Carp and Pike from South West lakes

(Below)Aaron Bunning has this lovely 19.12 mirror from Upper Tamar recently. His first carp of 2020. Nash baits scopex squid boilies as always for Aaron.

(Below) Barry Lee has this cracking 14.10 common from lower Tamar over the weekend in pretty cold conditions. Barry cast to showing fish at 120 yards range and caught on a tiny popup and stick bag.

(Below) Toby Bassett with a double figure pike from Slade Reservoir.


Jennetts will be re-open on Saturday 18 January. SWLT thank all for their patience and understanding during the closure. The fishery is open from 6:30am to 10pm. Permit agents are listed on our website or you can buy them online through our website
“There is expectation for some fantastic fishing now with some very hungry fish! Good luck everyone”. says Ben Smeeth, Head of Angling.

ANGLERS PARADISE _ Raises thousands more for good causes!

Anglers Paradise are delighted to share with you that from a year’s fundraising at Anglers Paradise with Raffles, Quizzes and Netting Events we have raised over £7000 and have given to the following Charities –

Over and Above – Cardiology supporting the Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust, Air Ambulance, Active Halwill, Emergency Volunteer Drs, Halwill Primary School and the Okehampton St.Boniface Church. We are very thankful to all our customers that helped us raise this and help so many worthy causes. We look forward to raising more in 2020!!

Stafford Moor Winter carp

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(Below)Corey Troy Harris and friend Jamie fished up on lodge lake on the Dam wall and had banked 4 fish  up to 25lb 8oz all caught on Sticky baits Manilla boilies.

(Below) Harry Burston and friend Aaron Merry banked 4 fish out from the dam wall up on lodge lake . Aaron now has a new pb of 29lb all caught on Sticky baits Manilla boilies.

Trusty Waters have much to offer – Upper Tamar and Melbury producing some stunners.

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It’s been a relatively mild winter so far and this has ensured consistent action with the regions carp. South West Lakes Trust waters have much to offer the keen angler who relishes the slightly wilder feel of these waters that hold some stunning carp. In contrast to many of the smaller commercial lakes anglers have the opportunity to choose their swims and fish without the competition for swims often experienced on popular heavily stocked commercials.

Ryan Willshire banked this 20lb14oz mirror from Upper Tamar in the last 24 hours. Great way to start 2020! Mainline Baits IB boilie over monster particle was the successful combination.

(Below) Lee Watts sent us in this catch report from the last couple of days: ‘Great session on Melbury with Aaron Jones nice way to finish the year with a few crackers, great to see Arron using a new cog lead to great affect at 180 yards! I also managed catching on a new test bait. My two mirrors were 24lb and 19lb and Aaron had 5 fish with 4 low double commons and cracking 13lb mirror!

Stafford Moor – Winter Carp Catches

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Dean Guppy banked four carp to 24lb from Beatties lake up to 24lb all caught on Sticky baits krill boilies.

(Below) Chris Blythe who had 4 fish out from Beatties lake all caught on J H baits , B4 bottom Baits.

(Below) Matt Saint caught a new  personal best of 27lb 3oz from swim 14 on lodge lake  caught on CC Moore live system boilies.


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Graham Kelly has enjoyed a session to remember at Furzebray Carp lakes banking four of Island lakes most sort after fish. Graham banked the carp known as Charlotte at 46lb 14oz, Blackspot at 45lb, Angies Common at 37lb 10oz another carp of 31lb, the big Zip at 28lb and two other twenty pound plus fish.