North Devon Match Group Championship No 8 Melbury Reservoir Results

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Many thanks once again to Martin Turner for his latest report from the North Devon match Group.

1st Martin Turner  38lb 1oz

2nd John Lisle 35lb 1oz

3rd Paul Elworthy 29lb 10oz

4th Neilsen Jeffery  26lb 7oz

5th Stuartshelly Burridge 13lb 11oz .

Conditions proved to be challenging for the 12 competitors, driving rain made fishing uncomfortable, despite this some good nets were taken. Martin came out tops with a net of sizeable skimmer ,roach and hybrids from peg 4 on the roadside. He took most of his fish on caster on the long pole over hemp and groundbait in 15ft of water. John took 2nd spot with a feeder caught net from peg 12 on the grass bank at the end of the dam. Johns, mainly skimmer net, fell to pellets and corn. Paul had a slow start on peg 3 but eventually caught 20 skimmers plus some big eels on the cage feeder on maggot for third just pipping Neilsen who’s 4th place on the windswept dam peg 10 of also included a large eel and some lovely rudd.

North Devon Match Group Summer League No. 5

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 Horwood Lakes

1st Neilsen Jeffery 85lb 8oz

2nd John Lisle 64lb 2oz

3rd John Forster 34lb 3oz

4th  Paul Ware 24lb

5th  Paul Elworthy 23lb.

The great weather continues and the latest round of the summer league was fished on the 2 carp lakes at Horwood , in hot conditions. Neilsen Jeffery has caught a great net from peg 5 ,mostly on the pole on paste over hemp , John Lisle  ,on the next peg, also used paste for his second placed bag. Third placed John Forster was also on the favoured early pegs on the first lake. On the top lake, travelling partners Paul Ware  and Paul Elworthy fought a close match for 4th and 5th, separated by a mere pound after 6 hours.

North Devon Match Group Summer League No 4 Results

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1st Neilsen Jeffery 43lb

2nd John Bailey 41lb 4oz

3rd  Paul Elworthy 40lb 4oz

4th  Martin Turner 29lb 4oz

5th Paul Ware26lb 8oz.

Jennetts Resevoir was the venue for our 4th summer league event. Neilsen amassed a superb net of red fins on the whip on caster at half depth from peg 1 to win , at the other end of the venue ,in the shallow pegs John landed a 10lb carp on the pole after an hour then added another 30lbs of silvers to take second, , Paul chose to fish the waggler with corn over groundbait and also had a fantastic 40lb net ,this time of bream for 3rd spot. The forecast, much needed rain fell for most of the day but cleared for our weigh in .

North Devon Match Group Championship No.6 Upper Tamar Lake

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1st Paul Elworthy 40lb 4oz

2nd Christopher Morris  36lb 8oz

3rd Neilsen Jeffery 36lb 0oz

4th Nathan Underwood 26lb 10oz

5th Pete Slade 21lb 0oz .

The predicted 80% chance of rain proved to be correct and the 13 competitors in round 6 of the NDMG Championship got a good soaking! Paul stuck to his favoured tactic of groundbait feeder with sweetcorn, pegged on the pink buoy,for the winning net of bream and skimmers, Christopher used similar tactics,with maggot, from the peg on the gorse bush . Neilsen pushed close with his pole fished net of roach from the Devon arm .Nathan won the next peg battle with team mate Pete , they finished 5th and 6th with nets of skimmers caught on the pole .

NDMG Summer league No.3 Results

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1st Neilsen Jeffery 83lb 6oz

2nd Kevin Shears 56lb 14oz

3rd Martin Turner 49lb 8oz

4th Michael Blake 40lb 12oz

5th Andy Gray 37lb 8oz

6th Ian Owen 26lb 14oz .

Very hot conditions made for tricky fishing on Oaktree top pond for the 15 competitors, Neilsen Jeffery found some feeding margin specimens on peg 9. Kevin also caught some big carp in close on the pole from peg 3 in the middle of the dam. Martin Turner drew peg 17 and caught late in the match on a long pole shallow with pellets. Michael Blake caught on the pole and tip for 4th place.

NDMG v Bude Canal Anglers

Many thanks for the below report from Martin Turner

NDMG v Bude Canal Anglers

. Individual Results

1st Simon John Allen 34lb 4oz

2nd Andy Gray 29lb 6oz

3rd Kevin Shears 27lb 4oz

4th Paul Morris  26lb 14oz

5th Paul Ware  26lb 10oz .

North Devon Match Group hosted the first leg of our annual inter club event on Killock Lakes , the 12 a side match was fished in hot humid conditions which led to a close match. Pole fishing dominated with Simon John Allen coming out on top for Bude Anglers, but this sterling performance by their captain was not enough to prevent NDMG from winning on the day 164 points to 136 , over 350lb of fish were landed, and we all look forward to the return leg in September, thanks to all competitors and Killock Farm Shop for breakfasts and after match snack.

North Devon Match Group Championship No 5 Killock Lakes. Results

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North Devon Match Group Championship No 5 Killock Lakes. Results

1st Neilsen Jeffery 77lb 14oz

2nd Kevin Shears 47lb 5oz

3rd John Lisle 40lb 5oz

4th Christopher Morris 28lb 12oz

5th John Forster 27lb 2oz .

North Devon Match Group  members fished the prolific Killock lake in warm dry conditions , the carp were more interested in spawning than feeding , despite this Neilsen was able to catch steadily on corn on the pole for a convincing win. Second spot was Kevin who used similar tactics and John’s third placed bag fell to paste also on the pole.Next week this venue is being used for the first leg of our annual interclub event against Bude Canal Anglers.

North Devon Match Group – Melbury Reservoir Summer League No 2

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1st John Lacy 8lb

2nd John Lisle 5lb 1oz

3rd John Bailey 4lb

4th Christopher Morris 2lb 14oz

Beautiful hot still weather greeted NDMG members for the second summer league match, bites were at a premium on the day and John Lacey took top spot on peg 1 on the dam, he fished on a small groundbait feeder with red maggot bait at close range for a net of good roach ,second placed John Lisle had 4 nice skimmers on the tip on worm from peg 6,John Bailey caught 8 roach on the waggler for 3rd.

North Devon Match Group Winter League No.5 Oaktree Fishery Results

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Many Thanks to Martin Turner for the Fortnightly NDMG Report

1st Kevin Shears 55lb 8oz

2nd John Lacy 43lb 2oz

3rd John Forster 34lb 6oz

4th Nathan Underwood 31lb 4oz

5th Martin Turner  24lb

6th John Lisle 22lb 8oz .,

20 anglers turn up on a very cold but  dry day, in the vain hope of beating Kevin .He drew peg 17 on the top  lake and once again   showed us all how its done !! Kevin fished the  pole with maggot for an all carp net, John Lacy also on the top lake caught his net of carp on sweetcorn on the pole, Top weight of the 10 anglers on the bottom pool was John Forster with a pole catch of small carp on ,corn and maggot. from unfancied peg 11, Nathan Underwood was on peg 7 on the bottom lake and took 4th spot with some nice carp on the pole ,all on red maggot.

NDMG Championship No12 and Christmas competition

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 Once again many thanks to Martin Turner for his excellent and much appreciated reports from North Devon Match Group.

North Devon Match Groups Christmas Competition was held at Oaktree top and bottom lakes.

1st Kevin Shears 70lb 2oz

2nd Neilsen Jeffery 52lb 8oz

3rd Paul Elworthy 49lb 3oz

4th Peter Slade  39lb 6oz

5th Keith Copland 34lb 13oz

6th Phil Watters 29lb 5oz.

15 anglers turned up for our final match of the year , Kevin continued his tremendous form with a convincing victory from the outlet peg on the bottom pond his all carp catch fell to maggot over micros , Neilsen drew on the top lake and his with corn on the pole for 2nd spot ,which also ensured that he wins Matchman of the Year , Paul’s 3rd place catch from the bottom lake means that he finished 2nd in the Championship.Despite the damp blustery conditions most people managed a few fish and all left with a prize, Thanks to everyone for attending the matches this year ,Happy , Christmas and lets do it all again next year, may your elastics stretch far!!