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The recent change in the weather could bring a few opportunities for bait fishers in particular as the water colours up following a couple of months of calm hot weather. Several reports of mackerel from marks along the coast. A big mackerel bait will often sort out that monster bass with the next couple of months the prime time to get that double figure specimen. Bideford Angling Clubs Festival next weekend see poster below.

Bideford Angling Club 24 hour results

Graham Snow took the top two spots in Bideford Angling Clubs twenty four hour rover

1st Graham Snow mullet thick 3 lb 9 1/2oz

2nd Graham snow mullet thick 3 lb 2 1/2oz

3rd  kyle Blackmore dogfish 1lb 14oz

(Below)Daniel Welch enjoyed an excellent evening  session at a local harbour landing nine mullet to 4lb 15oz.

(Below)Stefan Jones spotted a window in the weather and decided to venture out on his boat. With a lively swell and big tide options were limited but a sheltered venue produced several smoothound, a bass of around 5lb, plenty of mackerel and a fine tope of close to 38lb.

Combe Martin SAC Member Kody Chugg landed this fine bull huss of 10lb 9oz during a session at a local rock mark.

Big Bass in the dark

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Danny Watson of High Sreet Tackle Ilfracombe has taken the lead in Combe Martin SAC’s Lure Fishing Competition landing a fine bass of 70cm.

The fish was also weighed before being returned and scaled 8lb 9oz.

Danny has kindly agreed to award the prize of an HTO Nebula Lure Rod to the runner up in the competition if he wins as High Street Tackle are sponsoring the competition. So there’s a challenge to club members get out there and claim the top spot and save Danny the embarrassment of winning his own competition!!!

Congratulations go to Danny and Ross in getting out there after dark and having the confidence to cast a lure its something I have been intending to do for ages.

Danny story below :-

Absolutely bloody buzzing man! Got a message from fellow club member Ross Stanway – ” Did I fancy a quick lure session in the dark,” was hardly going to say no was I? He quickly got into a fish of about 2lb, we were pleased. Then about half an hour later all hell broke loose and I was into this beast! My second night time lure bass – measured 70cm and weighed 8lb 9oz! It went like a steam train taking line like mad – it was absolutely mental. Lots of people know I have banged on about doing this for ages – now I have and believe me it is pretty mad. I did not expect something like this! I can’t stop grinning!!!

The fish was tempted on a white do live stick – High Street Tackle sell Laggin Dragons which are very similar.

Bass on the lure winners

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High Street Tackle have been running a lure fishing competition over recent weeks and have announced the winners of the latest.

Olly Larvin and Peter Hayes both landed bass of 70cm tempting them on Size 4 Fillish Black Minnows.

Combe Martin SAC are still competing in their own lure fishing competition sponsored by High Street Tackle but so far despite catching plenty of bass there are three members on 55cm. With three weeks to go I am sure this will be beaten!

Big bass on Floating Crust

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Richard Jefferies caught this splendid bass estimated at 8lb whilst was mullet fishing in the Torridge estuary he caught it  on floating bread on 3lb line and a size 10 hook he also had a mullet just over 4lbs as well. After a quick photo the bass was returned to the water.

Mullet and smoothound at Bideford and Appledore Rovers

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Bideford monthly rover results
1st   Stephen Found  thick lipped grey mullet  3 lb 13 1/4oz
2nd  Graham Snow thin lipped grey mullet thin 3 lb 8oz
3rd    Andy Sanders  mackerel 1 lb 13/8oz

Appledore Shipbuilders Rover

1st – James Atkinson – smoothound 13lb 8.1/4oz

2nd – James Atkinson – smoothound12lb 75/8oz

3rd – Josh Atkinson – smoothound    12lb 3/4oz

Fifty Eight Pound Tope Sets Club Record

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Kevin Pike has set  a new Appledore Shipbuilders Club record boating a huge tope of 58lb whilst fishing from a Private boat off the North Devon Coast. Kevin also boated a tope of 41lb 8oz. Jack Pike fishing on the same trip boated a personal best of 47lb and Cameron Atkinson a tope of 45lb. The trip saw four tope boated for a total weight of over 186lb! It is also good to hear that mackerel were plentiful.

Jack Pike – tope 47lb
Cameron Atkinson tope 41lb 8oz

Joshua aged 13 lands first his mullet – with specimen rating of 125%!

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Scott Andries, Matt Jeffery and his son Joshua enjoyed a mullet fishing session in the estuary where they all enjoyed success with baited spinners.  Joshua landed his first of the species a specimen of 4lb 6oz that stands a good chance of winning a Junior trophy with Combe Martin SAC. Matt Jeffery’s best mullet of the session scaled 4lb 5oz and Scott Andreis’s mullet 3lb 4oz.