North Devon Tackle AC – Result – Slade

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With lots of cold water going in the lake of late, predicted target weights were halved!!

Winner on the day was Kevin Wilton.  Kev fished a 6mtr whip on the the roadside bank, amassing 75 roach, with the rest made up of skimmers and a couple of big perch, giving him a 16lb 9oz total.

Top 5
1st   Kevin Wilton16lb 9oz
2nd  Dean Vickery 14lb 9oz
3rd  Simon Poynter 14lb
4th Wayne Mitchell 7lb 5oz
5th  Norman Martin 7lb

North Devon Tackle Club – Lower Slade

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A good turnout, with some new faces for the first match of North Devon Tackle Clubs New Year

Winner on the day was current Club Champion Kevin Wilton who fished a 6mtr whip all day catching roach, skimmers for a brilliant 22lb 3oz total

Top 5: Kevin Wilton 22lb 3oz
Simon Poynter 15lb 3oz
Mick Seaward 9lb 9oz
Stephen Barrell 8lb
Norman Martin 7lb 10oz

Well done to Barry Lee on landing a double figure pike, shame they don’t count, as he did well to land it on his roach gear!! Huge well done to Mick Seaward on coming 3rd.

Lower Slade Pike

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Richard Ball braved the weather at Lower Slade to do a bit of pike fishing and caught a stunning 12lb pike caught on frozen roach.

Anglers fishing for pike are reminded that they must use a wire trace and carry suitable long nosed forceps for un-hooking, an un-hooking mat and a 42″ landing net.