Match Fishing Results

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Matt Cross won Bideford Angling Clubs midweek evening match at Tarka Swims with  17lb 8oz. In runner up spot was Keith Mountjoy with 15lb 2oz and third Keith Copland with 15lb 1oz. Fourth was Martin Turner with 13lb 2oz and fifth Adam Wheeler with 13lb 1oz. Most fish were caught using pole and pellet tactics.

North Devon Match Groups Match at Oaktree was won convincingly by Tom Downing with 88lb 14oz. In runner up spot was Nathan Underwood with 42lb 13oz and in third Tim Brown with 40lb 6oz and fourth Martin Turner with 39lb 10oz.

Tom Downing with 88lb 14oz.

The latest Open match at Stafford Moor saw Chris Davis secure victory with an impressive haul of 238lb. In runner up place was Des Shipp with 194lb 11oz and third James Cooper with 182lb 13oz.

Chris Davis secure victory with an impressive haul of 238lb

North Devon Match Group Final Championship and Christmas Competition @ Oaktree Fishery

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1st Paul Elworthy 42lb 4oz

2nd Paul Morris  39lb 13oz

3rd Neilsen Jeffery 35lb 15oz

4th Stuartshelley Burridge  32lb 1oz

5th  James Grogan 31lb 5oz

6th Dave Dodgy Hooks 30lb 6oz

22 members fished our final comp of the year , 11 on each pond. Conditions were still and cold to start but deteriorated into rain. Paul Elworthy drew on peg 2 in the middle of the dam on the top pool his first fish was a near double on paste on the pole , he added 6 more and crucially 7lb of sivers to secure a victory , Paul Morris was on peg 15 on the bottom lake he also landed a large carp early he went on to net 9 fish, all on the pole, for 2nd place. 3rd went to Neilsen Jeffery with a pole and corn approach on peg 9 , The first competition for the new year kicks off on Jan 6th 2019 on Morchard Road.

North Devon Match Group Winter League No 3 @ Oaktree Fishery Results

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North Devon Match Group Winter League No 3 @ Oaktree Fishery Results

1st Kevin Shears 41lb 8oz

2nd Tom Downing 38lb 5oz

3rd  John Forster  25lb 11oz

4th Ken Cocks    25lb 8oz

5th Martin Turner 24lb 14oz

6th  Stuartshelley Burridge 20lb 4oz

The 20 anglers that attended this event were pegged on both top and bottom ponds . The fishing proved tricky in the wet blustery conditions, Kevin has once again come out on top with a 7 fish catch, from an un-fancied peg on the top pond dam ,to pole and corn . Tom Downing has drawn on the bottom on peg 19 and landed a similar catch on feeder and pole for 2nd. John Forster fished the feeder on peg 7 casting to the island for 3rd. 4th spot was Ken Cocks also on the top pond on peg 7.

Fine Perch Brace highlight of Match at Oaktree

Triple Hook Club enjoyed a great day at Oak Tree Fishery with some good bags of carp and other species. Highlight of the day was a fine brace of perch to Dennis Toleman weighing  2lb 2oz and 2lb 1oz.

1st Bruce Williams 29lb 4oz

2nd  Kevin Toleman 27lb 4oz both had carp at 9lbs

3rd  Dennis Toleman 24lb 2oz

Kevin and Rob Hancock both had 24lb bags

NDMG Championship No12 and Christmas competition

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 Once again many thanks to Martin Turner for his excellent and much appreciated reports from North Devon Match Group.

North Devon Match Groups Christmas Competition was held at Oaktree top and bottom lakes.

1st Kevin Shears 70lb 2oz

2nd Neilsen Jeffery 52lb 8oz

3rd Paul Elworthy 49lb 3oz

4th Peter Slade  39lb 6oz

5th Keith Copland 34lb 13oz

6th Phil Watters 29lb 5oz.

15 anglers turned up for our final match of the year , Kevin continued his tremendous form with a convincing victory from the outlet peg on the bottom pond his all carp catch fell to maggot over micros , Neilsen drew on the top lake and his with corn on the pole for 2nd spot ,which also ensured that he wins Matchman of the Year , Paul’s 3rd place catch from the bottom lake means that he finished 2nd in the Championship.Despite the damp blustery conditions most people managed a few fish and all left with a prize, Thanks to everyone for attending the matches this year ,Happy , Christmas and lets do it all again next year, may your elastics stretch far!!

North Devon Match Group Result – Near 100lb despite winter chill

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North Devon Match Group Winter League No.3 Oaktree .

1st Kevin Shears 98lb 7oz

2nd Paul Morris 68lb 8oz

3rd Paul Elworthy 53lb 1oz

4th Richard Ogilvy 37lb

5th John Lisle 36lb 14oz

6th Christopher Morris 35lb 15oz

16 anglers fished the match and both lakes were used , Kevin won the match with a convincing near 100lb on peg 16 on the top lake, Kevin used corn over micros on the long pole, Paul Morris also used corn on the pole but with ground bait on top lake peg 10 . Paul Elworthy continues his good form with the top weight on the bottom pool for 3rd, pole again but maggot over ground bait, Richard made a welcome come back to match fishing, and took 4th spot.. 5th and 6th also came from the top lake.

North Devon Match Group summer league No2 Oaktree top

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NDMG summer league No2 Oaktree top 

1st Paul Morris 63lb 2oz

2nd John Lovell 43lb 5oz

3rd Martin Turner 40lb 2oz

4th Christopher Morris 39lb 15oz

6th John Forster 39lb 1oz

Well done to Paul who fished a very tidy match starting on banded pellet fished shallow on the long pole and later switching to maggot in the margins over groundbait, John fished meat and corn on the pole to finish 2nd ,Martin had 7 carp on meat over hemp for 3rd, Paul Elworthy took the silvers pool with 21lb 1oz of skimmers, conditions were warm and wet, this did not stop half the field landing nets of more than 30lb.

North Devon Match Group Winter League No4 Oaktree Lakes

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1st Andy Gray 56lb 13oz
2nd John Lisle 41lb 3rd
3rd Tom Downing 18lb 9oz
4th James Grogan 17lb 1oz
5th John Lovell 12lb 6oz
6th Ian Owen 10lb 12oz
Martin Turner reports :- Interesting event using both top and bottom lakes , 7 anglers on each, cold easterly conditions ensured that fishing proved quite tough, Andy Gray found a dozen carp willing to take his pole fished maggot on the bottom of the near shelf , John Lisle took second with a similar bag from the margins on the bottom lake, Tom Downings near 20lb of skimmers on the top lake was taken on the long pole.
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North Devon Match Group Christmas competition and final Championship results ;

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1st Andy Gray 43lb 5oz

2nd Paul Ware 30lb 11oz

3rd Andy Brayley 30lb 7oz

4th Martin Turner 29lb 4oz

5th James Grogan 22lb 13oz

Good match , 16 anglers turned out,both top and bottom lakes were used, slight frost and still conditions proved challenging, The winner Andy Gray has caught on pole fished maggot Paul Ware used similar tactics for second ,Final League Table 1st Martin Turner 290pts 2nd Thomas Downing 270pts 3rd Neilsen Jeffery 235pts


15625946_598701003647440_5180716161431744750_o15493711_598704763647064_5675354535397233143_oJohn Forster caught this fine brace of perch totalling 4lb 4oz on red maggot.
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