Lower Tamar carp and tips

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Lower Tamar is producing some cracking fishing at the moment……check out this report from Tim Thornton….
’Having enjoyed the captures of a number of good carp to low twenties from Upper Tamar Lake I decided to turn my attention to the day ticket sister water Lower Tamar Lake.

I’d heard about the lake many years ago and knew it contained many lovely large carp.

I visited the water a few times to see for myself the extent of the weed that people spoke about to find that the lake had some weed, but was still easily fishable with modified rigs.

When I say modified rigs to keep things simple I mean ‘chod’ rigs as opposed to traditional rigs. These rigs ensure you can fish over light weed or ‘chod,. They also slide which prevents your hookbait getting buried.

I found location was key again like Upper Tamar. The carp in Lower I find usually betray their presence by bubbling in the early morning or showing themselves by leaping clear of the water.

I found successfull methods were using single pop ups to feeding fish or fishing at range to a baited area. I also know of a few anglers targeting bream also catching carp at the same time using bream tactics’.

This cracking 23lb 12oz common is one of Tim’s results! Nice 23.12. Taken at 120 yards range cast to feeding carp at 0615. Coconut crunch pop up sprayed with Rod Hutchinson chocolate malt legend bait spray. Fished on Carponline size 6 crank hook choddy rig.

Splendid Carp from trusty waters

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(Below)Matt Mitchell banked three carp from Lower Tamar Lake. A fully scaled mirror at 23lbs, a common at 21.05 and another common of 16.02. The day ticket water on the Cornwall and Devon border is producing some fantastic fishing with plenty being caught….

(Below)Adrian Morgan caught this cracking 26.04 common from Melbury reservoir, near Bideford Devon, at the weekend. Adrian Found a nice hard gravel patch about 17 wraps out and baited the swim fairly heavily with a mixture of sticky baits Manila and retro baits meaty garlic/squid and octopus. A Ronnie rig with a Manila pop up soaked in king crab goo did the business.

Historic Lower Tamar

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Lower Tamar Lake is an historic water that often gets overlooked by anglers who hear more about the fabulous catches from the Upper Lake. Lower Tamar has some fabulous carp and a head of bream into double figures along with specimen perch and eels. In the past the water has produced specimen rudd that sadly seem to have all but disappeared.

Lee Graver fished Lower Tamar Lake, on the Cornwall and Devon border, at the weekend and was rewarded with this stunning 23lb 14oz Fully scaled mirror. Lower Tamar is open to everyone for day or 24 hour tickets.

South West Lakes – Some fine Carp from trusty waters

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Some superb catches from South West Lakes Trust Waters over recent days. Below are some stunning images and results,


South West Lakes Trusts Upper Tamar lake is in top form at present with some stunning catches of carp coming from its large acreage.

(Below)Aaron Bunning has been back to Upper Tamar and again had a great session with lots of fish including these three attached at 24.14, 19.04 and 18.12. All fish fell to Nashbait scopex squid and coconut creme freebees and hookbaits.

Ben Smeeth sent me this report on some top angling _

Talk about an opportunistic moment! I was chatting with Roger Maher at Upper Tamar this morning and he informed me he had seen some fish, I went and had a look and saw around 8 fish, the biggest looked like a mid 20 common along with a mirror we recognised at about 23lbs. Dash home and Roger was back with a rod and half an hour later, here she is! 24.12……Top angling Roger. The lake is fishing great, a 32lb mirror and host of other fish have been caught in the last few days including a 20lb fully scaled…….


Steve Gliddon has caught a target fish from Lower Tamar lake at 24.00. Steve had been after the fish for 5 years but was delighted to finally slip his net under the old warrior! Steve also landed commons of 16lbs and 8lbs during his visit. Lower Tamar is open to everyone having been changed from a syndicate water 2 years ago.


Lower Slade reservoir in Ilfracombe (North Devon) produced 4 fish over 20lbs at the weekend. Simon Hill had a cracking 23.12 Common and Richard Ball had a common of 20.00.

Stunning carp at Lower Tamar

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Ashley Bunning has been among the fish at Lower Tamar, not catching anything bigger than 12lb but plenty of action. The larger fish are being a bit elusive at the moment! Ashley had this to say:
‘PVA sticks with Burton Bait Rollers ‘Puzzle’ and ‘Full S.P.’ with a ‘Plum and Garlic’ pop up was the winning method. Lakebed Leads 4oz distance leads which were dropped on the take, with Ultima ‘Vantage’ Shockleaders and XR mainline helped me hit the distances i needed and play the fish through the weed.’

Carp and bream from trusty waters

Richard Ball landed a stunning common carp of 20lb 7oz from South West Lakes Trust’s Lower Slade Reservoir (Above)

Chris Hudson had a mixed session at day ticket venue Lower Tamar lake, part of the South West Lakes Trust venues. Chris had two carp with the largest being 15lb but also had 5 bream with the largest going 10lb 4oz. This is the latest in a long line of bream over 10lbs in size to have been caught from the venue. All of the fish were caught on a Live-system single hook bait with a handful of scattered boilies. (Below)


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Matt Martin had his first 20lb carp from Lower Tamar over the festive period. Weighing in at 21lb 8oz Matt tempted the fish at long range using a single Master Baits wafter boilie. Well done Matt on landing such a superb looking specimen during the winter months when large reservoirs are a far greater challenge than well stocked commercial carp waters.


Stunning Tamar Common for Lee Graver

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Latest report from Ben Smeeth of South West Lakes Trust.

Lee Graver had a cracking weekend at Lower Tamar landing 7 carp including this stunning 27lb 13oz common. Lee had some smaller fish which are coming through from stocking in recent years which were in superb condition including a lovely 14lb mirror. Lee was using Specimen Carp Baits boilies at 120 yards range with Westcountry Leads. Top angling Lee!



Ben Smeeth Countryside and Angling Manager – Sent me these reports of stunning fish and images from our local South West Lakes Trust Waters

John Deprieelle spent some time on day ticket venue Lower Tamar last week and had this to say about his session:
‘Well the carp fishing didn’t go quite to plan so I took bailiff Bobs advice and went to the very end peg which looked great and had fish everywhere in front of me. I lost a big fish within 30 mins of casting out and that was it. I had a few bream though and this 9lb fish was the best of the bunch taken on an 8mm pinapple pop up. The sunset was amazing!’

lower tamar sunset 4lower tamar sunset 3

9lb bream

Ryan Wilshere caught this cracking 27.10 Common from day ticket venue Jennetts Reservoir recently. Ryan fished the far margin from the first few pegs and the fish fell to a Mainline Essential IB pop up fished over a scattering of essential cell boilies. (Below)

Ryal wilshere Jennetts 27.10 aug 16logo