A FINE BIRTHDAY PRESENT – Ten Year old Zaine banks carp brace

Proud parents Joe and Zenia Drury Gregorek sent me this heartwarming  report from Anglers Paradise.

Zaine Drury-Gregorek who knows how to celebrate his 10th birthday and that was to go fishing! Zaine had a few hours on Anglers Eldorado’s Cat and Carp Lake 1 and caught a stunning Mirror and a lovely Common! Needless to say it was the best Birthday ever and he didn’t want to leave! Zaine caught the Carp using Munchbaits Citrus Blend Pop Ups.

Anglers Paradise

Stunning Winter Carp Action at the Moor

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Stafford Moor continues to produce some stunning carp despite the cold winter conditions.

(Below) Darren Bakers fabulous 27lb 8oz ghostie caught from the beach swim on Beatties lake.

(Below) Mike Stemp who had 2 fish out from swim one up on lodge lake up to 29lb 8oz caught on Sticky bits krill boilies.

(Below) Chris Blythe  fished on swim 15 (Albert square) up on lodge lake and banked this 28lb beauty out on Jh baits Klf and carbon baits mini seed mix.

(Below) Andy Barnes & Ian Kendall enjoyed success banking carp of  27lb 7oz and Andy had a 19lb 14oz mirror from swim 14 (beach 1 swim) up on lodge lake  both  caught on Sticky baits Manilla boilies and cloudy Manilla.

(Below) Jimmy Knight and Jordan Rowe who had 11 fish out including Jordan’s 33lb 12oz beauty from the beach swim on Beatties lake, all fish were caught on Sticky baits krill boilies.

Upper Tamar Carp

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Daniel Scranage has recently put in a bit of time on Upper Tamar. This weekend his efforts have been rewarded with mirrors of 25lb and 23lb, these were backed up with commons of 18lb and low double.

The South West Lakes  well stocked shop at Upper Tamar is open Friday, Saturday and Sundays 8am-4:30pm. If you have any enquiries please give us a call on 01288 321 712

Torridge Councillor banks his first twenty from Paradise

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Local Torridge District  Councillor, Dermot Mc Geough and now a 5C’s member,(The Crazy, Crafty, Cunning Carp Catchers)   fished the Main Lake at Anglers Paradise for his first proper fishing trip and managed to bag this 21lb 2oz Mirror Carp on 20mm Scopex Squid boilees. He was overjoyed as this was his first 20lb’er before this he had only small fish under 10lbs.

Anglers Paradise

Seven Carp Catch from Jennets

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Ali Laird thought the weather looked spot on for a bit of Autumn carping and acting on this hunch headed to Jennetts. He enjoyed a brilliant session banking seven carp including fish of  23lb 7oz, 21lb 14oz ,19lb plus 3 good doubles and a little mirror.

Twenty Three more twenties for Upper Tamar

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South West Lakes continue carp stocking into Upper Tamar with another 23 fish all over 20lbs stocked. They managed to get some of those fish being released on film.
For more details on all the fish they  have stocked visit – https://coarse.swlakesfishing.co.uk/…/upper-tamar-gets…/
Now that the Tamar stocking is nearing completion we will be turning our attention to some of our other fantastic waters and looking at how we can improve them including stocking opportunities. We will update you on plans for the other lakes as things progress so please keep an eye on our website.
Below are just a few of the carp banked from the venue in recent months