Bideford August Rover

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August rover results
Joint 1st Julien Stainer thin lipped mullet 4lb 2oz 103.125%
Nathan Clements plaice 2lb 1oz  103.125%
3rd Rick Eavis thick lipped mullet 3lb 6 1/4 84.765%
4th Terry Dymond smooth hound 7lb 3 71.875%
5th Antony Smith plaice 1lb 4 1/2 64.062%

Bideford -Final midweek Evening Match results :

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Many thanks to Martin for his weekly updates on Bideford Club Match’s. Where did the summer league go to its scary ….. be Turkey leagues next!!!!!

Final midweek Evening Match results :

1st Keith Mountjoy 16lb 3oz

Joint 2nd David Bailey and Martin Turner 14lb 14oz

4th Kevin Shears 14lb 7oz

5th Thomas Scott 13lb 4oz

6th Stuart Sharp 8lb 8oz

19 fished. The 8th and final midweek evening match was also fished as the pairs competition, winning pair Kevin and Thomas combined weight 27lb 11oz. Keith’s victory came from peg 9 and included some pellet waggler caught carp and bream on the margin pole, his final points tally was 60 a clear 2nd in the league, Martin’s 2nd place of small fish from peg 1 secured a league win with 73 points, The matches have been very well attended and close top weighs , many thanks to all those that have come along and helped with the safe running of these events.

Bideford and District Angling Club Coarse Section July monthly Comp results:

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1st Colin  Cherrington 33lb 11oz

2nd Keith Mountjoy 23lb 10oz

3rd Steve Bailey 19lb 4oz

4th Keith Copland 18lb 10oz

5th Richard Jefferies 16lb 13oz

6th Martin Turner 13lb 8oz

7th John Lisle 9lb 7oz

8th Tyler Scott 9lb 4oz ,

20 fished , Hot sunny conditions proved to be just perfect for Colin’s winning tactics on peg 18, he has had half his catch on the pole using meat and several good carp on the pellet waggler. Second spot was a super net of mainly smaller carp and skimmers on soft pellets on the pole by consistent Keith on peg 6. Secretary , Steve was 3rd of peg 8 with some larger specimens on the pole.

Bideford Mid week result

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Results : Evening Series match No. 5

1st Kevin Shears 16lb 1oz


Stephen Craker

14lb 7oz


Robin Glover

13lb 6oz


Martin Turner

12lb 7oz


Keith Mountjoy

10lb 11oz

6th Les Polden 8lb 11oz

20 Anglers took part. The winner of the 5th round of the evening series was Kevin , on peg 17 . He has had a nice net of skimmers and a couple of bonus carp on the pole at around 7 metres, Steve’s second spot was taken on peg 23 on hard pellets fished across to the island, Newcomer , Robin has had some cracking bream on peg 15 for a well deserved 3rd spot.

Sea Angling – Competition Results

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Appledore Shipbuilders

Sixteen members of Appledore Shipbuilders fished a blustery day to compete in their monthly rover. Chris Boon was the winner with a bass of 4lb 12oz. David Atkinson runner up with a gilthead bream of 2lb 105/8oz and third Andrew Atkinson with a smoothound of 6lb 4oz.

Andrew Atkinson – smoothound 6lb 4oz


Stephen Found secured first and second in Bideford Angling Clubs monthly Rover tempting thin lipped grey mullet of 4lb 103/4oz and 4lb 8oz. In third place was Dick Talbot with a dogfish of 2lb 12oz and forth Andrew Clements with a thick lipped grey mullet of 3lb 10oz.

Bideford & District Angling Club – Mid Week Result

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Many thanks to Martin Turner for his regular updates on Bideford Club Coarse events. For more details on Bideford Club visit my club page on link below.


BDAC Summer evening league round 4 results:

Martin Hawker

15lb 14oz

Keith Mountjoy

15lb 1oz

Stephen Craker

14lb 6oz

David Bailey

13lb 1oz

Stuart Sharp

12lb 7oz

Martin Turner

12lb 1oz

Steve Ashton

10lb 2oz ,

18 fished. Tonight’s 3 hour evening match was won by, committee member , Martin on peg 2 . His net of good quality carp fell to pole fished bread and corn , Keith continues his run with another 2nd. place to push him well clear at the top of the league. Keith used soft pellets for skimmers on peg 13 , Stephen finished a close 3rd on unfancied peg 22. Tonight’s weather was mild and breezy leading to a close match.

Bideford Angling Clubs Midweek Evening Match

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Bideford Angling Clubs Midweek Evening Match


1st David Bailey   19lb 9oz

2nd Keith Mountjoy  14lb 4oz

3rd Matt Cross  13lb 8oz

4th Martin Turner 12lb 3oz

5th Kevin Shears   11lb15oz

6th David Anstey  9lb 1oz

After a fine hot day 17 club members enjoyed a pleasant evening on George’s lake in the 3rd round of our evening series, good nets were brought to the scales the best was David on peg 19 almost 20lb of skimmers, carp and tench on the method feeder with banded pellets, Keith finished 2nd with a pole caught net of smaller skimmers and a single carp on soft pellet from the un-fancied peg 3. Matt had a late carp on peg 9 to secure 3rd place, Keith Mountjoy now leads the league with 27 points,

Match Fishing Results

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Matt Cross won Bideford Angling Clubs midweek evening match at Tarka Swims with  17lb 8oz. In runner up spot was Keith Mountjoy with 15lb 2oz and third Keith Copland with 15lb 1oz. Fourth was Martin Turner with 13lb 2oz and fifth Adam Wheeler with 13lb 1oz. Most fish were caught using pole and pellet tactics.

North Devon Match Groups Match at Oaktree was won convincingly by Tom Downing with 88lb 14oz. In runner up spot was Nathan Underwood with 42lb 13oz and in third Tim Brown with 40lb 6oz and fourth Martin Turner with 39lb 10oz.

Tom Downing with 88lb 14oz.

The latest Open match at Stafford Moor saw Chris Davis secure victory with an impressive haul of 238lb. In runner up place was Des Shipp with 194lb 11oz and third James Cooper with 182lb 13oz.

Chris Davis secure victory with an impressive haul of 238lb

Sea Angling Update

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Several colourful wrasse have been caught by anglers fishing the rocky coastline near Ilfracombe with Paul Lorrimore landing a beautiful fish of 3lb 15oz.

Antony Smith took the top two spots in Bideford Angling Clubs twenty four hour sea rover with smoothound scaling 9lb 12.5oz and 9lb 9oz. In third place was Tarrant Wotton with a bass of 6lb 7oz.

Bideford Monthly Coarse Match

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Results: BDAC Coarse Section Monthly Competition.

1st Keith Mountjoy 20lb 10oz

2nd Tyler Scott  19lb 3oz

3rd Matt Cross 12lb 10oz

4th Martin Turner  11lb 12oz

5th Martin Rushton  10lb 3oz

6th Steve Bailey 9lb 1oz

17 anglers fished , Tarka Swims , George’s lake was used for this months match, the forecast rain held off but humid conditions led to a tough day . Keith drew peg 16 and had a nice net of mainly bream and skimmers, on soft pellet on 11metre pole for victory over the consistent Tyler on peg 18, Matt managed to land 5 carp and lose 5 on peg 2 for 3rd spot.