Bideford and District Angling Club versus Plymouth and District Coarse Angling Club.

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Milemead Fishery
Individual results:
1st Colin Cherrington 72lb 12oz BDAC
2nd craig Crash Lamey  70lb 13oz BDAC
3rd Richards Jefferies  54lb 11oz BDAC
4th Pat Whyner 51lb 12oz PADCAC
5th Keith Mountjoy 49lb 10oz BDAC
6th Les Polden 47lb 1oz BDAC
7th Bill Crossman 44lb 15oz PADCAC
Team results:
Bideford 462lb 14oz
Plymouth 238lb 8oz
Colin , representing Bideford, led us home to a resounding victory over our friends from Plymouth, with a cracking carp net taken on pole fished 8mm pellets.
Craig finished a close second, with another great net of carp also taken on the pole.
Committee member Richard came in third.
Pat was the highest Plymouth angler with his fourth place.
We look forward to hosting the return leg on Tarka Swims on Saturday 26th August.

Bideford and District Angling Club Midweek evening competition No. 8 Results

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Bideford and District Angling Club
Midweek evening competition
No. 8
1st Martin Turner  30lb 8oz
2nd Richard Jefferies  29lb 8oz
3rd Keith Mountjoy 26lb 10oz
4th Nathan Underwood 25lb 13oz
5th Roger Ackroyd  18lb 2oz
6th Kevin Shears 16lb 3oz
16 members fished.
The top 2 places were taken by the match organiser and assistant, only a pound separated Martin and Richard, drawn on pegs 15 and 18 they both fished groundbait paste, Martin’s net was mainly tench , Richard’s was all carp.
Keith has moved up in the league with his third place on peg 16.
2 matches remain Nathan maintains the lead.

Stafford Moor – Open Match Results

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Some amazing match weights at Stafford Moor with 200lb plus often needed to frame!!!
Stafford Moor – Open Match Results
Wednsday 28th June lake winners are shown below.
In 1st place was Matt Parsons on Tanners lake with 206lb 4oz from peg 6.
In 2st place was lodge guest Steve Pearce on Woodpecker lake with 192lb 7oz
In 3rd place was lodge guest Simon Hunter on Tanners lake with 180lb 12oz from peg 15
In 4th place was lodge guest Paul Casson on Woodpecker lake with 175lb 3oz from peg 15
Sunday 25th June
In 1st place was Ben Evenden on Tanners lake with 326lb 15oz from peg 1
In 2st place was Nigel Rhodes on Woodpecker lake with 250lb 7oz from peg 11
In 3rd place was lodge guest Simon Hunter on Tanners lake with 149lb 8oz

Bideford Angling Club – Mid Week Match

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BDAC Midweek Evening Competition No. 7
1st Nathan Underwood 50lb 12oz
2nd Keith Copland 48lb 7oz
3rd Keith Mountjoy  40lb 7oz
4th Martin Turner 30lb 3oz
5th Roger Ackroyd  22lb 6oz
6th Tom Scott  21lb 1oz
16 members fished.
Normal service has been resumed, Nathan has put another winning net together, this time on peg 19., again on the short pole,paste over dampened 4mm pellets.
Keith Copland ran a close second fishing sweet corn on the pole off peg 6 , Keith Mountjoy fish pellets on the pole on peg 9 for third spot.
The rain held off except for one short shower, and George’s has once again produced a good match, with 3 rounds remaining Nathan leads and Martin moves into second spot.

Bideford and District Angling Club Junior Event

Bideford and District Angling Club
Junior Event
1st Ted Blight 15lb 1/2oz
2nd Charles Heddon 13lb 15 1/2oz
3rd Brodie Allen 12lb 7 3/4oz
4th Leo Davies 10lb 13 3/4oz
5th Jake Seddon 8lb 8 1/4oz
6th Billy Butler 7lb 6 1/2 oz
7th Albi Clements 7lb 1 3/4oz
8th Thomas Scott 6lb 6 1/4oz
9th Imogen Babb 5lb 12 1/4oz
10th Kash Hawkins 5lb 9 1/4oz
11th Fletcher Hawkins 3lb 8 1/4oz
12th Lewis Hathaway 3lb 7 1/2oz
13th Rudyjames Nicholas 3lb 6 1/4oz
14th Maci Brambley 2lb 10 1/4oz
15th Isaiah Seddon 2lb 7 1/4oz
16th Willow Davies 2lb 1 3/4oz
17th Bailey Bramley 2lb 1 1/2oz
18th Archie Brooks 1lb 7 3/4oz
19th Taylor Charlton 1oz
Fantastic ,
19 young members have turned up to fish the second event of the year, George’s lake has produced bumper
catches for our lads and lasses.
Really close results, Ted topped the field from peg 14
with a lovely net of carp all on the method feeder.
Charlie’s second spot fell to paste on the pole off peg 12 , Brodie took 3rd on peg 1.
The weights were taken on an assortment of techniques and all around the lake.
Everyone went home with a prize, a suntan and l hope, a smile.!!…
Many thanks to the senior helpers and to the sponsors for our prize table.

Bideford & District Angling Rod N Reel Match

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B.D.A.C ROD AND REEL MATCH SUMMER LEAGUE RESULTS DATE 25.6.23. 12 anglers fished Sundays match at Tarka with some fantastic weights being weighed in, The sun was shining with a bit of wind from time to time all anglers caught fish. First place today went to Richard Jefferies on peg 16 with a net full of carp fishing the float for a weight of 66lbs 6oz. Second place was Steve Ashton on peg 6 with a nice mixed bag of fish for 58lbs 2oz on the feeder to the island. Third place was Darren Polden on peg 8 with a nice mixed bag of fish for 52lbs 7oz and forth place went to Nigel Spurr on peg 19 with 45lbs 11oz.


Neilsen Jeffery nurtures the tranquil Horwood Lakes where he hold regular matches. The latest report from Neilsen below:-

Another lovely Friday at HORWOOD today with some great nets brought to the scales, a big well done to Stephen Craker who won from peg 3 with 147lb 11oz plus picking up a golden peg, Steve caught close on paste and his weight included a stunning mirror of 19lb.

Second on that lake was Paul Whitehead who managed 126lb 12oz, other good weights were Christopher Jeffs with 100lb 11oz and Graham Curnow with 94lb 3oz.

The top lake also produced a nice weight for Stephen Barrell with 64lb 8oz his weight included 30lb of smaller carp and tench so nice to see these starting to show.

Second on the top lake was Keith Copland with 31lb 5oz.

HORWOOD lakes have really matured in the last couple of years and many thanks to those who help me keep on top of it.

Bideford and District Angling Club Evening competition No 6

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Bideford and District Angling Club
Evening competition No 6
1st Richard Jefferies  41lb 4oz
2nd Kevin Shears  27lb 8oz
3rd Martin Turner   27lb 2oz
4th Warren Thorton  20lb 0oz
5th Stace Polden  19 lb 10oz
6th Nathan Underwood  18lb 3oz
16 members fished.
After a day of thunderstorms and heavy rain, the evening proved to be dry and slightly cooler.
Committee member, Richard, after a slow start, soon got into his stride with a number of decent carp on paste and bread in the margins of peg 15, for another convincing victory.
Kevin, on his return from holiday, drew fancied peg 25, fished his favoured paste and pole method for second spot, just pipping Martin on peg 8.