Bideford Angling Club Mid Week Match

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Evening match @ Tarka Swims 15 fished

1st Kevin Shears 14lb 5oz

2nd Colin Gorman 6lb 14oz

3rd Martin Hawker 6lb 4oz

4th Martin Turner   6lb 1oz

5th Ian Owen 5lb 6oz

6th lan Sedgwick 2lb 14oz

The penultimate match in the 10 match series was won by Kevin Shears on peg S ,he has landed an early carp on the pellet waggler then backed up with a net of bream on the pole on soft pellets. Colin Gorman , on the next peg has also had a carp and some bream on the feeder for best of the chasing pack. Martin Hawker has drawn the shallower peg B and landed carp plus tench on the pole on pellets for 3rd . Martin Turner has drawn peg N and caught a net of small fish shallow , this keeps him 6 points clear in the league with 1 match remaining.

Stafford Moors Mid Week  open match on Tanners and Woodpecker Lakes 

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Stafford Moors Mid Week  open match on Tanners and Woodpecker Lakes

1st place was Paul Morris with 190lb 4oz from peg 6 on a Tanners lake

2nd place was Vic Bush ( MOSELLA UK) with 177lb 6oz from peg 15 on Woodpecker lake

3rd place was Andy Dare with 154lb from peg 10 on Tanners lake

4th place was Paul Casson with 153lb 3oz from peg 13 on Woodpecker lake

NDMG, Summer league No.3 @ Highampton Lakes,

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 NDMG, Summer league No.3 @ Highampton Lakes,

1st Stephen Craker 91lb 10oz

2nd Pete Slade 45lb

3rd John Lisle 43lb 2oz

4th Bruce Hunt  42lb 9oz

5th Martin Turner 38lb 12oz

11 fished, conditions were hot and Stephen Craker  dominated the match on peg 10 he has fished a method feeder out to the island , and also landed some big fish in the margins. Stephen has supported our club since he moved down 18 months ago, well done on his first win ,. 2nd spot went to Pete who fished similarly on peg 9 ,just pipping John on peg 6. Bruce’s first trip to the venue resulted in 4th place.

Dave Stockton with 234lb 4oz ! Thats a good net!

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Wow some stunning weights during Sundays Open Match at Stafford Moor. The match was held on Tanners and Woodpecker Lakes.

1st place was Dave Stockton with 234lb 4oz from peg 4 on Woodpecker lake

2nd place was Lee Jan with 188lb 5oz from peg 1 on Tanners lake

3rd place was Ben Evenden with 175lb 15oz from peg 17 on Woodpecker lake

4th place was Kev O with 133lb 6oz from peg 5 on Tanners lake

Full match sheet is attached below

Bideford Angling Clubs evening competition results @ Tarka Swims

1st Richard Jefferies 9lb 12oz

2nd Martin Hawker 8lb 4oz

3rd Martin Turner 6lb 9oz

4th Stephen Craker 5lb 9oz

5th Tyler Scott  5lb 2oz

16 fished,

The 8th match in our evening league was won by Richard Jefferies on peg S with a single large carp taken on bread on the pole, Martin Hawker also landed a good carp on the pole on peg E , 3rd place was  Martin Turner with a catch of smaller fish on peg O. Stephen Craker landed 10 small carp on peg A for 4th.

Best junior and 5th overall was Tyler with 2 nice bream .

Wooda Lakes – Pairs Match

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REPORT FROM John Forster 

Thank -you to all who turned up on the day  especially to Craig Crash Lamey who despite losing his fishing partner for the day due to illness still turned up and fished with an awesome attitude.
Well nice fine weather  with great people everything looked really good , so we did the draw and set about getting ready , personally i drew on what is normally a great peg and was really looking forward to the match , but all good things and all that, i really struggled loads of fish around yet no matter what i did they did not want to feed and I ended up with 12lb 4oz
But the day was brilliant with more talk about the cricket flying around our lake amongst the usual banter.
At the end we had the 3 winners and I apologise if the weights
are not 100% accurate as the paperwork has gone a-stray
1st was Paul Morris  and Tom Downing with 130lb of carp and silvers
2nd was Nathan Underwood and Pete Horton with  111lb of carp/silvers
3rd was Neilsen Jeffery and Martin Turner with 86lb
the rest of us also rans didnt walk away empty handed , we decided thanks to Andy Seery  and his sponsoring the prizes instead of giving tio the top 3 pairs we split all up between the other 13 anglers ,
All in All a great day which was thoroughly enjoyed so a big thank you to Stuart and Wooda Lakes  for allowing this to happen for the 2nd year , To Andy Seery and So Simple Baits
and  to everyone who fished

Bideford Angling Club – Junior Event

Bideford Angling Club arranged a Junior match and coaching session at their Tarka Swims Georges Lake – Well done to the club and its members for providing this valuable experience.

 Junior Event @ Tarka Swims George’s Lake

1st Tyler Scott 7lb 5oz

2nd Charlie Evans 5lb 3 oz

3rd Thomas Scott 2lb

4th Joe Westcott 1lb 15 oz

5th Adam Wheeler   13oz .

This 3 hour event was fished on the shallow pegs .Celebrating his birthday , Tyler Scott  landed a fine mixed catch alternating between shallow and full depth on the pole on peg F to secure victory on the first of our 4 match series , Charlie took second spot in his very 1st competition fishing on peg Z . Third place was Thomas Scott, next door to his brother on peg E .

Midweek Win for Martin on Tarka

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Mid week evening match results @ Tarka Swims

1st Martin Turner 9lb 10oz

2nd Pete Slade 9lb 2oz

3rd Richard Jefferies 6lb 11oz

4th Ian Owen 4lb 5th Keith Copland 3lb 12oz

Junior winner Tyler Scott 1lb14oz 17 fished on a pleasant warm evening Martin Turner caught shallow in the pole on peg P , his bonus bream gave him top spot over ,in form Pete who fished pole and soft pellets from peg H . Richard Jefferies landed a carp on bread and meat on peg L for 3rd spot , Ian Owen fished the pole on peg N for 4th on the night.

North Devon Match Group Latest

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Results North Devon Match Group Championship No.6 Oaktree Fishery

1st Paul Morris 77lb 15oz

2nd Stuart Shelley Burridge  61lb 13oz

3rd Keith Copland 59lb 9oz

4th John Lacy 46lb 8oz

5th Kevin Shears   40lb 7oz

6th Pete Slade 37lb 6oz

16 anglers fished this event held in damp windy conditions, both lakes were used and the top 4 weights all came from the top pond , In form Paul Morris fished the long pole shallow with 8mm pellets and 6mm down the edge on peg 9 for clear victory, Stuart Shelley Burridge landed a good net of carp on the next peg using method feeder and pole in the margins for 2nd spot .Keith Copland came in third with a similar catch from middle of the dam on peg 2, Johns catch was enough 4th , a paste catch of skimmers and carp.Top weight on the bottom pond and 5th overall was Kevin’s catch on soft pellet, Pete’s net fell to dobbed bread.