The Vital Link

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BERKLEY – Trilene = Big Game Mono – Review

            Arguably the most important piece of angling equipment the line is vital in maintaining the link to the fish that we seek.  The choice of main line will to some extent be determined by many factors but whichever line is chosen it should be strong and reliable in relation to its diameter.

            I have used many lines over the years and once I have found a good line I am reluctant to change. We can invest a great deal of time and money into catching big fish and it is vital that when the chance comes the angler has that strong reliable connection with the fish.

            Throughout the year I fish for a large variety of species that involves the use of many different lines. When fishing from the open coast targeting fish using beach casting tactics I have been using Berkley Trilene, Big Game Mono for many years and have total confidence in it.

            The greatest test for a line often comes when fishing snag ridden ground when it is imperative to put a lot of strain on the tackle when trying to extract a fish. It is also a good indication of the lines strength when it comes to pulling for a break when the end tackle is snagged.

            When the end tackle is snagged and cannot be shaken free the procedure is to point the rod at the snag and walk slowly back. When fishing North Devon’s rocky shore line I often use 25lb B.S Berkley Big Game Mono. It is when carrying out this task that I realise just how strong this line is. The line has a degree of stretch that absorbs the initial strain, its high abrasion resistance provides a consistent strength. I have tried several other lines over the years and the ease at which they part when pulling for a break is alarming.

            Basically, as a general use mono line Berkley Trilene Big Game ticks all the boxes as a line to be used with total confidence.

Latest Sea Angling Results

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Appledore Shipbuilders Boat Competition

Seven anglers in 3 different boats fished the 1st Appledore Shipbuilders Boat competition of this year.
Winner was David Atkinson with a Bull Huss of 14lb 4ozs. Second and Third with Huss of 13lb 10ozs and 11lb 5ozs was Olly Whitmore.

Bideford Angling Club

Aprils 24 hour results
Eleven angler’s fished with one fish caught
1st Julien Stainer – Small Eyed Ray 9lb 9oz 106.250%

Reel Deal Charters – Summer Schedule

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Reel Deal Charters have the big game, Lundy, tope and bass,The 1k tope competition on predator and the Cornish reefs as well as over the Easter holidays we will be running 2 hour local reef (Mini deep sea) and half day (4hr) deep sea trips on predator every day from the 11th April until the 22nd if you looking for things to do with the kids perfect time to get out for a taster session hope to see you all soon all trips available online at or call 07850984933 message me and for half term trips go to to book.

Sea Angling Round-up

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Appledore Shipbuilders

11 members fished Appledore Shipbuilder’s April Rover and three fish were registered at the weigh in.
Andrew Atkinson secured the top three places with a ballan wrasse of 3lb 8.5oz and a brace of 2lb dogfish.

Bideford Angling Club 

April Rover results

1st Antony Smith Small Eyed Ray 8lb 1oz 89.583%

2nd Elliot Clements Dogfish 1lb 15 1/4oz  65.104%

Combe Martin SAC

Wayne Thomas took top spot in Combe Martin SAC’s April Rover with a boat caught small eyed ray of 7lb. Nick Phillips was runner up with a thick lipped grey mullet of 2lb 3.5oz.


Hopefully with the oncoming Spring and warmer temperatures sport will start to pick up along the coast. Smoothound will be caught from all the familiar marks over coming weeks along with a few bass. The estuary will be well worth trying for bass and mullet with the chance of gilthead bream.

Small eyed ray will be worth targeting from surf beaches with Woolacombe and Putsborough favourites.

Thick lipped grey mullet are already being caught from local harbours and offer excellent sport on light tackle.

Fly Fishing in saltwater is growing in popularity with bass and grey mullet offering some exciting and at times challenging opportunities from the estuary and local surf beaches.

Minehead Boat – Fishing Trip

With a Combe Martin Club Competition over the weekend, I was looking at a plan when Rob Scoines suggested a trip out on Steve Webbers Osprey. There were two places available and the weather forecast was spot on.  It took a few moments to come to a decision and within five minutes the trip was secure and plans in place.

The boat was due to sail at 10:00am so there was no crack of dawn rise. I picked Rob up at 07:30am and enjoyed a scenic drive across Exmoor arriving at Minehead Mc Donald’s for a Breakfast roll and coffee before grabbing some bait from Speedbait the new fishing tackle and bait outlet situated close by on the Industrial estate.

We climbed aboard Osprey shortly before 10:00am and met with our fellow anglers, Colin Shepard, Rich Leonard, Lee Buck and Joe Woodward who had travelled down from the Bristol area.

It was one of those rare days with a mirror calm sea and a bright sky. There was a chill in the air after a few days of cold North East winds with overnight frosts. Anticipation was high as we headed off down channel.

First stop was in Porlock Bay hoping for an early smoothound. Within minutes dogfish were swung aboard in profusion.

Joe Woodward admires his first sea fish!!

After our first brew of the day from Steve’s son Will it was a unanimous decision to up anchor and head down to a well-known huss mark beneath the spectacular cliffs of the Exmoor coast.

After a few moments rod tips were nodding as scavenging predators below located our baits. I hooked into what felt a reasonable fish that plodded about at the end of the line as I persuaded it towards the boat. The head of a very large bull huss appeared ten yards behind the boat as Will stood ready with the net. Skipper Steve commented that it was a very good huss or words to that effect. At that moment the huss opened its mouth and spat out the bait, the terminal tackle flying back towards the boat. B******** or words to that effect. These nearly moments often seem to stick in the mind longer than success stories.

A flurry of huss to around 10lb followed along with strap eels and the occasional dogfish. As the tide began to ease the catch rate slowed and the decision was made to head back up channel in search of ray.

Myself and Rich Leonard with two of several Bull Huss caught during a brief feeding spell

We dropped anchor a short distance off Selworthy and put out our baits into what was very shallow water. A small eyed ray was brought to the boat by Lee Buck within a minute or so of settling at anchor.

Lee Buck with a small eyed ray

A good start that was to prove a false promise as just one other small eyed was tempted from the location. All remaining very quiet with just the occasional dogfish showing and a solitary conger of perhaps five pounds to my rod.

(Above) Rich Leonard with a small eyed ray

A move of a few hundred yards to a new position brought a few more dogfish and a small thornback ray.

As the day ticked past all to quickly it was very apparent that the fish were not feeding, perhaps as a result of the easterly air flow and high pressure?

Steve as ever kept trying and moved to another mark a mile closer to Minehead. The rod tips remained frustratingly still with even the dogfish scarce. As Steve called time my rod tip nodded and I lifted into a small eyed ray of 7lb. A reminder that success can come at the very last moment.

It had been an enjoyable day afloat with good company and the spectacular scenery of the Exmoor coast. Results had not lived up to expectations but this was no reflection on the skill of the skipper for we all knew that on another day these same marks would have brought a steady stream of quality fish.

Massive bull huss wins Bideford Competition

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Andrew Clements won Bideford Angling Clubs twenty-four hour rover with a massive Bull Huss scaling 15lb 11.25oz. The fish was caught from a North Devon rock mark and is one of the biggest huss caught from the North Devon coast in recent decades.

March 24 hour results 

1st Andrew Clements  Bull Huss 15lb 11oz 1/4 157.031%

2nd Antony Smith Dog 2lb 3oz 72.916%

3rd Antony Smith Dog  2lb 2oz  1/2 71.875%

Sexy mackerel lures – To tempt bass and anglers!

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Danny Watson at High Street Tackle love his lures and has a steady stream of lures arriving to tempt both anglers and bass!

Im thinking it won’t be long before a few bass are being tempted from North Devon’s coastline.

IMA Komomo II – Sexy Mackerel….

The IMA Komomo II is by far one of the most popular lures from IMA and has a place in many lure anglers A Team box…

At 110mm weighing 15g it casts extremely well and rated to swim at 10-20cm it will be in amongst the action on many occasions…

Just arrived in the UK is this new version for 2022 – Sexy Mackerel – click either of the pictures to buy yours now…..

The arrival of this colour brings the number of colours currently in stock of just this one model to 16 – from our massive selection of over 150 different IMA lures!


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North Devon based Dan Spearman and Mark Jones travelled to the Canary Islands to target the specimen fish that hunt the shoreline. Fishing from beach and rock marks they fished hard making the most of their time and existing on only a few hours sleep each day. The biggest fish caught was sting ray caught by Dan  estimated at 250lb. They also landed butterfly ray to 88lb, smoothound to 25lb and several white skate to 40lb.