Specimen Conger – Autumn Nights

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At the end of October the clocks go back signalling the true start of late Autumn and the impending onset of winter.  This is prime time for shore anglers seeking large predatory species from the Bristol Channel. Combe Martin SAC member Shane Pavio Hookway has enjoyed success targetting conger landing a conger of 19lb 15oz from a rock mark. He also joined Bristol Channel Angling Guide Jansen Teakle to beach a fine eel of 19lb 12oz.


Specimen spurdog, conger and huss in CMSAC Competition

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Aaron Brooker 13lb 15oz spurdog

Aaron Brooker took the top two places Combe Martin SAC’s week long Blow Away the Excess competition. A fine specimen spurdog of 13lb 15oz taking first and a 23lb 11oz conger taking the runner up spot. Shane Pavio Hookway was third with a specimen bull buss of 11lb 3oz.


Aaron Brooker conger 23lb 11oz


Shane Pavio Hookway – bull huss 11lb 3oz

Big Conger for CMSAC member David Brooke

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            Combe Martin Sea Angling Club member David Brooke fished a North Devon rock mark to tempt a fine specimen conger scaling 26lb 10oz. Large conger are to be expected over the winter months and can turn up at many marks and are often the source of tales of the one that got away. Strong tackle is required to give a good chance of securing these powerful fish that often dwell in the snaggiest of lairs. Whilst conger of over forty pounds have been landed from the North Devon shoreline larger specimens of over fifty pounds undoubtedly exist and offer a significant challenge to the shore angler.

Anglers fishing during the winter months require top quality waterproof clothing to ensure that can enjoy their long vigils beside the murky surging waters of the Bristol Channel. Local company Chillcheaters based in Braunton provide outstanding quality clothing that I have been using for several seasons.