Bideford and District Angling Club Coarse Section Monthly Comp @ Morchard Road

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Bideford and District Angling Club Coarse Section Monthly Comp @ Morchard Road Results :

1st  Martin Turner 55lb 5oz

2nd Pete Slade 50lb

3rd Stephen Craker 41lb 2oz

4th Richard Jefferies 40lb 1oz

5th Martin Hawker 29lb 14oz

14 anglers fished our first competition on this prolific carp fishery.Conditions were rather windy and quite cold. Martin Turner drew peg 5, and caught 25 small carp on pole fished red maggots over micro pellets. The second placed angler was Pete who fished on peg 10 , he landed a similar number of fish on pole and feeder tactics.  Stephen Craker fished on the point on peg 12, he used tip and long pole for 3rd place. Richard Jefferies 4th place was top weight on the road bank , he caught on a cage feeder. Next months competition is at Wooda Lakes on 10th Feb.


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Calm conditions with high pressure dominating has resulted in open coast fishing slowing down with dogfish and small conger dominating catches. Flounder fishing in the estuary is starting to tail off as the flounder start to migrate out to sea to spawn. If the wind swings to the west and Atlantic weather pushes in sport on the open coast should pick up with spurdog, bull huss and conger moving inshore to feed on dislodged food.

During calm weather boat anglers can expect some hectic offshore sport as the spurdog packs hunt the mid channel waters.


John Passmore won the Sportsmans Cup with a flounder scaling 125/8oz Ian Cairns was runner up with a flounder of 121/8oz.

Dennis Toleman caught a fine bass of 5lb 6oz from Fremington Quay but being a flounder only match it did not count.


Jack Sharrock won Appledore Shipbuilders January Rover with a cod of 7lb 43/8oz. The fish was tempted from the expanse of Chesil beach in Dorset and was not a North Devon fish. Cod are very scarce off the North Devon coast in recent seasons which is a mystery as twenty years ago they were prolific.

In second and third was Terry Dymiond with flounder scaling1lb 121/4oz and 1lb 115/8oz.

Seventeen anglers fished.


Rover results
1st Terry dymond flounder 1lb 12 1/2oz
2nd Terry dymond flounder 1lb 11 5/8oz
3rd Graham Snow flounder 1lb 8 1/4oz
4th Graham snow flounder 1lb 5 5/8oz
5th Paul Downing thornback 5lb 10oz
Next competition 19/20th Jan 24hour


            Storm Diedre failed to keep members of Combe Martin Sea Angling Club from the shoreline to compete in their Christmas Competition. Mark Jones secured victory with a thornback ray of 10lb 7oz. The fish won him a voucher from  and choice of a secret Santa prize donated by members. In runner up spot was myself(Wayne Thomas) with a dogfish scaling 2lb 9oz and in third Dave Brooke with a bull huss of 7lb 9oz. Ross Stanway weighed in a small- eyed-ray of 7lb 2oz for forth.
1st-Mark Jones – thornback ray – 10lb 7oz
2nd– Wayne Thomas – dogfish – 2lb 9oz
3rd– Dave Brooke – bull huss – 7lb 9oz
4th– Ross Stanway – small-eyed-ray – 7lb 2oz
5th– Jack Phillips – dogfish – 2lb
6th– Jack Phillips – dogfish – 1lb 15oz
7th– Mark Jones – thornback ray – 6lb 15oz
8th– Jack Phillips – dogfish – 1lb 14oz
9th– Nick Phillips – dogfish – 1lb 14oz
10th– Dan Welch – flounder 1lb 3oz
11th– Nick Phillips – dogfish – 1lb 10oz

Bideford Angling Club – Christmas Competition

Fifty eight anglers lined the banks of the Torridge estuary to compete in Bideford Angling Clubs Christmas Competition last Sunday with twenty four flounder registered. The winning angler Owen Hare was a junior who landed a flounder of 1lb 71/2oz. Runner up was Stephen Found with a flounder of 1lb 63/4oz, third Darren Burslem with a flounder of 1lb 31/2oz and forth Robert Bowden with a flounder of 1lb 31/2oz. The club were very appreciative of the behind the scenes work of Paul and Lisa Downing and to the sponsors.

                                 Barnstaple Triple Hook Clubs 

Barnstaple Triple Hook Clubs Christmas Flounder Open attracted a field of fifty anglers all keen to secure a turkey dinner. The results were the best for many seasons with plenty of quality flounder weighed in. The top ten all recieved a turkey. 

1st – Richard Chapel – 2lb 13/4oz

2nd- Nigel Gullen – 2lb 7/8oz

3rd – Steve Luxton – 1lb 143/8oz

4th – Max Peake – 1lb 13.75oz

5th – Dennis Toleman – 1lb 127/8oz

6th – Darren Short – 1lb 125/8oz

7th – Kevin Hancock – 1lb 121/8oz

8th – Dave Mock – 1lb 113/4oz

9th – Isabel Luxton – 1lb 113/4oz

10th = Cleo Babb – 1lb 101/2oz

I have been reporting on these estuary flounder competitions for many seasons now and have often noted the contrast in the average size of flounder caught between the two estuaries. This year the results show a marked difference in fish sizes with the top ten flounder caught from the Taw in Triple Hook Clubs Open all bigger than the winning fish from the Torridge. Both rivers share many common characteristics yet seem to produce different sized flounder potential?


Estuary Flounder Results

It was  a busy day in the estuary with several local clubs holding competitions on Sunday November 18th. The river has been in fine

form for flounder over the past couple of weeks with some really good catches.

Paul Hutching’s and his friend Andrew McKenna landed 41 flounder during a recent session along with four bass to 4lb. The biggest flounder fell to Paul and scaled 1lb 14oz.

Cyril Petherick competition


1st Andy Sanders flounder 2 lb 100%

2nd Andy sanders flounder 1 lb 13oz 90.625%

3rd Antony Smith flounder 1 lb 11 1/4oz 85.156

32 seniors fishing and 4 juniors with 29 fish weighed.

Kyle Blackmore narrowly missed out on a prize with these fine flounder the best of which scaled 1lb 10 3/4oz

Barnstaple Triple Hook – Flounder Open

1st – Kevin Hancock  – flounder 1lb 9oz

2nd Dennis Toleman – Flounder 1lb 81/2oz

Braunton Small Boats

Braunton Small Boat and Angling Club. Eight members fished a flounder competition.

1st Andy Hold 1lb 10oz,

2nd Jack Phillips 1lb 6oz

3rd Tracey Phipps 1lb 3oz.

(Above)Jack Phillips with flounder of 1lb 6oz



Tarka Swims BDAC Coarse Section monthly competition.

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Tarka Swims Bideford & District AC Coarse Section monthly competition.

1st Martin Turner 9lb 13oz

2nd Pete Slade 4lb 15 1/2oz

3rd Richard Jefferies 4lb 15 1/4oz

4th Steve Bailey 4lb 4oz .

Sunday’s 5 hour match was fished by 9 members in damp,cooler conditions. Martin Turner anded a good carp after 40 mins on peg P this fish, along with 2 skimmer bream on 6mm pellet on the bomb gave him victory. Pete Slade on peg H landed a good net of silver fish to beat  Richard Jefferies by a mere quarter ounce for 2nd place.

Bideford Angling Club – Versus Plymouth CAC

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Bideford hosted this inter-club match – report from Martin Turner

Bideford 48lb 12oz Plymouth 32lb 15oz Bideford win over 2 legs 152lb 11oz to 101lb 9oz.


1st Martin Turner 20lb 9oz

2nd Ian Sedgewick 10lb 11oz

3rd John Moore 9lb 13oz

4th Dell Colman 9lb 9oz

5th Steve Bailey 8lb 12oz

6th Martin Rushton 7lb 10oz

Tarka fished very hard and the 18 competitors struggled for bites, Martin Turner only caught a few roach on the pole but managed to find 3 carp on the banded pellet on a straight lead on peg I for 1st place .A single late carp and a bream on the pole on peg M was enough for 2nd spot for Ian, 3rd and 4th places were also single carp on the pole for Plymouth members John and Dell. We hope to make this an annual fixture.

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Josh Atkinson took the top two places in Appledore Shipbuilders monthly Rover with a fine brace of black bream scaling 3lb 13/4oz and 2lb 123/4oz. In third place was James Atkinson with a black bream of 2lb 51/8oz. The two anglers landed the bream after travelling to a shore mark in Dorset.


Graham Snow continues his success with Bideford Angling Club winning their latest Monthly rover with a grey mullet scaling 3lb 61/2oz. Nathan Clements took second and third places with a bull huss of 7lb 31/2oz and a dogfish of 1lb 141/2oz.

Stefan Jones reports on a hard days  weather was great but fishing slow, mackerel didn’t play the game so frozen Ammo Baits was first choice, with spider crab collected last month to tempt a hound or huss . Managed to make a day in the end , roll on the next trip !

Dan Hawkins took a party of anglers shark fishing off Ilfracombe aboard Reel Deal and they successfully caught three shark to 55lb.

Bideford Triumph in Inter-club Match

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Bideford’s Coarse Section travelled to Plymouth Coarse Angling Club’s lakes at Cadover on Bodmin , for the first leg of the inter club event. Bideford came out on top with a total weight of 103lb 15oz to PDCAC 76lb 10oz . The comp was fished in great spirits and super autumn weather, several large carp were landed and a few more lost, although top individual was an all roach net of 33lb 2oz for Martin Turner 2nd was Ronnie Moore with a 2 carp net plus silvers for 25lb 15oz , Rober Rand landed an 18lb carp plus some silvers for 24lb 14oz and 3rd , 4th place with 3 skimmer bream and 2 carp was Colin Gorman with 24lb 4oz. We look forward to hosting PDCAC in the return leg on September 29th at Tarka Swims.