North Devon Match Group Final Championship and Christmas Competition @ Oaktree Fishery

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1st Paul Elworthy 42lb 4oz

2nd Paul Morris  39lb 13oz

3rd Neilsen Jeffery 35lb 15oz

4th Stuartshelley Burridge  32lb 1oz

5th  James Grogan 31lb 5oz

6th Dave Dodgy Hooks 30lb 6oz

22 members fished our final comp of the year , 11 on each pond. Conditions were still and cold to start but deteriorated into rain. Paul Elworthy drew on peg 2 in the middle of the dam on the top pool his first fish was a near double on paste on the pole , he added 6 more and crucially 7lb of sivers to secure a victory , Paul Morris was on peg 15 on the bottom lake he also landed a large carp early he went on to net 9 fish, all on the pole, for 2nd place. 3rd went to Neilsen Jeffery with a pole and corn approach on peg 9 , The first competition for the new year kicks off on Jan 6th 2019 on Morchard Road.

North Devon Match Group Winter League No 3 @ Oaktree Fishery Results

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North Devon Match Group Winter League No 3 @ Oaktree Fishery Results

1st Kevin Shears 41lb 8oz

2nd Tom Downing 38lb 5oz

3rd  John Forster  25lb 11oz

4th Ken Cocks    25lb 8oz

5th Martin Turner 24lb 14oz

6th  Stuartshelley Burridge 20lb 4oz

The 20 anglers that attended this event were pegged on both top and bottom ponds . The fishing proved tricky in the wet blustery conditions, Kevin has once again come out on top with a 7 fish catch, from an un-fancied peg on the top pond dam ,to pole and corn . Tom Downing has drawn on the bottom on peg 19 and landed a similar catch on feeder and pole for 2nd. John Forster fished the feeder on peg 7 casting to the island for 3rd. 4th spot was Ken Cocks also on the top pond on peg 7.

North Devon Match Group Championship No.11 @ Stafford Moor.

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North Devon Match Group Championship No.11 @ Stafford Moor.


1st Kevin Shears 54lb 13oz

2nd Dave Downton 48lb 3oz

3rd Paul Morris 44lb 9oz

4th Martin Turner 41lb 11oz

5th Peter Slade 41lb 7oz

6th John Forster 41lb 3oz

7th Simon John Allen 40lb 6oz

8th John Bailey 33lb 8oz

31 anglers fished. Cold bright frosty conditions did not deter the venues carp from feeding in, what turned out to be a closely fought contest.The match was one of the best attended that we have organised . Kevin Shears won the event from unfancied peg 19 on Oak lake with an 18 fish net taken on the bomb and bread.Venue regular Dave landed 9 larger fish on the method feeder and maggot from peg 14 on Woodies for 2nd. Paul Morris took 3rd spot from peg 16 on Oak with feeder and pole tactics . Martin Turner also on Oak, peg 11 ,managed to secure 4th place with a 16 fish pole and maggot caught net.

North Devon Match Group Championship No. 10 @ Darracott Reservoir

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An impressive win for Tom Downing at Darracott not often there is such a large winning margin! Well done Tom!

1st Tom Downing 20lb 1oz

2nd Martin Crouch 3lb 15oz

3rd Martin Turner 3lb 6oz

4th  Michael Blake 3lb 0oz

5th StuartShelly Burridge 2lb 3oz

16 fished

Tom Downing drew peg 11 in the middle of the dam wall and totally dominated the match with a lovely net of whip caught rudd on maggot. The rest of the field were left in the wake on a cold ,hard, clear venue. Martin Crouch managed to scratch around on the feeder with fluoro pinkies of peg 8 for 2nd , Martin Turner drew opposite on peg 17 and managed a few small roach on a sliding float for 3rd . With very few fish caught on the pole line Michael Blake ,opted for the feeder and despite losing a large carp early , took enough for 4th spot.

North Devon Match Group Winter League No.1 Wooda Fishery

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1st  Neilsen Jeffery 84lb 1oz

2nd Paul Morris 73lb 11oz

3rd  Shaun Stenton 65lb 4oz

4th  Christopher Morris 63lb 8oz

5th Martin Turner 48lb 4oz

6th Mark Richard 45lb 11oz .

15 fished.We used the 2 lower match lakes on the prolific complex and enjoyed a dry still autumnal day. Neilsen Jeffery got his winter league campaign off to a great start with a net of pole caught carp from the roadside bank on the bottom lake , Paul Morris was next peg and landed his 2nd place catch on both method feeder and pole. Shaun Stenton used similar tactics on the first lake for 3rd place  Christopher Morris was 4th from the opposite bank.

Inter-club match Bude Canal Angling Association versus North Devon Match Group

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Inter-club match Bude Canal Angling Association versus North Devon Match Group Results BCAA 140-5 points NDMG 112-5 pts After 2 legs the teams tied on points 276-5, As holders NDMG retain the cup.

Top individuals

1st Christopher Morris  20lb 5oz

2nd  Simon John Allen 15lb 15oz

3rd Martin Turner 11lb

4th Matthew Sampson 9lb 6oz .

Stiff, cold westerly sea breeze made for some tricky fishing conditions, Christopher Morris NDMG fished the tip and waggler on the top basin for a terrific winning weight. 2nd and 3rd places were decided on the bottom basin,where both team captains Simon John Allen  and Martin Turner battled it out on adjoining pegs. Bude’s captain came out on top and helped his team secure a clear victory on the day.

North Devon Match Group Championship No 9 @ Lakeview Morchard Rd.

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North Devon Match Group Championship No 9 @ Lakeview Morchard Rd.


1st Duncan Edwards 82lb

2nd Kevin Shears 63lb 10oz

3rd Neilsen Jeffery 39lb 4oz

4th Paul Elworthy 29lb 10oz

5th Martin Turner 27lb 9oz.

16 anglers fished. Duncan Edwards drew on the unfancied road side bank and had a good start on the pole with paste then switched to a feeder casting between the 2 islands, his winning weight was well clear of 2nd place Kevin Shears who drew on the same bank and fished the pole as did third placed Neilsen Jeffery. Conditions were fairly bright and breezy with a distinct autumnal feel.

North Devon Match Group – Final Match

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Some super nets of small silver fish from Upper Tamar Lake a fine match and specimen fish venue.

The final Summer League on Upper Tamar Cornish Bank.


1st Shaun Stenton  44lb 8oz

2nd Nathan Underwood  38lb 8oz

3rd Chris Morris  31lb 10oz

4th Wayne Mitchell 30lb 12oz

5th Duncan Edwards  30lb 6oz

6th Kevin Shears 30lb 2oz

The 14 anglers who took the long walk up the Cornish bank enjoyed hot still conditions and landed an average of 25lb a man. Shaun Stenton landed 50 odd skimmers on the tip on worm for a convincing victory. Nathan Underwood fished the long pole and long whip with groundbait and worms to land a mixed net including several large perch for 2nd place, Third placed Chris Morris landed a similar net also on pole and whip tactics

The top 3 final summer league positions are Neilsen Jeffery 160pts Martin Turner 115pts Chris Morris 90pts.

North Devon Match Group Championship No 8 Melbury Reservoir Results

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Many thanks once again to Martin Turner for his latest report from the North Devon match Group.

1st Martin Turner  38lb 1oz

2nd John Lisle 35lb 1oz

3rd Paul Elworthy 29lb 10oz

4th Neilsen Jeffery  26lb 7oz

5th Stuartshelly Burridge 13lb 11oz .

Conditions proved to be challenging for the 12 competitors, driving rain made fishing uncomfortable, despite this some good nets were taken. Martin came out tops with a net of sizeable skimmer ,roach and hybrids from peg 4 on the roadside. He took most of his fish on caster on the long pole over hemp and groundbait in 15ft of water. John took 2nd spot with a feeder caught net from peg 12 on the grass bank at the end of the dam. Johns, mainly skimmer net, fell to pellets and corn. Paul had a slow start on peg 3 but eventually caught 20 skimmers plus some big eels on the cage feeder on maggot for third just pipping Neilsen who’s 4th place on the windswept dam peg 10 of also included a large eel and some lovely rudd.

North Devon Match Group Summer League No. 5

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 Horwood Lakes

1st Neilsen Jeffery 85lb 8oz

2nd John Lisle 64lb 2oz

3rd John Forster 34lb 3oz

4th  Paul Ware 24lb

5th  Paul Elworthy 23lb.

The great weather continues and the latest round of the summer league was fished on the 2 carp lakes at Horwood , in hot conditions. Neilsen Jeffery has caught a great net from peg 5 ,mostly on the pole on paste over hemp , John Lisle  ,on the next peg, also used paste for his second placed bag. Third placed John Forster was also on the favoured early pegs on the first lake. On the top lake, travelling partners Paul Ware  and Paul Elworthy fought a close match for 4th and 5th, separated by a mere pound after 6 hours.