Norway Chiller !

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Combe Martin SAC member travelled to Norway where his party enjoyed success despite some brutal weather conditions. Keeping warm with  Chillcheaters of Braunton’s thermal under fleeces Kevin landed a halibut of 24lb,  26lb cod and stunning coalfish scaling 24lb 4oz. Kevins fishing buddy Photos Yianni also enjoyed success landing cod over 40lb. All the fish were caught fishing from deepwater shore marks.

Chillcheater Keeping out the cold as winter sets in!

As winter sets in its time to don the thermals to retain body heat and make those winter fishing sessions an enjoyable experience. I recently visited Braunton based Reeds Chillcheater’s who specialize in manufacturing clothing for extreme weather conditions in and around water.

I wrote a piece on a visit last year.

This year I have purchased a full set of the companies Transpire fleece set and after two trips on the rocks since I can vouch for their properties in keeping out the chill. With an Aquatherm fleece as an outer layer I feel confident to venture out in the coldest of weather.


Kevin Legge and Craig McCloughlin have recently returned from Norway where they faced icy winds, hail and rain. Keeping warm and dry is a key part of winter fishing ensuring that you can concentrate fully on fishing effectively.

With Christmas on its way and the weather turning colder I thought it a good idea to show a few products that could make good stocking fillers for anglers this year.


(Above) Double layered Thermal Fleece socks

(Below) Pertex Jacket this ultra light windproof garment that folds up into a bag the size of a large orange is perfect for those spring and summer sessions when an unexpected chill wind blows up.

(Below) Estuary hat – Fully waterproof hat designed for gig rowers but also ideal for angling.

(Below) These Aquatherm wading socks are ideal for the carp angler ready to leap out of the bivvy on a wet night or for wading the shallow estuary in the summer when lure fishing for bass in conjunction with a pair of old trainers.

(Below) Nigel at Chillcheaters with one the Aquatherm fleece jackets that are ideal for the carp angler.

(Above) Aquatherm Fleeces

Chillcheaters are proud to sponsor local anglers including Jon Patten who recently represented England in the World Big Game Fishing Competition in France.


Chillcheater Carp and trout fishing green- New Range

Chillcheaters are now producing army green jackets, smocks and bib and brace in their renowned Aquatherm material these products are ideal for the carp and trout fisherman who want 100% waterproof clothing that is both lightweight and hard wearing. Braunton Baits are stocking the products. The jackets are £159, The smocks £140 and the Bib and Brace £130.


Beating the elements and cheating the chill


















Fish from cold climates

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(Above)10lb + halibut for Craig

North Devon anglers Craig Mcloughlin and Kevin Legge are enjoying fishing in Norway where temperatures are minus 6 during the day and there  are just three hours of daylight!

Craig hopes to capture the Northern Lights before they come home. One of angling joys is the adventures it takes its participants on.

(Above) Double Figure cod for Craig

(Above)Kevin Legge with a double figure cod

A fine specimen haddock for Kevin