Melbury In Fine Form

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Melbury has been in fine form over the last couple of months. Neil Harvey sent a report to SWLT after a recent visit. ‘Single Scale’ at 26lb 8oz was the highlight of all the fish.
‘Cracking session on Melbury. Done Thursday morning to Saturday lunchtime. I had 15 runs and landed 12 carp. I had 5 fish in the night last night and I’m shattered!’
(Below) Jason McEvoy. His first visit to Melbury resulting in this 21lb fish. A swim move paid off for Jason when he saw a fish roll.

Melbury Carp Session

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Tim Thornton sent South West Lakes Trust this cracking catch report from his recent session at Melbury (happy birthday Tim).
‘Birthday session at Melbury Reservoir in Devon. The session started off very promising with the ghost koi low double being the first capture.
Then disaster struck and I pulled out of three decent carp on the trot. One was a chunk. That’s fishing.
Then at midnight my middle rod ripped off and a pristine hard fighting twenty common was later in the net. Another of 18+ followed. A great venue in fantastic surroundings.
All the bites came to either DNA baits SLK wafters or milky malt dumbell wafters over a bed of SLK boilies
Great to share the session with my mate Terry Reed.
Thank you South west lakes, I will Definitely be back!’

Stafford Moor Carp Catches

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(Above)Wade  Holmes had this 30lb 10oz beauty from swim 6 (the outlet) up on lodge lake, Wade caught using Mainline hybrid boilies.
(Above) Richard Roberts  fished up on lodge lake and had 9 fish out up to 27lb 12oz  all fish were caught on Mainline cell and sticky baits krill boilies.
(Above) James Winter and friend Gavin who had 7 fish out from lodge lake including Gavins new pb of this stunning 30lb 8oz catch. All fish were caught on 12mm Sticky baits signature squid pop ups and the new Sticky baits Mulbz, CC Moore live system & Pacific tuna.

Fine carp from Tamar and Slade

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Tim Surridge is getting to grips with Upper Tamar’s carp and having only started fishing the venue recently he has just finished a session resulting in 15 runs, landing 11 fish! The best being a 24.08 common. All on Cornwall Bait company’s red seed mix boilies in just 36 hours.

(Below) James Drowne aged 11 caught two cracking fish. The common was 32lbs and mirror 24.05lbs. The common was stocked at 23.04lbs in September 2017. Another new 30 for the venue but more pleasingly is this great capture for James.

(Below) Zac Perkins caught this stunning 25lb 10oz common carp from Lower Slade Reservoir.