Mid Week Winner at the the Moor

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The  open match on Tanners lake  at Stafford Moor on Wednesday July 13th 17  fishing . Weather was fabulous on the lawns like sunbathing conditions then on the bank between pegs 30-36 was blowing a gale ! One side in t shirts and the other in hoodys !

Winner - John Bailey
Winner – John Bailey

winner of the day was John Bailey peg 1 with 153lb fishing 11mm on the lead well done John !

In second place was Lee Thomas peg 3 with 139lb 12oz fishing 8 & 11 mm pellet on the wag and bomb

In third place was Martin Heard peg 35 with 108lb 1oz fishing 8mm on the bomb

Section winners were :Ricky Johnston peg 30 with 98lb 8oz fishing 11mm on the bomb and also Ian Chadburn peg 36 with 94lb 6oz

Impressive Haul for Martin Turner

Martin Turner won Bideford and District Angling Clubs Monthly coarse section match at Melbury Reservoir with an impressive haul of 32lb. Kevin Shears was second with 25lb 5oz and third Colin Gorman with 8lb. Winning tactics for Martin were caster with long pole for roach and hybrids. Ground-bait feeder for a bag of skimmers took the runner up spot for Kevin Shears.


Stafford Match Round Up

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Stafford Moors Sunday Open on 3rd July saw some excellent nets of fish; full report from Joanne Coombes below

We had a continental payout today. We had 25 guys fishing .


The winner was Mike Iacono (pictured below) on Woodpecker peg 32 with 183lb fishing 8mm pellet on the waggler.
In 2nd place was Tim Hagg on Tanners peg 9 with 122lb 1oz
In 3rd place was Tony Burslem on Woodpecker peg 36 with 159lb 15oz
In 4th place was Andy Webb on Tanners peg 13 with 118lb 8oz
In 5th place was Mark Cullerton on Woodpecker peg 16 with 155lb 14oz
In 6th place was Dave Stockton on Tanners peg 35 with 109lb 6oz

Our silvers winners were : Tim Hagg on Tanners 9 with 7lb 9oz & Bruce Hunt on Woodpecker peg 26 with 12lb 6oz.

Fridays residents match today on Tanners lake had a great winning weight from Steve Pearce peg 36 with 137lb 13oz fishing 8mm pellet on the bomb well done Steve! who has actually won the residents match 3 years in a row! Please see full match results below.


  1. STEVE PEARCE Peg 36 Tanners: 137lbs 13oz
  2. PETER VERNON Peg 9 Tanners: 122lbs 4oz
  3. KEITH NEEDHAM Peg 11 Tanners: 90lbs 9oz
  4. ALBERT PEARCE Peg 3 Tanners: 73lbs 14oz
  5. BILL PEARCE Peg 35 Tanners: 73lbs 0oz
  6. LUKE BURFORD Peg 30 Tanners: 71lbs 2oz
  7. JOE LONERGON Peg 18 Tanners: 48lb 12oz

Mid Week Open Wednesday 5th July

What a glorious day weather wise. Had so many great weights as you can see in the full match report below. Well done to Nikki Miller who bagged himself 169lb 6oz from peg 9 fishing 8mm on the waggler.


  1. NICKKI MILLER Peg 9 Tanners: 169lbs 6oz
  2. BRUCE HUNT Peg 36 Tanners: 135lbs 1oz
  3. STEVE SHAW Peg 6 Tanners: 132lbs 4oz
  4. MARK HAYMAN Peg 35 Tanners: 129lbs 1oz
  5. MARTIN HEARD Peg 18 Tanners: 104lbs 15oz
  6. TERRY CLARK Peg 34 Tanners: 80lbs 2oz
  7. ROY WORTH Peg 32 Tanners: 67lbs 8oz
  8. PAUL CASSON Peg 11 Tanners: 66lbs 13oz
  9. IAN CROXTON Peg 3 Tanners: 47lbs 6oz
  10. ADRIAN CRAWLEY Peg 25 Tanners: 39lbs 7oz
  11. STUART RUSSELL Peg 20 Tanners: 34lbs 8oz
  12. ANDY WEBB Peg 27 Tanners: 32lbs 14oz
  13. PETER SHERBOURNE Peg 16 Tanners: 32lbs 5oz
  14. DAVE BARNET Peg 30 Tanners: 29lbs 15oz

Bideford Midweek Result

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13639594_524727444378130_1138003688_oBideford and District Angling Clubs Midweek Competition at Tarka swims was won by  Matt Cross with 22lb 5oz. In runner up spot was Kevin Shears with 16lb 8oz and third John Lovell with 14lb 9oz. 13 fished Matt caught 2 carp and 1 bream on paste on 10mt pole Kevin fished with the pellet waggler for 4 carp.




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image2An Open held on JRs lake at Clawford Fishery resulted in a great days fishing with all fish caught in stunning condition. In first place was Nick Jones with 73lb 4oz, predominantly carp around 5lb, second was Chris Haynes who weighed in 63lb and had a great net of small pasties, and third was Andy Seery with a net of 50lb exactly. All good practice for next weeks Clawford festival as will be this Sunday’s open which will be on Edwards with Fletchers on standby depending on numbers.




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Martin Turner won North Devon Match Groups summer league match at Jennets Reservoir with a fine net of roach scaling 27lb 15oz. Thomas Downing was runner up with 20lb and Christopher Morris third with 17lb 2oz. The winning net of roach was put together using pole fished hemp and caster tactics.

Martin Turner
Martin Turner



Bideford Midweek result and look back ten years!

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Bideford and District Angling Clubs midweek competition on their home water Tarka Swims saw John Lovell secure first place with a net of 8lb 11oz. In second was Martin Turner with 6lb 1oz and third Keith Copeland with 2lb 6oz. Eleven members fished on a wet and windy night.

Sadly there are no pictures this week as club photographer Martin Turner had a malfunction with his camera. However looking back through my back catalog I have found a few pictures of the lakes opening day on May 7th 2006. The lake has matured well in the past 10 years and has been a great success for the club.

Tarka Swims 2006
Tarka Swims 2006                
Opening Day
Opening Day
Opening Day
Opening Day
Tarka Swims – 2016

Stafford Moor – Open results

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Sundays Open Results from Stafford Moor’s open match on Tanners and Woodpecker lakes . Jo Coombes writes-  “continental payout so I have written the results out as they should be as my computer guy is still trying to sort out a system where I can have it showing a normal match payout and a continental payout.
We had 31 guys fishing , weather was rain all day !”

Dave Stockton
Dave Stockton

winner of the day was Dave Stockton Woodpecker peg 6 with 176lb 11oz
2nd place was Keith Needham Tanners peg 3 with 94lb 8oz
3rd place was Tim Hagg Woodpecker peg 3 with 123lb 11oz
4th place was Kevin Osbourne Tanners peg 18 with 94lb 3oz
Silvers winners was Ron Hardiman Tanners peg 6 with 19lb 6oz and also from Woodpecker lake Bruce Hunt peg 8 with 19lb 8oz
Section winners were :
Pete Vernon Woodpecker peg 20 with 87lb 14oz
Gary Mealing Woodpecker peg 10 with 70lb 4oz
Steve Pearce Tanners peg 20 with 76lb
Keith Hillier Tanners peg 35 with 93lb 7oz

Stafford Moor Mid Week Open

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Winning bag for Ricky Johnston
Winning bag for Ricky Johnston

The mid week open fished on Tanners & Woodpecker. Had a continental payout.

Winner of the day was Ricky Johnston on Woodpecker lake peg 6 with 134lb 10oz fishing 8mm pellet on the bombing the edge.

2nd place was John Traynor Tanners lake peg 3 with 129lb 10oz fed 8mm & fished 11mm pellet.

3rd place was Dave Stockton woodpecker peg 8 with 74lb 3oz fishing the waggler

4th place was Adrian Wyatt Tanners peg 18 with 127lb 6oz fished 8mm pellet waggler & bomb

5th place was Scott Wilson Woodpecker peg 34 with 62lb 1oz

6th place was Lee Thomas Tanners peg 36 with 125lb 1oz fishing 8mm wag & lead