North Devon Match Group Winter League No. 1 @ Wooda Fishery

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North Devon Match Group Winter League No. 1 @ Wooda Fishery


1st Paul Morris 73lb 14oz

2nd Colin Cherrington 53lb 10oz

3rd Kevin Shears 47lb 14oz

4th Shaun Stenton  44lb 6oz

5th Damian Lawrence39lb 15oz

6th Ian Croxton 31lb 0oz

7th Wayne Murton 30 lb 6 oz

8th  Chris Morris 29lb 8oz

9th  Keith Copland 29lb 1oz

16 fished, Paul Morris has begun the Winter League campaign with a resounding victory on peg 2 ,the reed beds on lake 3 , he has fished the short pole with pellets , and switched to shallow occasionally.2nd place went to Colin on peg 9 beside the inlet on pool 4 , again a short pole job. Kevin’s 3rd place was on peg 3 on pool 3. Conditions were breezy but dry, and Wooda Fishery again produced a good match.

Bude Canal Angling Club v North Devon Match Group 2nd leg @ Bude Canal .

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Bude Canal Angler Club v North Devon Match Group 2nd leg @ Bude Canal .

Bude take victory 164 points to 136. Overall 321 to 276. Despite filling the top 3 individual places NDMG lost their away leg on a very windy canal,  Chris Morris sat on peg 19 on the bottom basin and landed a 15lb 2oz net of bream on the groundbait feeder for victory, 2nd John Lisle ,on the top basin , 13lb 8oz including a 10lb carp , 3rd spot also on the top basin was Kevin Shears with a pole caught 8lb 10oz . Top Bude rod Mark Gratton 8lb 6oz peg 16, Well done Bude a thoughly well deserved victory. Thanks Simon John Allen  and the Brendon Arms .

North Devon Match Group Summer League. No 6 @ Lakeview Morchard Road Results :

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North Devon Match Group Summer League. No 6 @ Lakeview Morchard Road Results :

1st Neilsen Jeffery 100lb 10oz

2nd Simon Maunder 86lb 10oz

3rd Wayne Murton 72lb 8oz

4th John Lisle 69lb 5oz

5th John Bailey 59lb 9oz

 Neilsen Jeffery drew end peg on the main road side and caught steadily in the margins on a short pole using banded pellets. Simon Maunder drew on peg 1on the first point and also caught on the pole with pellets.  Wayne Murton’s third place was a 30 fish net on the long pole. Conditions were bright with a North Westerly breeze.  Paul Elworthy has won the Summer League with 120 points.

North Devon Match Group Championship No7 @ Jennett’s Reservoir

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1st Simon Maunder 49lb 12oz

2nd Nielsen Jeffery 42lb 1oz

3rd Pete Slade 39lb 5oz

4th Martin Turner 34lb 5oz

5th  John Lacy 27lb 11oz

6th James Grogan 24lb 1oz

14 fished , Simon Maunder drew peg 2 on the point and fished a short pole shallow using dead reds he has fed groundbait corn and maggots to win today with a terrific weight of bream and roach. Neilsen Jeffery was drawn on the first bank on peg 12 he also fished shallow but on a whip for net of 200 plus roach and skimmers for second. Third place went to Pete Slade on peg 14 fishing full depth for 300 plus fish.

NDMG, Summer league No.3 @ Highampton Lakes,

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 NDMG, Summer league No.3 @ Highampton Lakes,

1st Stephen Craker 91lb 10oz

2nd Pete Slade 45lb

3rd John Lisle 43lb 2oz

4th Bruce Hunt  42lb 9oz

5th Martin Turner 38lb 12oz

11 fished, conditions were hot and Stephen Craker  dominated the match on peg 10 he has fished a method feeder out to the island , and also landed some big fish in the margins. Stephen has supported our club since he moved down 18 months ago, well done on his first win ,. 2nd spot went to Pete who fished similarly on peg 9 ,just pipping John on peg 6. Bruce’s first trip to the venue resulted in 4th place.

North Devon Match Group Latest

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Results North Devon Match Group Championship No.6 Oaktree Fishery

1st Paul Morris 77lb 15oz

2nd Stuart Shelley Burridge  61lb 13oz

3rd Keith Copland 59lb 9oz

4th John Lacy 46lb 8oz

5th Kevin Shears   40lb 7oz

6th Pete Slade 37lb 6oz

16 anglers fished this event held in damp windy conditions, both lakes were used and the top 4 weights all came from the top pond , In form Paul Morris fished the long pole shallow with 8mm pellets and 6mm down the edge on peg 9 for clear victory, Stuart Shelley Burridge landed a good net of carp on the next peg using method feeder and pole in the margins for 2nd spot .Keith Copland came in third with a similar catch from middle of the dam on peg 2, Johns catch was enough 4th , a paste catch of skimmers and carp.Top weight on the bottom pond and 5th overall was Kevin’s catch on soft pellet, Pete’s net fell to dobbed bread.

North Devon Match Group – Melbury

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North Devon Match Group Summer League No.3 @ Melbury Reservoir

1st  Paul Elworthy 50lb 12oz

2nd  Stuart Shelley Burridge 22lb 2oz

3rd Kevin Shears  21lb 2oz

4th Colin Cherrington 20lb 6oz

5th Pete Slade 20lb 5oz

6th Mark Richards 18lb 5oz

14 anglers took part in the event ,,conditions were mild and wet, good nets of both skimmer bream and quality roach featured from all around the lake. Veteran Paul Elworthy took full advantage of a reasonable draw to completely dominate the match with a faultless display of feeder fishing from peg 1 , 2nd spot was more closely fought , Pauls travelling partner Stuart Shelley  took it with another feeder catch from peg 10 by the hole in the wall. Kevin came in third next peg to the winner also with a feeder catch. .Colin’s 4th place is worthy of a mention from peg 9 ,not normally in the draw bag, and his 1st visit to the venue .

North Devon Match Group versus Bude Canal Angling Club @ Killock Fishery Results

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May 26th  results : North Devon Match Group versus Bude Canal Angling Club @ Killock Fishery


1st Simon John Allen  Bude 60lb 12oz

2nd Ian Gray  Bude 38lb 2oz

3rd Colin Cherrington  NDMG 36lb 14oz

4th Neilsen Jeffery NDMG 33lb 14oz

5th Steve Whitehouse Bude 29lb 1oz

6th Kevin Hill 21lb 7oz ,

The first leg of our annual interclub was contested on 2 of the lakes at Killock Farm. A hearty breakfast was served in the Atlantic Highway Cafe, before the two teams of 12 braved the 5 hours of misty rain .Bude team captain Simon John Allen led his team to a well fought victory, 157 points to 143 . Simon took the individual honours with a great catch on the pole on the bottom pool. Ian also of Bude, took best weight on the top lake and second in the match on the method feeder. Top weight for North Devon and third in the match was Colin with a pole caught net on peg 16 ,on meat. The cafe also served up a fine after match spread , a good day was had by all ,we look forward to our return match on the canal.

North Devon Match Group Championship No.5 @ Killock Lakes

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1st  Neilsen Jeffery 64lb 5oz

2nd Colin Cherrington 49lb 11oz

3rd Pete Slade 40lb 9oz

4th Paul Elworthy 38lb 0oz

5th Kevin Shears 34lb 0oz

6th Stephen Craker 25lb 2oz

17 anglers took part in this event, held in hot still conditions Neilsen Jeffery has extended his lead in the championship with another fine performance on the pole from peg 17, he netted 15 carp on corn for clear victory ,Colin Cherrington’s first visit to the venue was rewarded with a 12 fish catch from the margins of peg 4 for 2nd spot. 3rd place went to in form Pete Slade with another pole caught carp net.

Next week the North Devon Match Group Fish the first leg of their annual inter-club match against Bude Canal Anglers on the same venue.

North Devon Match Group – Result Upper Tamar

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North Devon Match Group Summer League No. 2 @ Upper Tamar Devon Bank Results

1st Pete Slade 30lb 5oz

2nd Paul Elworthy 30lb 4oz

3rd Martin Crouch 24lb 14oz

4th Shaun Stenton  20lb 8oz

5th Tom Downing 18lb 7oz

6th Chris Morris 17lb 9oz

7th Ian Cosmic Croxton 15ib 11oz

8th  Andy Seery 13lb 13oz

18 members of the North Devon Match Group gathered on the banks of the South West Lakes Trust Upper Tamar Lake to fish their 2nd summer League match ,Conditions, although bright, wererather chilly in the NNW breeze. Pete drew end peg down the Devon arm and fished at 5metres to amass 250 mainly roach he has fed 2 pints of casters and similar amount of hempseed plus the odd nugget of groundbait for victory, just beating Paul, by 1oz ! Paul has drawn to the right of the gorse bush and fish his favoured Micros and corn feeder approach for a nice net of better skimmers, Third spot went to Martin next peg to Pete using similar tactics.Section winners were Chris Morris and Shaun Stenton both adopted feeder tactics.