Shore Sport

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Kody Chugg tempted this fine tope of 37lb whilst fishing a North Devon Shore Mark. The next few months of winter  should see some of the years best specimens landed from our shoreline. Take care out there and don’t take risks. Good fishing often follows a big storm with the inshore waters stirred and food in abundance.


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It’s great to get out on the winter shoreline and during these strange dark days its a welcome escape to normality for the familiar seascapes I have enjoyed throughout my life are reassuringly constant. It was also good to be on the rocks before darkness fell savouring the view of a porpoise hunting close to the shoreline.

The fishing has been hard going lately with large numbers of strap eels seizing the baits and today was little different with several small eels succumbing in the first hour of fishing. A spotted ray was a welcome catch as the tide started to flood though its pale colouring and lack of spots was a little unusual. Bites came steadily with a small huss, dogfish and more slightly bigger straps.