n



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When I first read of carp they were considered a fish of the summer months and seldom fished for. How times have changed with many factors meaning that the carp are caught all year round with many anglers having the ambition of catching a carp in the snow. The lack of winter snow is perhaps one of the factors that ensure we catch carp all year that and the warm clothing and modern bivvys that make winter fishing far more comfortable. It would be good to get a picture on here of carp in the snow! There’s a challenge!!!




Steve Pinn sent me these superb images of winter carp caught from Stafford Moor’s Lodge lake. 5 fish, not bad for December. 20Ib 12oz (yellow fish) and 17Ib 8oz (orange) – both on CC Moore Northern Special pop ups on a bed of free-by live red maggots.