Stafford Moor – Winter Carp Catches

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Dean Guppy banked four carp to 24lb from Beatties lake up to 24lb all caught on Sticky baits krill boilies.

(Below) Chris Blythe who had 4 fish out from Beatties lake all caught on J H baits , B4 bottom Baits.

(Below) Matt Saint caught a new  personal best of 27lb 3oz from swim 14 on lodge lake  caught on CC Moore live system boilies.

Stafford Moor Open Match

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The latest Open Match on Tanners & Woodpecker lakes saw some good weights despite the time of year.

Chris Davis had 122lb 5oz from Woodpecker to win the match convincingly.

In second place was Ryan Shipp who bagged himself 113lb 6oz from  Tanners Lake

In third place was James Cooper bagged 73lb 9oz from  on Woodpecker Lake

Stafford Moor – Winter Carp Form

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Stafford Moor continues to reward anglers despite the cold weather. Below is are some of the recent catches.

Barry Lee banked carp from the dam wall on Beatties Lake all caught on C C Moore live system wafters in Almond goo over a small amount of hemp & corn feed. (Below)

Sam Heno who fished on the inlet swim on Beatties lake ,Sam had 6 fish out all caught on C C Moore live system boilies. (Below)

(Below) Simon White who hasn’t been to Stafford Moor for 10 years so a lot for him to take in change wise on site but all good Simon has 5 fish out up to 29lb all caught in swim 1 on lodge lake all caught on C C Moore 10mm live system boilies tipped off with Sticky baits peach & pepper.

Keith Medlin  fished up on swim 2 on Lodge Lake and now has the new lake record of 33lb 2oz.  Keith had 10 fish out in total all caught on Sticky Baits 20mm Manilla boilies which were glugged with Manilla and Sticky’s peach n pepper pop up snow man style. (Below)

North Devon Match Group Winter League No.3 @ Stafford Moor results

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North Devon Match Group Winter League No.3 @ Stafford Moor results:

1st Tim Brown 54lb 10oz

2nd Stephen Craker 49lb 12oz

3rd Martin Turner 41lb 5oz

4th Kevin Shears 40lb 12oz

5th Nathan Underwood  30lb

6th John Bailey 29lb 14oz

7th  Paul Elworthy 29lb 5oz

8th John Lisle 26lb 7oz

20 anglers fished.

Stafford Moor lakes. Oak and Woodpecker were used for today’s competition. The cold snap certainly dampened the appetite of the residents .Oak has provided the top three wieghts , winner on the day was new member Tim Brown he has landed over 50lb on the pole and soft pellets from peg 20 . Second was match regular Stephen Craker  with a margin caught net on corn off peg 6 on Oak , Martin Turner has taken 3rd spot on peg 12 also on Oak , bomb and bread and 6mm hard pellets on the pole. Top net on Woodpecker and 4th overall was Kevin Shears on peg 11 Nathan was 5th on the next peg ,12.

Stafford Moor Carp

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Alan Clarke  fished up on swim 2 on lodge lake and had 11 fish out all caught on DT Baits n blend boilies & CWGB white wafter hook Baits.

(Below) Rob Shann caught this fine mirror carp of 23lb from Lodge Lake using Sticky baits Krill Boilies.

Stafford Moor Charity Match – Raises £1100

*Report from an amazing 48hr Charity Carp Match in Aid of Dean*

Well what can I say! Back from An absolutely fantastic weekend at the awesome Stafford Moor Fishery.

Raising money for my good friend Dean who has recently had a life changing injury where he lost all of his fingers on both hands.

Over the weekend pairs battled it out in a charitable carp fishing match at Stafford Moor Fishery in Devon. All monies raised from this weekend will help Dean and his family during this difficult period and help aid in his recovery.

31 fish were landed over the course of the 48hrs.

The winners were Mat and Cody Mitchell with 15 fish for 248lb 10oz

Second place went Jack Gabriel and Thomas Rushby with 10 fish for 189lb 2oz

Third place went to 3rd Matt and Ian Andrews. With 4 fish for 62lb 13oz

Biggest fish of the match fell to Thomas Rushby with a 32lb 10oz mirror.

Thank you very much to Jo and Paul and Stafford moor fishery for having us. A stunning fishery and extremely well run. Can’t wait to return.

A great weekend was had by all and massive thank you to everyone. congratulations to all the winners.

As part of this weekend, alongside the charity match, there was a raffle with many fantastic prizes on offer.

There was also an auction with a fantastic prize on offer for the highest bidder.

Thank you to all who entered and supported the raffle and auction.

A staggering and truly incredible amount of money has been raised over the course of the event. The sum raised was an amazing £1100. All of which has now been transferred to Deans crowdfunding page. Absolutely overwhelming! I can’t thank you all enough.

An absolutely huge thank you goes to the amazing people and companies for donating so many fantastic prizes in which encourages people to enter. Please see below and check them out for all your fishing, bait, tackle and golf. Truly awesome venues and companies and please look them up and support them.

Huge Thanks goes to

CR Baits, Crete lakes, Dreamlakes,Carp Society,Linear Fisheries, Bluebell lakes, White Springs Fishery,Digger Lakes, Stanwick Lakes, Caerphilly Angling Club, Lavender Hall Fishery,South West Lakes Trust, Stafford Moor Fishery, Cypography, Angling Direct,Pro Baits UK, Barr’s Angling, Lakebed leads, Big Fish, little fish tackle shop Liskeard, Fox Int,Wernduu Golf Club, Borringdon hall golf club, Arron Fisher, Leon Sprague, Andrew Riste,Tom Colloff, Ade Holmes.

Thank you all. It’s truly incredible and overwhelming and has gone a long way to helping aid Dean on his long road to recovery.

North Devon Match Group Championship No. 11 @ Stafford Moor Results:

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North Devon Match Group Championship No. 11 @ Stafford Moor Results:

1st Kevin Shears 103lb 8oz

2nd Nielsen Jeffery 81lb

3rd Paul Morris 76lb 10oz

4th  Nathan Underwood 74lb 15oz

5th  Chris Morris 74lb 1oz

6th Dave Downton 71lb 4oz

7th Ian Croxton 66lb

8th Martin Turner 60lb 9oz

24 anglers fished Oak and Woodpecker lakes at the superb Stafford Moor complex, Kevin Shears drew peg 9 on Oak to win convincingly , he has fished the long pole in open water with sweetcorn , Neilsen Jeffery pegged opposite on peg 12 has also fished the pole for second overall this has secured him this year’s championship, top rod on Woodpecker was Christopher Morris who took a nice mixed catch on maggots on the long pole on permanent peg 4 .

Late Autumn Carp to 32lb 16oz at Stafford Moor

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Andy Barnes banked seven carp  up to 32lb 15oz  from the beach swim on Beatties Lake.  All fish were caught on Sticky Baits Krill and Manilla boilies.

(Below) Oli Dietrich caught a brace of carp the biggest a 27lb mirror, from swim 3 (small island) on the dam wall on Beatties lake yesterday Oli caught on Crafty bait citrus fruit which is a tester bait.