Carp and catfish at Anglers Eldorado

Shuan Thorne enjoyed a succesful session at  Anglers Paradises El Dorado Carp and Cat lake 2. Shuan banked six  carp in 24 hours including a  29lb 8oz mirror a 26lb common, 19lb 12oz mirror an 11lb fully scaled a 13lb common and 12lb catfish. The venue hold catfish to well over fifty pounds and carp over thirty.

Anglers Paradise

Carp Fishing – Stafford Moor

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BIlly Grant tempted this fine mirror carp  on lodge lake at  30lb 2oz it is a new personal best.

Hi all here is a message just sent from ‘French Dave’ thank you for your kind words  good to see you again
“Back home after another great week at the only venue I fish, why go anywhere else!! I managed to catch 21 carp of which 9 were over 20lbs and the largest were both just over 28lbs a mirror and a common. Prettiest fish of the week a superb looking linear weighing 23lbs and photos below of the linear and the 2 biggest fish. Already looking forward to my next visit before the end of September. I am always made very welcome by Jo, Paul, Millie and Wayne, thank you guys and the way the fishery is maintained is exceptional!!”


Some photos from Matt Wood from his recent session at Upper Tamar:
‘Having never fished Upper Tamar lake before it was a bit daunting to look at an expanse of water like that, just wondering where to start.
After a walk and speaking to a few people I decided to set up on the back of the wind in the “lookout” swim. A lead about confirmed the lake bed was pretty uniform and at 18 wraps I had 6ft of water.
My mate Ben set up next to me and fished slightly closer in and we both put out a good amount of boilies with just simple combi rigs fished over the top.
After 24 hours with no bites it was time to change so out went the solid bags and within a few hours the first fish graced the net at 17lb 8oz and it was a lovely looking common.
Not too long after in the small hours of Sunday morning Ben had his first fish which was a nice looking mirror of 17lb on the nose which he very pleased with considering it was only his 2nd carp he’d ever caught.
A few more hours of getting an absolute soaking from the rain passed and I was into my second fish of the trip which steamed off on a mission. After a bit of a battle I landed a very fit 15lb 12oz mirror.
Both of us can’t wait to get back and have another go, it’s an awesome place and the fish are in really good condition. ‘ #ItsYourOutdoors
John Dowse managed a 3lb Perch and an 18lb 12oz Mirror on a recent trip to Upper Tamar.
Following its introduction in May, we are excited to announce the return of carp fishing at Roadford Lake for September.
Just off the A30, Roadford Lake is a naturally beautiful location perfect for anglers living in both Devon and Cornwall and this unique opportunity should not be missed!
Throughout the month, we’ll be removing carp from the lake for restocking purposes elsewhere, and we ask that all fish caught are placed in the floatation pen situated in the water, where they will be collected each morning.
Carp fishing will only be available in a designated area of the lake and all anglers are advised to bring a pair of waders.


📣 Attention all Anglers 📣
We have been made aware of the launch of a new product known as the ‘Magic Twig.’
Until we have seen this product in the flesh and made a full judgment on it, it is NOT PERMITTED to be used on any of the South West Lakes waters.
This decision has been made with fish safety and welfare in mind, which is one of our upmost priorities. We’re sure the safety aspects have been discussed and considered by the manufacturer during the development stage, but we would like to see the product before we can consider allowing it to be used on our waters.
Thank you for your cooperation.
No photo description available.

Stafford Moor Carp Catches

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The South Westerly winds and unsettled conditions are perfect for carp fishing.

(Above) Dean and Gary banked  25 fish  from the beach swim on Beatties lake glad you both had a fabulous time especially after driving all the way from Kent !

(Above) Pete Lilley who banked 6 fish from Beatties lake including a new pb  stunning 28lb 4oz common.


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Well what a competition it was, a massive thank you to Mainline and John kneebone for sponsoring the event, all the bailiffs for helping with the weighing in and the cafe for the food. And a big thank you to everyone that took part we hope you had a great time.
But there can only be one winner and that was Nathan Bunting and Mike Stemp in peg 27 with 65lb 1oz. claiming the £2000 first prize and also Mike claimed the biggest fish award with a 25lb 6oz common.
2nd place and £1000 went to Paul Thomas and Jason McEvoy in peg 14 with their 3 biggest fish being 54lb 10oz.
3rd place went to the ever consistent Nigel Woods and Rich Ford in peg 32 with 52lb 9oz.
Section Winners
Dean Willoughby and Jason Head in peg 6 claimed secured section 1 winners.
Section 2 needed a draw for section winners and Joe Dietrich and Charlie Fowler won the prize.
Steven Folland and Rob Nicholson claimed section 3.
And finally Darren Walter and Richard Bradley claimed section 4.
All section winners won a 24hr ticket on lower Tamar and a prize from mainline.