Furzebray Christmas Crackers

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The Christmas period has seen some stunning carp banked from Furzebray carp lakes near South Molton that must have some of the best looking carp in North Devon. Congratulations must go to Tony and Martin Kingdon who have created this fantastic fishery that opened over ten years ago and has matured into a stunning complex.

(Below) Paul Martindale with a cracking 30+ from just before Christmas

(Below)Mike Knowles with the stunning Clover at an all time high of 45lb

(Below) Flyn Mardell has been busy again this week landing no less than 7 fish including C scale at 33+ and the mighty Black Spot at 44.10

Winter Carp Opportunity

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Andy White has kicked off his winter’s fishing in style landing two belters from The Copse!!! These two fish went 31lb and 24lb. Furzebray winter ticket now available for Copse and Willow starting today they are £100 which covers both lakes… Unlimited fishing for the next 3 months… Please call 01769572653..

Furzebray – Winter carp Success

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Flyn Mardell has had a good run at Furzebray carp lakes of  some stunning 20’s topped off by the one up zip at 31lb. Colder weather has slowed sport but as soon as the wind goes round to a warmer direction carp will go on the feed and I expect to see some stunning fish from Furzebrays three lakes.

Blackspot – Furzebray 45lb 12oz

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The carp known as Blackspot has been tempted from Furzebray at weight of 45lb 12oz. It was caught during the spring at a weight of 39lb 12oz a massive weight increase of 6lb. At this rate this carp and others in the lake could be nudging 50lb next year!

When I started carp fishing back in the early eighties such a water would have been unheard of in North Devon. Waters that contained such huge carp were spoken of in hushed tones and I would suggest that Furzebray now holds fish to almost match those at Redmire Pool in its glory days.

Superb Autumn Carp at Furzebray

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Some stunning autumn carp from Furzebray Carp Fishery with several thirty plus fish. The carp always lookstunning at this time of year there colours reflecting the autumn hues on the surrounding trees.

(Below)Adam Short had successful trip on the island lake landing 3 fish, including the Rudd mouth at 30lb 4oz plus superb fish of 29lb 8oz and a 26lb 8oz

(Above) Brian Ford banked the carp known as Star  at a massive 39lb 12oz.

(Above) Jamie Moxey landed Pearly at a new top weight of 32lb

Furzebray Thirty’s

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Brian Ford & Chris Gillard had a great weekend at Furzebray Carp Lakes  both landing fish to over 30lb.

(Below) Ryan Pryer had a fantastic fishing Furzebray and staying in the lodge…. He banked 4 30’s including Orange spot at 38lb, Star at 35.4, 3 scales at 32.6, mint common 32.4, Tiger Fish at 29.8 and The Leney at 29.6.

Pearly at 29lb 10oz – Another Furzebray Beauty

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Steve Pinn is now part of CR Baits and enjoyed recent success at Furzebray banking a fine carp known as Pearly at 29lb 10oz
With everything packed away except for rods and bed I was resigned to my fate of blanking but thought I’d give it another hour. Then out of the blue this beast, a fish known as ‘Pearly’ came along. To say I’m chuffed is an understatement. She went a spawned out 29lb 10oz not quite the elusive 30 but what the heck.
As is the norm these days, CR Baits 12mm pastels (white) did the job on the trusty Ronald Mc Don’ over CR1 chops and particle.
Great angling Steve and thanks for the report.