ZYGGY,s Lucky T-Shirt!!!!

Zyg at Anglers Paradise sent North Devon Angling News this latest story……

Here is a photo of the winning Carp from+ the monthly 5’C’S (The Crazy, Crafty, Cunning Carp Catchers) match I am very proud to say that I caught it wearing the same T Shirt I took to Cape Verde and managed to catch a thousand pound plus Blue Marlin which straightened the hook and came off. As the fish was going to be released and the leader was touched according to IGFA rules it counts.
The interesting thing is that the match before we went to Cape Verde I wore the same T Shirt and won the match with a different 20lb Carp. It looks like it works for catching fish. Enclosed is a picture of the straightened hook.

Lucky T- Shirt for Zyggy

Big Marlin is Camera shy!

Anglers Paradise

Big Marlin is Camera shy!

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Globe trotting Zyg Gregorek sent this account of his recent adventure in Cape Verde,

I have just returned from Cape Verde after Marlin. We had nothing on the
first couple of days on the third day I am proud to say I had the biggest,
longest and fattest Marlin I have ever seen.
It took the mackerel lure and sped off into the sunset , after well over an
hour and a half of being in the fighting chair the fish jumped many times.
After having three fish over 900 lbs in the past this was the most
aggressive. We managed to get it close to the Boat the crew managed to get
hold of the leader the fish then turned and nearly yanked him over board so
he had to let go This happened a couple of times eventually we managed to
get it alongside, grab the leader and held on ,as I turned to get my camera
the Marlin again thrashed out and straightened the hook and escaped .

The next day gave us a couple more Marlin. Jim Williams had his fist ever
Blue Marlin estimated at around 500lbs and Stan Paradowski had another Blue
Marlin about 700lbs.

Four days fishing we blanked for two day and had three Marlin in the last
two days all being personnel best fish

Best Fishes


Anglers Paradise

Lucky T- Shirt for Zyggy

Zyggy Gregorek posted this news today as he prepares to head off once again on globe trotting exploits in search of big fish.

“My first 20lb 2oz Mirror Carp this year, caught at our 5’C’S Syndicate match on the Main Lake on the 1st July trying out my new T Shirt which I’m taking to Cape Verde and it’s now been christened with my 1st 20 this year. This T shirt is definitely lucky so all the Sharks, Tuna and Marlin beware in a week’s time. Zyggy will be after you with my new Tshirt which I had specially printed”.

Anglers Paradise

Globe Trotting Zyg reaches another milestone

Zyg Gregorek continues his globetrotting adventures achieving yet another milestone as he describes below!

Well done Zyg looking forward to meeting up at the lure fishing weekend at the end of February.

752ee22d-3bf0-4005-9221-1b830b29b4faHi All

Having recently returned from North Carolina, on my latest quest to catch a Roundscale / Hatchet Spearfish. This was my fifth attempt in the last four years.
I decided to try North Carolina, after contacting several skippers, I picked Dan Rooks on Tuna Duck. Dan has fished the area for nearly 20 years and was very knowledgeable on the necessary identification patterns. He was very willing and wanted to help our expedition. Despite adverse weather conditions surrounding Hurricane Ermine, of the many Marlin caught during the four days only two of the fish were positively identified by Dan as Roundscale Spearfish. Thank God. Mission accomplished.
All fish were photographed and released.
Following the skippers report to the IGFA and photographic evidence. I can now confirm and am very proud to say I finally caught the Roundscale Spearfish and have now caught all the known Spearfish species, Long Billed, Short Billed, Mediterranean the elusive Roundscale. I believe I am the only person to have achieved this feat.
In addition following the capture of the Roundscale Spearfish I have achieved the coveted IGFA Royal Billfish Slam with 12 different species.

If you try hard enough you will achieve.

Best Fishes


Anglers Paradise
Anglers Paradise


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Anglers Paradise’s Zyg Gregorek sent me this news story from the famous angling Complex.


Following tumultuous referendum results, on a lighter note we held a wedding blessing for Gary and Sarah Mayo from South Petherwin, Cornwall, with Gary emerging from the water in true Poseidon fashion with his special Poseidon fork, he battled his way from the sea to the Koi Lake with his special fork, we used our fishy wedding vows and provided the bouquet for the bride which were rare water lilies.
Poseidon was very, very pleased that we got our fish in the seas back around the Great Britain shores and he wanted to settle down and live peacefully, he appreciated the bottle of Viagra wine we gave him to help him get his strength back and cement his relationship.
These were the wedding vows we used:-


Dearly beloved we are gathered here together in the sight of God, nature, fellow fisherman and fish to renew our eternal vows and proclaim your everlasting love.
Do you Sarah promise to take Gary for good days and bad days, big fish and small fish, blank days and loads of fish.
Will you look after each other’s tackle, wash it and clean it after use
And do you promise to honour and obey and go fishing every day
I now pronounce you fisherman and fisherwoman, husband and wife and with this net I now re-join you for ever and a day.
The guests then toasted the bride and groom with Viagra wine


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Winning Zyg
Winning Zyg

Zyg Gregorek continued his winning streak at his own water and sent me this report… Our June 5’C’S Syndicate match held on the match lake saw my creaky split cane tackle called into action once again catching this nice 14lb 12ozs Mirror Carp. The winnings were once again donated to charity. A different fish smaller than the last one, you can see from the marks the fish had been engaged in amorous activities (that’s why it lost some weight) so I had to give it a kiss before putting it back.