Stafford Moor – Winter carp sport at the Moor

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(Below) Ben Hopkins and his friend John  fished up on swim 1 (three islands) on Lodge lake. They caught two fish each both personal best with Ben banking fish of 24lb 10oz and John a personal best of 27lb 9oz. The fish were tempted on pink wafters and pink krill.

(Below)Drew Davey  had one mirror out weighing in at 19lb 2oz from Albert square (swim 15 )  on Lodge lake in a day session this weekend caught on Sticky Baits Manilla boilies topped with a chopped down yellow Manilla pop up.

(Below) The ‘Carpbusters’ Ade, Ju and Christie all had one fish each out today in a day session caught on Mainline cell, Sticky Baits Manilla and Krill from the beach swim and big fish corner on Beatties lake.

The first carp from moor in 2019

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The first week of 2019 has been far from Ideal for carp angling with high pressure along with cold days and nights. Despite this anglers have caught some good carp from Stafford Moor a fishery that can be relied upon to keep producing a few results in even the worts conditions.

(Above)Andrew Levett  caught this mirror from swim 5 up on lodge lake caught on a Krill dumbbell topped with half a 10mm pink citrus.

(Above) Ben Hopkins  fished up on swim 1 on lodge lake yesterday and had 3 fish out in 24 hrs all caught on pink homemake wafters.

(Above)Ross Smith who was here with friends who fished on the summer hut swim on Beatties lake last week and and had 7 fish out between them.

(Above) Louie Morgan – Russell  had 7 fish out in 24 hours up on swim 2 on lodge lake yesterday all caught on cell boilies topped with corn.

(Above)Graham Beer who fished on swim 2 on lodge lake , Graham had one fish out on a day session caught on Sticky Baits Krill boilies.

(Above) Sam Ward who fished here for the first time landing 2 fish out up to 20lb 8 oz from swim 6 on the dam wall up on lodge lake today on a day session caught on Sticky Baits Manilla boilies.

(Above) Graham McKenna who fished up on lodge lake and caught on Northen Bait Evolution Popup on a Hybrid Tackle spinner rig.

Carp to 27lb 13oz from Stafford Moor

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Chris Hutchings who fished up on swim one on Lodge Lake

These were a part of a 12 fish catch on peg 1 on Lodge lake during an Xmas social.

Most fish caught ranging from 16-20lb with 3 20’s included @ 20lb 6oz 22lb and the biggest @ 27lb 13oz

Tactics wise I fished small pva mesh bags of crushed manilla boilies which complemented a trimmed down manilla dumbell topped off with a trimmed down signature pop up the hook.

Eight fish haul at the Moor

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Neil Harvey  had 8 fish out all caught on Mainline 15mm cell tipped on yellow corn. Glugged in cell bait enhancer with a 3in PVA sock with crushed cell and micro pellet all dipped in glug before the cast. Neil Fished peg 2 on lodge lake and caught all off the back margin of the spit, a rod length off.

Stafford Moor Christmas Match

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Stafford Moors Christmas Match on Tanners and Woodpecker lakestook place on a miserable grey day for anglers but not too bad for fishing I suspect. The winner of the Christmas Match 2018 was Mr Andy Dare who bagged himself 107lb 9oz from peg 1 on Tanners lake well done Andy! In second place was Mark Cullerton with 81lb 10oz from peg 20 on Woodpecker lake. In third place was Tom Downing peg 10 on Tanners with 99lb 5oz. In forth place was Nathan Underwood with 62lb 9oz from peg 16 on Woodpecker lake.

Latest coaches from Stafford Moor

Neil Harvey and Mark Lamude banked 7 fish between them from the double swim 1 up on lodge lake at the weekend. All caught on Mainline cell tipped with corn glugged in cell juice.

(Below)Tony Welch who was here with friend Shaun who Had a few fish out from swims 2 and 3 on the dam wall on Beatties lake up to 23lb in a 24 hour session caught on essential B5 Q.

(Below) Joanne Combes with one of her first carp from her own venue!

Big Perch from Stafford Moor

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Stafford Moor is renowned for its Specimen Carp and bumper Match fishing nets but is also holds a good head of other specimen fish including perch and huge eels. Neilsen Jeffery is a well known Match angler but enjoyed a great pleasure session on Beatties Lake landing several bream and this stunning perch of 3lb.

Winter League Chills but still ton up bags!

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The third match of the Winter Teams league at Stafford Moor was a cold one yet Mark Cullerton still managed a stunning bag of carp totalling 141lb 11oz.

Team Baittech won the event with 6 points and a total weight of 326lb 2oz.

Nick Jones, Mark Cullerton, Tom Downing and Ben Evenden

Joanne Combes thanks all who fished the Match with the  next winter league match on December 9th.

The fisheries Christmas match is on on Sunday 23rd December including some complementary nibbles.