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Here are the results from Stafford Moor’s Silver Manic Festival 2016. The  winner was Mr Andy Griffiths with 10lb 5oz from peg 36 well done Andy ! Who picked up £1000.The competitors battled against a bitter cold wind throughout the day.  The fishery had 3 x 1st in section winners who each won £200 and 3 x 2nd in section winners who all won £100 each these are:

1st Chris Davis
2nd Dave smith

1st Bradley Gibbons (MAVER)
2nd Chris Bailey

1st Peter Randle
2nd Mark Warren



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North Devon Tackle AC held their latest match at Wooda Lakes Complex  (match carp lake) on Sunday November 6th. Fishing was tough with cold weather overnight. Top weight went to Kevin Wilton with 51lb 13oz of carp on pole and feeder. Second was Peter Seaward with 40lb 11oz and third was Dion Martin with 31lb 15oz.


   Kevin Wilton (Above)

14591664_1481798831834375_4514980478741362512_n                       (Above) Peter Seaward

14915137_1481798861834372_7434962139914637715_n                        (Above ) Dion Martin



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I have fond memories of Mill Pond near Berrynarbour as it was the venue from which I caught my first coarse fish over forty years ago. It is great to see the fishery returning to its former glory. I love the picture of Martins bulging net of silver among the carpet of crisp Autumn leaves. Well done Martin a great haul of silvers!

North Devon Match Groups  Winter League No 1 at  Mill Park

1st Martin Turner 28lb 5oz 2nd Nathan Underwood 16lb 14oz 3rd Pete Slade 14lb 1oz 4th Christopher Morris 12lb 8oz 5th Ben Hathaway 8lb 14oz

Martin Turner (Above)

Martin’s Match Summary –

Fished a bit strange, the pegs on the road side were very tough , those of us on the boathouse area found some roach willing to feed.I caught some better quality roach on caster over hemp at 10 metres, Nathan had smaller roach over groundbait, whilst Pete had skimmers on soft pellet, and Chris fished a small cage feeder. The only carp caught was on bread by new member Ben Hathaway.

Members please do not forget AGM at The Barn Bickington on Thursday

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STAFFORD MOOR – Silver Manic Festival – Practice Day

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Stafford Moor are hosting the Silver Manic Festival over the weekend the practice Match on Friday November 4th was fished on Tanners , Woodpecker and Pines lake 42  fishing. Well done to Andy Morrison who was the winner of the day with 28lb 8oz he fished on Woodpecker peg 28 Andy fished red maggot. In second place was Chris Simmons who fished Tanners peg 32 and bagged himself 21lb 1oz well done to everyone who fished today. .Day one of the Silvermanic festival starts tomorrow with the final on Sunday i will keep you all posted with results.
 1st Andy Morrison Peg 28 Woodpecker: 28lbs 8oz
 2nd .Chris Simmons Peg 32 Tanners: 21lbs 1oz
 3rd  Dave Smith  Peg 24 Woodpecker: 19lbs 0oz
4th  Adrian Marshal Peg 26 Woodpecker: 16lbs 9oz

Day one of our Silvermanic Festival here at Stafford Moor. Was a freezing cold day. Had 3 guys from each section on each lake qualify today. These are Tanners: Rob Henrick, Mark Warren, Andy Griffiths, Tom Downing, David Smith, Boz Phillips. Woodpecker: Duncan Edwards, Adam Palmer, Chris Davis, Jim Lawrie, Bradley Gibbons, John Fridge. Oak: Peter Randle, Adrian Marshall, Steve Clark. Pines: Chris Bailey, Dave Carter, Paul Burckett.

1st -ANDY GRIFFITHS Peg 36 Tanners: 18lbs 7oz

2nd  ROB HENRICK Peg 4 Tanners: 13lbs 11oz

3rd  STEVE CLARK Peg 15 Oak: 12lbs 6oz

4th   ADRIAN MARSHALL Peg 14 Oak: 11lbs 2oz


GONE FISHING CLUB Match Report No 5 Date: 29-10-2016 Venue: Hair Pie

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Below is the latest report from Gone Fishing Clubs – Ian Owen They fished the prolific Harepie Fishery near Newbridge.

This weeks match was held at Hair Pie which although a small venue is well stocked and early signs were it would produce good healthy bags for all involved.

Chris Lamey set us of with a lovely few carp back to back and this just snowballed as everyone fishing was catching, although not all of the anglers were catching carp.

Plenty of silvers coming out and as the day went on it was clear that John Lovell was producing the weights as he was very busy with carp and lots of silvers.

Matt Cross who was on the other side of the lake was not catching carp but was in to a good run of silvers with some impressive Roach, we also had Tom Owen catching plenty of silvers and fishing on corn and maggot, off course the best weather for roach so not a surprise.

Lovell stormed ahead with Craig Lamey making a late surge and having lost a few decent carp in the tight peg on the lake he was unlucky to finish in second.
Some hard work from all who entered and the banter was flowing thick and fast.

A great match and plenty of banter got the anglers through the cold day

The results:

1st  – John Lovell49lb 10oz

2nd – Craig Lamey 39lb 5oz

3rd  – Ian Owen 26lb 10oz gonefishingclub/

Another Great day fishing well done all who entered and next week sees a different setting being Slade Reservoir and with the last hour being tackle away and spinning for pike and perch.



Clawford Winter League,

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Match 1 on JRS a horrible windy day
just a couple of pictures from it courtesy of of John Forster. Very good weights from all around the lake considering the bitter cold east wind.

1st Chris Morris   47 .13
2nd Steve Barrell 35.08
3rd Steve Hayman 35. 07
4th John Forster   32 00
5th Tom Downing  31 10
6th Gary Thornton  20 01
7th Nielsen Jeffery 16, 03
8th John Lisle      12 08



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Gone Fishing Club Match report

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Ian Owen

Match Report No 4 – By Ian Owen
Date: 22-10-2016
Venue: Stafford Moor – Tanners

This match saw the anglers go to the much loved Stafford Moor  Tanners lake.
A match venue which had seen some big hauls over the summer months but with the very dramatic drop in temperature it would be a testing day for all taking part.

A cold and foggy outlook but with the sun shine trying to break through and warm the water up.

The match was as predicted very slow however the silvers where coming out and Ian Owen was slowly making an early impact having caught some very nice roach and skimmers.
Keith Copland also started to catch having attracted the perch, also catching was Craig Lamey, it appeared this could be a three horse race with no carp showing at this time.

As the day went on it was the same situation as the three guys kept catching although slowly and still not managing to attract the much anticipated carp.

A great match at a lovely venue ended up seeing all silvers. The results:

1st Place – Ian Owen 9lb 10oz
2nd place – Criag Lamey 8lb 4oz
3rd place – Keith Copeland 6lb 4oz

Craig Lamey

14825683_10154637154854913_7416955_nKeith Copeland

Great fishing well done boys off to Hair Pie next week.



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Ian Owen

Match Report No 3
Date: 12-10-2016
Venue: High Hampton Lake 2

Match number three was at the fine venue of High Hampton although it was a strange one as it was on lake 2 which is a lake that fishermen never fish.

It was well under way and with an early push from Mathew Cross who in the first two hours had netted 10 carp, this was much to the surprise of other anglers as they were sitting staring in amazement and wondering what was happening.

Until Thomas Owen had a surge and caught four Carp back to back, a great effort from Tom on the day who won Man off the match as he has transferred over from Carp tackle to pole fishing and showed he was improving weekly.

John Lovell also started to catch, having caught some nice skimmers and a fair size bream on the feeder, we also saw last weeks winner netting some nice carp in an attempt to catch up with Cross who was now standing still as his swim had died

Other fisherman on the lake had also been catching and a wide size and variety of fish was being caught to make the match a close one, Cross had obviously capitalized on that early lead and wasn’t to be caught.

The results:

Ian Owen

Match Secretary GFC (Gone Fishing Club)

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07399548798

1st place Matt Cross – 28lbs 5oz

2nd place John Lovell – 16lb 8oz

3rd place Tom Owen – 14lb .7oz

A total of 12 competed on the day.

Great fishing well done boys off to Stafford next week.

(Above)Keith Copland


(Above)Thomas Owen
(Above)Matt Cross


North Devon Match Group – Result – Top Silver Fish Hauls

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North Devon Match Group Championship No 9 Tamar Lake Devon Bank

14753704_566524383531769_5345225523042837951_oNorth Devon match Group members enjoyed some top rate silver fish sport at Upper Tamar fishing the Devon bank. Many thanks to Martin Turner who makes the effort to send me the results and image for each competition; much appreciated.

Neilsen Jeffery , winning catch mainly roach from the Devon Arm on the whip to hand, very close second Tom Downing with over 300 small perch and roach short line on the pole. Good back up weights on feeder and pole tactics in challenging conditions.


1st Nielsen Jeffery 33lb 12oz

2nd Tom Downing 32lb 14oz

3rd Christopher Morris 26lb 13oz

4th Martin Turner 20lb 12oz


14711141_566524583531749_8046770341006360877_oAdvert  - Summerlands Tacklelogo


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October 10th – Day 1

Day one of the October Festival at Stafford Moor. A fabulous weight from Ricky Johnston who fished on peg 8 on Woodpecker lake bagged himself 116lb 10oz fishing 8mm pellet

1st   RICKY JOHNSTON Peg 8 Woodpecker: 116lbs 10oz

2nd  LEE WERRETT Peg 5 Oak: 115lbs 14oz

3rd   PETER UPPERTON Peg 20 Oak: 103lbs 6oz

4th   RICHARD WYLIE Peg 22 Tanners: 103lbs 3oz

October 11th – Day 2

Day two of the October Festival 2016. Weather bitter cold with bright sunshine which made the fishing extra hard today! Had a top weight from Craig Edmonds peg 20 on Woodpecker Lake with a weight of 139lb

1st CRAIG EDMONDS Peg 20 Woodpecker: 139lbs 0oz

2nd STEVE SHAW Peg 24 Woodpecker: 96lbs 12oz

3rd  IAN PRETTY Peg 36 Woodpecker: 96lbs 12oz

4th  CHRIS BISHOP Peg 12 Woodpecker: 71lbs 15oz


NATHAN UNDERWOOD Peg 25 Tanners: 62lbs 14oz(Above)

October 12th – Day 3

1st  ZAC NEWTON Peg 30 Tanners: 127lbs 5oz

2nd CRAIG EDMONDS Peg 1 Oak: 104lbs 12oz

3rd  ANDY GRIFFITHS Peg 22 Woodpecker: 89lbs 9oz

4th  CHRIS DAVIS Peg 18 Tanners: 78lbs 6oz

(Below) Pete Upperton with a nice net of Silvers from Pines Lake


Day 4 –

1st  CRAIG EDMONDS Peg 30 Tanners: 186lbs 2oz

2nd  PETER UPPERTON Peg 6 Woodpecker: 126lbs 1oz

3rd   TERRY STONE Peg 3 Woodpecker: 104lbs 15oz

4th   MARTIN HEARD Peg 12 Woodpecker: 94lbs 11oz

Final Day

1st  PETE UPPERTON Peg 34 Woodpecker: 81lbs 1oz

2nd NEIL STONES Peg 3 Woodpecker: 72lbs 7oz

3rd  RICKY JOHNSTON Peg 8 Woodpecker: 72lbs 6oz

4th   CHRIS DAVIS Peg 27 Tanners: 71lbs 11oz

Report from Joanne Combes :-

Winner of the October Festival 2016 Craig Edmunds ! Who won with a perfect score of just 4 points and a total weight of 500lb 12 oz  “well done  considering he has never fished a festival here before what can I say not often I’m speechless”. In second place was Brian Shanks with only 4 points total weight of 230lb 4oz well done Brian ! In third place was Peter Upperton with 5 points and a total weight of 343lb 15oz.

“well done to everyone who fished fished the festival had such a Laugh with you all thank you for making it a fab week ! Paul & Jo”.