Big Common Carp Caught Again @ Upper Tamar Lake

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Well done to Tony Welch, rods in the water 10 minutes and 29.02 common on the bank! Amazingly this fish was caught twice yesterday, at the end of the arm in the morning and by the dam last night! Three times this week as it was also caught on the lookout tower on Wednesday! Cracking fish well done Tony and Oliver……essential B5 boilies doing the business as usual…..

Twenty nine pound carp caught twice

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Simon Bennett and Bob Davey have remarkably caught the same common from Upper Tamar this week. Bob was the first to catch it from the Lookout Tower and it weighed 29lbs and Simon has landed it this morning from the end of the Bradworthy Arm and this time it weighed 29lb 4oz. a toffee boilie on a Ronnie rig did the trick for Simon.

Stafford Moor Carp catches

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Dillon Buttle banked a Couple of fish from swim 4 (The Gap)  on lodge lake up to 23lb caught on Sticky Baits Krill bottom Baits surrounded by a Pva big with krill pellets.

(Below)Joe Heidstrom banked 23 fish out from the back bays on Beatties lake including a fabulous ghostie which was caught in the right hand margin all caught on dynamite baits red ammo 20mm.

Jennets Brace of Twenties

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After no action at his syndicate lake overnight Chris Connaughton Mono had a hunch that a change of venue could pay dividends. A trip to Jennets for the afternoon produced a brace of 20s at 24lb and 20lb 4oz. The fish were tempted using monster baits presented on j precision hooks and 4oz Flat pear inline leads supplied by local tackle company Lakebed Leads.

Anglers Paradise- Latest Reports


Ben McDonnell, 27 from Kent caught a personal best 67lb 13oz Catfish from the Main Carp Lake.

Ben caught the catfish on a casual carpers 15mm spiced krill boillie topped with a 12mm spiced krill pop up, it smashed his old PB of 19lb 1oz by 48lb 12oz!!

(below) Alan George, 49 from Wales caught his 1st ever ‘30’ from the Main Carp Lake, a stunning 30lb 8oz Mirror winning him our Fish Of The Week competition.

Alan shared –

“After arriving at Anglers Paradise on the Saturday afternoon, we enjoyed a few drinks with our friends before venturing down to the Main Lake to take advantage of the peace and quiet as a 5c’s member. I decided to do a bit of stalking on the surface free lining bread. It wasn’t long before I spotted a few in one of the back bays, soaking up the sun. I flicked out a single piece of bread and it wasn’t long before a carp slipped up and took the bait!

After a short hard battle through the pads, my good friend Mick Pearson did the honours of netting the fish and couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw what was in there.

The mirror carp weighed in at 30lb 8oz and was a new PB and my first 30lb plus carp. Not bad for the 1st cast of the holiday!”

(Below)Ben Gregory caught a personal best 5lb 8oz Golden Tench from the Specimen Tench and Orfe Lake. Ben shared – “I’d already had quite a good day on the lake having had 13 Tench and 1 Barbel. However despite my friend Mitchell’s pleads to leave because it was pretty cold, we persisted for another 30mins and I had one final bend in the rod from the lily pads. The biggest was saved to last on a robin red pellet. My new personal best at 5lbs 8oz! It’s been a great week, we hope to get back soon!”(Below)Steve Self caught a beautiful 8lb 6oz Koi and a rare two tone Koi from our famous Koi Lake off the top with bread crust stalking them for hours. Steve also tried a new tactic and fished with a daisy off the top to see if he could catch one on a flower and he did it!!!

Anglers Paradise