Upper Tamar Lake to stock some BIG Carp!

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I have just received this exciting press release from South West Lakes Trust. Upper Tamar is set to receive an impressive stocking of big carp that will make it one of the West Country’s most exciting waters.



South West Lakes Trust would like to announce some exciting news for Upper Tamar fishery in 2017 with the stocking of some fantastic large fish for the first time. In September, 30 carp weighing between 20-32lbs will be stocked. This is the start of a longer term stocking plan that includes a further 25 carp in the same weight range in 2018 and 40 more weighing over 20lbs in 2019. This follows on from the stocking of around 250 smaller carp, transferred from some of other waters, weighing up to 20lbs over the last three years to add to the already good stock of fish that reside in the 81 acre venue.

lake view

In recent years catching a fish over 20lbs or 30lbs from the venue has been a challenge but that is set to change!

Upper Tamar forms part of the Tamar Lakes complex of fisheries with Lower Tamar only half a mile down the road. At 35 acres, Lower Tamar is home to a large head of 20lb+ fish with several fish over the 30lb mark and growing very quickly.

The new fish are being sourced from our local supplier Lana Springs Fish Farm in Devon. Owner Chris Mannifold has a great reputation for supplying premium carp.

Ben Smeeth, the Trust’s Angling Technical Lead said “I am delighted to be working with Chris on this exciting project. The majority of fish will be Mirrors to complement the large population of Commons already in the lake. With a really good weed growth providing a rich source of food these fish will continue to grow with the aim of producing a large head of 30lb and 40lb fish within the next 5-7 years.”

Upper Tamar has produced a lot of runs for anglers in the last few years with some anglers catching as many as 25 carp in a single 24 hour session. There are so many swims to choose from each giving a different perspective of the beautiful lake and each presenting different challenges and features.

Upper Tamar is a spectacular venue, set in peaceful rural countryside, spanning two counties with the Devon and Cornwall border running down the middle of the lake.

The fishery benefits from outstanding facilities with a café open from March to November, showers, toilets and a camping field – perfect if the family also want to come along! There is a supply of bait and tackle available from the café and an onsite self-service permit room so you can arrive at your leisure and start fishing! The venue also benefits from a level stoned path all the way around which makes access to swims for everyone really easy. We do also provide a taxi service to any swim if you give us plenty of notice!

There are also two angling lodges which sleep two people and are bookable through our central office on 01566 771930.

Updates to our new fishing website www.swlakesfishing.co.uk will mean you can view a map of Upper Tamar fishery including swim names before even visiting. We also have a very active Facebook page called ‘Coarse Fishing South West Lakes Trust’ so please LIKE our page for regular catch reports, pictures and information about all of our coarse fisheries in the South West.

The stocking in September will be just in time for the Pallatrax Carp Open Pairs competition at the end of the month and it will be interesting to see if any of the competitors can bank some of our new residents and scoop a share of the £3,500 prize money. Anyone who wants to book onto one of our three pairs carp competitions in 2017 needs to call our office on the above number.


Anyone who would like to come along and see the fish stocked are very welcome – we would love to see you at Upper Tamar to share this great occasion with us and witness the start of an amazing future for this special fishery.

Ben Smeeth

Fishery Manager 01288 321262 [email protected]


Litter a sad reflection!


I have just heard of a threat to a popular local fishing mark as a result of the idiotic behavior of a few anglers. This unfortunately is a very common problem that has lost anglers access to many marks across the country.

I took the above photograph earlier in the year whilst on holiday in Cornwall where we visited a picturesque viewpoint that overlooked the stunning River Fowey. There were no anglers present at the time except me, I was not fishing just admiring the view. A young couple scrambled past and I heard them remark about the disgusting stench. The smell of stale urine hung in the air and the detritus that lay around was a clear sign of the culprits. At that moment I felt ashamed to be an angler.

There is no excuse for leaving the places we fish in such a disgusting state, litter should be taken home. Ensure leftover bait is discarded with care, if its not going to be taken home then ensure it goes into the sea where it will be washed away and eaten. Never leave hooks and traces lying around, there have been numerous incidents with dogs becoming injured resulting in costly visits to the vet. The stench of urine is another blight on the anglers who should either use the public toilets or have a pee where the tide will wash clean.

Many of the places we fish are shared by sightseers who want to sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery that North Devon has to offer. What do you think there reaction is going to be when the place stinks of urine and the ancient cobbles are strewn with litter. If it was your property would you welcome anglers?

I know that some of you reading this will be guilty of the above and that my words will fall on stony ground. Angling is a wonderful pastime, pursued in stunning surroundings and I have often sung the praises of what anglers do for the environment and how they care about fish stocks. Those who leave behind their dirt tarnish us all. I have written this in the hope that it will make a few think about their actions. If it doesn’t then don’t grumble when we lose another easily accessible fishing mark. Don’t walk by if you see litter pick it up and bin it.


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Matt Martin had his first 20lb carp from Lower Tamar over the festive period. Weighing in at 21lb 8oz Matt tempted the fish at long range using a single Master Baits wafter boilie. Well done Matt on landing such a superb looking specimen during the winter months when large reservoirs are a far greater challenge than well stocked commercial carp waters.


Latest Carp catches from Stafford Moor

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image1Gary Harding had 5 fish out up to 20lb 4oz on the summerhouse swim on Beatties using Mainline essential cell boilies.


Steve Pinn AKA ‘ Bivvy Tramp’ with one of his 3 catches from Albert square fishing with CC Moore 12mm northern specials and also CC Moore pink fluoro up to 15lb 11oz.

There is range of quality CC Moore products in Stafford Moors well stocked tackle shop.


Stafford Moor – Carp Catch

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Stuart Hutchings and his dad Brian fished the dam on Lodge lake Stuart  was fishing with essential cell crushed in a PVA mesh bag. a 22mm boilies with goo squirted in the centre also using CC Moore northern special as hook bait. Brian was fishing with Sticky Baits Manilla boilies and Manilla 12mm pop ups , they had 12 fish out up to 19lb 14oz in a day session.15741173_364014697295521_2218973003608959469_n 15726325_364014713962186_4585471108009932067_n


SIMPSON VALLEY – Carp and Pike

Simpson’s Valley is a fishery nestled in a valley near Holsworthy and has several lakes catering for carp anglers and pike anglers. There are also Fly Fishing Lakes and LRF trout fishing options.

15541113_1135924529858648_5564427922944683403_n(Above) Gary Ireland landed this stunning big ghost common from Upper Fuzzy at a weight of 29lb 8oz. 


A fine double figure pike caught by Andrew Braunton from Upper Fuzzy Lake.

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Mild winter weather is ideal for the winter carp anglers with every chance of the carp feeding at some point during the day.


Adam Seaward banked an absolute belter yesterday in the shape of Martin’s Mirror at 28.14 the fish are all well up in weight as this one is normally 26!!!!! Nice one mate on a cracking fish


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Its been just over six months since I launched North Devon Angling News aiming to be the one stop for angling news in North Devon.

A special thanks to all who have supported the project by sending me news, taking out an advert or just taking a look. In the coming year I will continue to build the site and welcome any pictures, articles that will be of interest to anglers in North Devon. Since June the site has been viewed well over 20,000 times. Below are a few highlights from the year.

Reel Deal -450lb porbeagle shark
Julian and Carla at the Rising Sun Umberleigh a real anglers pub.
Emma Tyjas
Emma Tyjas
Wedded bliss at Anglers Paradise
Andrew Atkinson with a smoothound of 15lb 1oz
Andrew Atkinson with a smoothound of 15lb 1oz
Mick Whitfield with his 45lb 2oz mirror carp
Mick Whitfield with his 45lb 2oz mirror carp A Kracking carp!
Thresher Shark
Thresher Shark – Reel Deal
Rob Scoines with his first brace of trout
Rob Scoines with his first brace of trout from Bratton Water
Dave James and Craig Lacey receive £2000.JPG
Dave James and Craig Lacey receive £2000 South West Lakes Trust
Liam Stevens – 15lb 8oz
North Devon Show
Wistlandpound Brown Trout

14322590_1494095073940038_7282370271101400434_nBlakewell Double

Shore Caught tope
Specimen Perch Upper Tamar – Chris Lambert 3lb 4oz

14695536_10154470454560560_1727186096722278141_nAutumn mullet – Dan Welch15231638_1054230368056045_497843651_o John Shapland – Flounder brace

Blakewell Double – James Thomas


Anglers Paradise

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