Fine Furzebray Brace

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Ashley Moores fished Furzebray’s Island Carp Lake and banked two of the venues most sort after carp. The Mint common at a weight of 34lb 2oz and Star at 42lb. Furzebray has been established as one of the West Countries top carp fisherys.

Plenty of reports of stunning pictures from the prolific Stafford Moor Fishery.

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Plenty of reports of stunning pictures from the prolific Stafford Moor Fishery.

(Below)James Malone and friend Kristen banked 13 fish up to 29lb 14oz which was Rhys new personal best well done Rhys 👍
The guys fished in the summer hut swim on Beatties lake.

What a team! What a superb venue! What an amazing weekend!!!! wrote Matthew Whiteside  after visiting Stafford Moor for a social fishing trip on Beatties Lake.
Vader Baits Elite Team it was awesome to get out bankside with you! We have waited like everyone else to get out and get fishing again!! Stafford Moor Fishery was our first venue! Paul and Jo not only run one of the most beautiful venues in Devon but there attention to detail, their care for their anglers and their care for their lakes is the best I’ve ever seen! Jo was an absolute star over the hard times of trying to rearrange bookings for lots of anglers over this terrible time but she absolutely nailed it !!! I would recommend other fisheries to take note as this is the standard to run your establishment at without a doubt I’m so impressed and Vader Baits will be definitely be running lots more of its events from here!!! With such a superb back drop and so many of us biting at the bit to get on the bank again this felt really special as soon as we got there. The hear was the only thing that was to hamper the fishing a little it was so hot but it was’t long before one of the new Vader young guns was into a really old lovely mirror! Infact Aaron was into the fish before I’d even got my bivvy up, net out or rods made…Adrian Lazarus known as Lazamidi in the Vader ranks stole the show tho! With a little grizzle that he though he may well be in one of the tougher swims turned out he had two of the biggest fish of the event and went on to win the bait package and the very special Vader Baits carp cup 👊
Most of the team managed at least a couple of carp and others having 3 or 4 and unfortunately for a couple of the team it wasnt their day !!! In the end I think we had something like 25 carp over the weekend and in the conditions that was great work from the team and an absolutely awesome event !!! Again thank you team roll on our next social back at Stafford Moor and again massive thanks to Paul and Jo you guys have been brilliant!!!!

Joey Gould  had 21 fish out up to 29lb which is a new pb for Joe from the inlet swim on Beatties lake. All fish were caught on our house pellet and Sticky Baits Krill boilies.

(Below) James Russell who fished on swim 15 (Albert square) and had 4 fish out up to 31lb 12oz

A blank Trip !

During the 1980’s and 90’s I did a fair amount of carp fishing and enjoyed some success catching carp on a regular basis including a few fish over twenty pounds. My carp fishing sorties in the past couple of decades have been few and far between partly due to a perception that carp fishing requires lots of time and a desire to catch other species has taken precedent.

The spectacular catches of carp I report on has to a degree tempted me back to carp fishing albeit on an occasional basis. The complexities of carp fishing are perhaps a bit of a challenge but with modern tackle rigs and baits catching carp is or at least should be easier than it has ever been. I recently fished at Jennett’s reservoir near Bideford with James and arrived full of confidence. The weather had broken and a North West Wind was blowing down the lake after weeks of hot weather and the carp having recently spawned I expected a good result. As did keen and experienced local carp angler Rob Kendal who had already banked one carp before we arrived.

Rob Kendall 17lb 10oz

James and I fished a peg apart maintaining the required social distance, one bait close to the far bank and another in the nearside margin.

The day drifted past James was pleased to catch a couple of bream on the margin rod and enjoyed chatting with his mate from the cricket club fishing in the next peg along.

Rob Kendall added another carp but was surprised at the lack of action considering the conditions. We made a few brews with the Kelly Kettle and cooked up some sausages. The day drifted past and we took in the surroundings, watched the squirrels and birds going about their daily routines.

James decided to leave mid afternoon and catch up with a few jobs at home. Ever optimistic I stayed on spurred on by the sight of carp rolling close to where I had put my baits. Any time I expected those bobbins to lift and the Delkim to bleep its warning. As the light began to fade I decided to head for home and packed away everything except the rods. As I turned to reel in the rod tip nodded and I pick up the rod hopeful of a last minute carp. it was a bream of around 2lb. I left with lots of questions in my head and doubting my ability to catch carp. I think I will have to invest a little more of that time soon.

Lower Tamar Lake

At 35 acres in size Lower Tamar is a day ticket only water. But if great fishing and beautiful surroundings is what you’re looking for it could be the place for you. With carp to 40lb, bream to 14lb, Tench to 7lb, perch to 4lb and roach to 3lb it offers excellent sport for everyone. Bags of 50lb+ are common to pole, feeder or float tactics. There are multiple bream over 10lbs.
Species: Carp, Bream, Rudd, Roach, Tench, Perch and Eels
Fishing Times: Open all year, 24 hours a day
Day Permits: Available at Upper Tamar Lake or online at
Contact: 01566 771930

Stunning Lower Tamar Carp

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Lower Tamar – Well done to Steve Owen who between him and his friend Matt they had 11 runs with this 24lb 2oz common being the best of the bunch and the smallest 14lb. They Also had several big bream!

(Below) Thomas ‘Rushers’ Rushby & Harry ‘HBomb’ Collins had a productive few days  on the glorious Lower Tamar Reservoir in Devon.

The pair ended on 10 fish between them with a couple of unfortunate loses aswell. Tactics wise the boys put their faith in Sticky Baits Krill boilies fished alongside  Lakebed Leads products.