North Devon Match Group @ Oaktree

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Thanks for the report from John Forster
Oaktree South Molton ,
The weather was forecast unsettled , and sure enough it was raining lol
However with 13 fishing it was going to be enjoyable with 3 sections and a winner ,so after everything is sorted 1 person couldnt make it ,so rethink lol easy enough to do and 12 of us when into the bag,
the morning was very slow for me as was the whole day and for a few others ,this is the 3rd match that has been like this and the question has to be asked ?
but here are the results.
Lake Winner
Nathan Underwood 44lb 1oz
Section winners
Section 1
Christopher Morris 40lb 10oz
Section 2
Graham Currington 42lb14oz

North Devon Match Group Result

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Many thanks to Tom Downing for his excellent report from the North Devon Match Group.
Eighteen of us ventured up the M5 to Durleigh Reservoir near Bridgewater. Upon arrival it was overcast with a slight ripple… Perfect Bream weather and spirits were high! There was plenty of fish caught all over with all anglers in attendance having an enjoyable days fishing! Even if the weather took a turn for the worse with a couple hours left with the wind picking right up and the heavens emptying slowing the sport down some what!
Winner on the day was Mathew Sampson from peg 16 with 90-03 caught on the cage feeder and a method later on at 40 m
2nd on the day was Tom Downing from peg 17 with 79-11 all caught on a hybrid feeder at 60m
3rd on the day was Keith Mountjoy 18 with 54-03 on a cage feeder at 55m.
Section winners were Dave Walton 54-01
And Ian Croxton (wants to catch Bream sing along out now) with 48-04!
Clear by the results that the pegs closer to the shallows were better but plenty of fish caught along the whole Bank! Certainly a venue we will be looking and booking again in the future! Next match is jennets Reservoir on the 18th!

Stafford Moor – League Match

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North Devon Winter/Summer League Summer League match 2 was on Saturday and fished on Woodys and Tanners at the the prolific Stafford Moor Fishery the competitors give  thanks to Jo and Paul for their superb  hospitality.
The match was fished in cloudy but warm weather.
Mark Layzell peg 3 225lb 11oz
Steve Ford peg 222lb 6oz
Section Winners
section 1 Nigel Rhodes 166lb 1oz
section 2 Jeb Atwood 99lb 1oz
section 3 Mark Hayman 221lb 5oz
section 1 Colin Horwood 122lb 8oz
section 2 Chris Davis 150lb 14oz
section3 Mark Taylor 148lb 9oz
Top 10 in the league to date after 2 matches
1 Mark Layzell 2 pts 354lb 11oz
2 Chris Davis 5 pts 289lb 4oz
3 Nigel Rhodes 6 pts 318lb 9oz
4 Mark Cullerton 7 pts 342lb
5 Sam Powell 7pts 277lb 14oz
6 Ben Evenden 8pts 310lb 4oz
7 Colin Horwood 8pts 212lb 4oz
8 Steve Ford 9pts 309lb 14oz
9 Mark Taylor 9pts 234lb 13oz
10 Kevin Wells 11pts 184lb 13oz

North Devon Match Group Versus Bideford AC Report from John Forster

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North Devon Match Group Versus Bideford AC Report from John Forster
 At the mega Stafford Moor Fishery Friends we had the first interclub against Bideford AC
With the Draw being done with Bideford choosing the bag with even numbers and the 2 lakes being used being Willow and Woodpecker of we went ,i drew peg 1 on Woodpecker which is a bit of a hit and miss peg , however i liked the look of it and hoped for the best
as the match progressed there was a fair bit of banter flying between the carp boys who we re also fishing a match on the speci lake actually really nice guy ,
i had set up 3 pole lines and a hybrid line and started on the method hitting 2 in the first 15 minutes ,
The pole lines were very quiet so back onto the tip this was the story all the way through the match
I would liketo say a big thanks To Martin Turner for sorting this for Bideford
To Jo and Paul for all the work they put into making Stafford one of if not the best Fishery in the UK ,
But at the end of the day NDMG 200 PTS BIDEFORD 151 POINTS
at the end i weighed in 112lb 03 to win the section and Nathan Underwood had 133.07 to win the Lake ,
Lake Winner
Woodpecker Nathan Underwood 133.07
Willow Paul Morris 112.00
Section Winners
John Forster 112.03
Phil Bailey 127.05
Christopher Morris 94,07
Martin Turner 76.12

North Devon Match Group Result -Oaktree

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North Devon Match Group fished Oaktree Lakes at South Molton with both top and bottom lakes in. Thanks to club secretary John Forster for his report.
Top Lake
1st Tom Downing 52lb5oz
2nd Peter Horton West 41lb 15oz
3rd Les Polden 30lb 1 oz
sorry no photos of this lake as no one sent me any and my phone had given up working lol
Bottom Lake
1st Chris Morris 66lb 06oz
2nd John Lisle 39lb 04oz
3rd Kevin Shears 29lb 09oz
A good Win For Chris and a pleasant day all round
Next ione up is the 16th May at the brilliant Goodiford Mill

North Devon Match Group Winter League No. 4

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North Devon Match Group Winter League No. 4 Wooda Lakes Results:
1st Shaun Stenton 68-14,

2nd Craig Crash Lamey 48-07,
3rd Colin Cherrington 47-08,
4th Tom Downing 45-15,
5th Nathan Underwood 45-11,
6th Paul Morris 45-07,
7th Chris Morris 45-00
8th Stephen Craker 26-08.
Today’s match was held at the ever popular wooda Lakes complex with 24 anglers in attendance. With all of the lakes frozen over in the lead up to the match, fishing was always going to be a bit tricky for some. Nathan kindly went out and broke the ice on most of the pegs on the first couple of lakes the day before to make it a little easier to sort this morning so a big thankyou to him! A milder night Lastnight helped thaw a lot of the ice but a few pegs remained covered to break in the morning. Top spot on the day was Shaun who fished a really tidy match on peg 17 lake 4 on the long pole around the island. Fishing bread, corn and maggots over micros. 2nd was Craig from peg 15 on lake 3 fishing maggots to the back of the lillly bed and 3rd overall was Colin, also on lake 3 peg8 fishing 8mm soft pellets down to the stick ups. Lake 1, unfortunately fished the harder of the 3 but winning the lake was ian gray from peg 1with 21-08.

North Devon Match Group Championship match No. 12 Wooda Lakes Results:

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1st Keith Mountjoy 55lb 3oz
2nd Nathan Underwood 46lb 11oz,
3rd Tom Downing 41lb
4th Kevin shears  34lb 2oz ,
5th Andrew Gratton 30lb 9oz,
6th Chris Morris 29lb 2oz
7th Peter Horton-West 26lb 10oz
8th Ian Croxton 24lb 3oz
Todays match was the final round of the Championship and clubs calendar year held at Wooda Lakes near Holsworthy and with the draw being done on the Friday before the match, the banter was in full flow whilst tucking into the bacon baps that Stuart Sharp always has ready for us! The weather leading up to the match certainly hadn’t helped the fishing with lots of rain over the last 48 hours but still plenty of fish caught to make for a good match all round. Keith took top spot on the day with a winning weight of 55-03 from lake 4 peg 22. Keith caught at 16 meters on the pole to the island feeding 6mm pellets and fishing maggots or corn on the hook with the odd fish on the bomb when the wind got up. Nathans weight of 46-11 also from lake 4 on peg 16, was good enough to take second overall. Nath’ has caught mainly down the edge on corn with a few down the middle on paste. Toms weight of 41lb was good enough to take 3rd overall and the top weight from lake 3 on peg 12 and caught mainly down the left hand edge on corn over micros. Top weight on lake one was from Andy Gratton on peg 6 with 30-09 respectively! A tricky day for a few but plenty of bites all round and I think we got away with the weather all things considered.
The final standings of the Championship are as follows;
1st Tom Downing 240points
2nd Martin Turner 140 points
3rd Nathan Underwood 120 points
And there we have it, a bit of disruptive year with a few matches cancelled due to Covid but lets hope the next one is a little more back to ‘normal’ . Have a good Christmas, stay safe and see you in January!

North Devon Match Group Winter League No. 2 Oaktree Fishery Results:

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North Devon Match Group Winter League No. 2 Oaktree Fishery Results:

1st Paul Elworthy 49lb 5oz

2nd Nathan Underwood 32lb 1oz

3rd Martin Turner 30lb 6oz

4th Paul Morris 27lb 6oz

5th Kevin Shears 24lb 7oz

6th Colin Cherrington 23lb 6oz

7th Steve Ashton 20lb 1oz

8th John Lisle 18lb 6oz .

16 anglers fished, Paul’s winning net of carp fell to red maggot on the pole from peg 12 on the bottom pond , Nathans second place was also from the bottom pond, peg 15. The next 4 weights came from the top ,Martin’s 6 carp net on peg 7 gave him 3rd place, the forecast conditions did not materialize, and a pleasant mild autumnal day was enjoyed. As the whole country moves back into full lock down this competition might be the last for some time.

North Devon Match Group Winter League No.1 Wooda lakes ; Results

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North Devon Match Group Winter League No.1 Wooda lakes ; Results

1st Martin Turner 61lb 13oz

2nd Tim Brown 58lb 9oz

3rd Bruce Hunt 57lb 8oz

4th Graham Currington 51lb 1oz

5th John Lisle 48lb 2oz

6th Nathan Underwood 47lb 0oz .

Sell out 20 fished in atrocious conditions, constant heavy rain and gale force winds. The slightly more sheltered corner of lake 4 allowed winner , Martin to present corn and red maggot over micros in the margins. Second place Tim , fished the feeder to the island also on lake 4 , third spot and best weight on lake 3 was Tiverton’s Bruce Hunt.

Bude Canal Angling Club v North Devon Match Group . Bude Canal Overall

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Bude Canal Angling Club v North Devon Match Group . Bude Canal Overall

1st  Adrian Hill 13lb 2oz

2nd Simon John Allen 10lb 8oz

3rd John Forster 10lb 3oz

4th  Stuartshelley Burridge 10lb

5th Ryan Wiltshire 8lb 2oz

6th Nathan Underwood 5lb 6oz

7th Christopher Morris 5lb 2oz

8th David Allen 4lb

Many thank’s again to Martin Turner for his weekly Match Fishing Reports.

24 fished, BCAC 163:5 NDMG 136:5 Brisk northerly breeze and bright conditions proved challenging for most but the Bude anglers adapted best and came out deserved winners. Top weight on the day went to Arnie on the bottom basin his catch of skimmers fell to bread on the feeder, Bude’s captain ,Simon put on a master class on the long pole for 2nd place, top weight for NDMG was John 3rd overall on the bottom basin. Thanks to Bude for hosting the event and we hope to hold the return leg on Tamar Lake in October.