Some Furzebray Crackers

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Some stunning fish have been banked at Furzebray now that the carp have finished spawning.

(Below) 33lb 12oz mirror from Willow Lake a new lake record!

(Below) Mark Downing with a stunning 21lb 12oz home grown mirror from the Lawns.. This is one of 5 for Mark last night which included the leather at 30+

(Below) Glen Stanton with two crackers from the Island lake before spawning, The rudd mouth linear at 29+ and Measles at 34+

(Below)Chris Bissett also fished on the Copse last week and banked some lovely fish including a 29lb 12oz and a 20+ Zip.

Furzebray – Charlotte – 45lb 12oz!

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Congratulations go to Mark Perham who smashed his personal best banking Furzebray Islands Lakes biggest resident Charlotte at a weight of 45lb 12oz. Mark had fished well all week but with no luck, but then only an hour before he was due to pack up he struck the magnificent Charlotte.

The carp of Island Lake are not easy to catch but what stunning specimens they have become. The capture also illustrates a point I always try to emphasize in that whilst a bait is in the water there is always a chance and for this reason I always de-tackle my rods at the very last minute.  Never get despondent for that one fish can turn a blank trip into that trip of a lifetime.