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Andrew Atkinson secured victory in Appledore Shipbuilders Rover with a fine flounder of 2lb 21/4oz. In second and third place was Graham Snow with a flounder of 1lb105/8oz and 1lb 87/8oz. The Junior section was taken by Cleo Babb with a flounder of 1lb 1oz. Twenty seven keen members fished the event in a bitter East wind with temperatures barely above zero.

Andrew Atkinson – Flounder 2lb 21/4oz

Appledore hold their Christmas Competition at Heanton Court on the Taw Estuary next week fishing 9.00am until 1:30pm.

Monthly rover results 4/12/2016
1st Andy Clements flounder 1lb 13 1/4oz 91.406%
2nd Graham snow flounder 1lb 10 1/2oz  82.812%
3rd Graham snow flounder 1lb 8 3/4oz    77.343%
4th Andy Clements flounder 1lb 7 1/2oz   73.437%
5th Nathan Clements flounder 1lb 5 1/2oz  67.187%
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Dennis Toleman Triple Hook Clubs Open Flounder Competition with a flattie of 1lb 113/4oz. Robbie Hancock was runner up with a flounder of 1lb 101/2oz and third John Vaughan with a flounder of 1lb95/8oz.



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Terry Dymond took top spot in Bideford Angling Clubs monthly rover with a flounder of 1lb 123/4oz. Paul Downing was second with a flounder of 1lb 10oz and Taz Wotton was third with a plaice of 1lb 81/4oz. In fourth was Andrew Clements with a plaice of 1lb 7oz and Lisa Downing was fifth with a flounder of 1lb 61/4oz.


14971564_10154591071991788_1589527463_o(Above) Josh and James Atkinson

Appledore Shipbuilders monthly Rover attracted a field of 25 seniors and 4 juniors. Josh Atkinson won the competition with a fine flounder of 2lb 105/8oz. In second and third was James Atkinson with flounder of 2lb 75/8oz and 2lb 63/8oz. Junior winner was Nalani Knox with flounder weighing 2lb 4oz and 1lb 101/4oz.


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Dennis Toleman secured victory in Triple Hook Clubs RBL Shield with a flounder of 1lb 65/8oz. In runner up spot was Mark Beer with a flounder of 1lb 45/8oz.


Flounder sport

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Flounder fishing in the Taw is now approaching its prime time with the obliging flatfish gaining weight before leaving the estuary after Christmas to spawn. Local clubs have been enjoying some action with Juniors and ladies joining in the fun!

Results of our re run easter cup
21 fished. Winner was David Babb with a flounder 1lb 10 1/2ozs 2nd was Terry Dymond with a flattie of 1lb 9 1/2
3rd was a 4 way tie with 1lb 5 1/2ozs between me, josh Atkinson Steve ford and Heidi Green



Heidi Green

img-20161023-wa0001 Nalarni Knox

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Barnstaple Triple Hook Clubs – Junior and Ladies Open Flounder Match

Yasmin Beer won both the ladies and Junior section with a fine flounder of 1lb 123/8oz.  Second in the junior section was Lewis Rigler with a flounder of 1lb 5oz. Levi Beer took runner up spot in the club section of the Junior competition. Runner up in the ladies section was Debbie Rigler with flounder of 1lb 47/8oz.

img_1386Triple Hook Members in action


Appledore Away Day success

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Appledore Shipbuilders traveled to Teignmouth in search of specimen flounder.

Winner was David Langbridge with a flounder 2lb 5ozs
2nd was Michael Toogood with a flounder 2lb 0 1/2ozs
3rd was Kevin Pike with a flounder 1lb 12ozs
15 Members took part.

Teignmouth Angling Society are holding the 20th National Flounder Championships on the 5th & 6th of November. Top prize for the best flounder is £1000!!

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14550804_10210745186131856_1577389037_oTarrant Wotton and Lee Watts with their winning flounder

The flounder season is certainly underway now with Taz Wotton taking top spot in Bidefords monthly rover landing a flounder of 1lb 83/4oz.  Lee Watts secured second and third with flounder of 1lb 81/4oz and 1lb 7oz.

The club also held the Des Clements Memorial Competition that raised £25 for charity and was won by Taz Wotton with his flounder.

Jazza John secured the top three places in Appledore Shipbuilders Match weighing in flounder of 1lb 151/4oz, 1lb 11oz and 1lb 9oz. Jack Pike took the junior prize with a wrasse of 2lb 21/4oz.

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Appledore Shipbuilders News

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David Atkinson won Appledore Shipbuilders Monthly Rover with a fine gilthead bream scaling 4lb 53/8oz. Runner up spot was secured by Steve Ford with a gilthead of 4lb 2.75oz and in third was Josh Atkinson with a smoothound scaling 6lb 15oz. In the Junior section it was Chelsea Babb that took the prizes with a ballan wrasse of 3lb 3.75oz.

Top fish of the week was a stunning bass taken from a local beach scaling 12lb 9.75oz by Paul Downing.


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Appledore Shipbuilder’s Bass Competition

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Eighteen anglers  fished Appledore Shipbuilders Bass comp at Westward Ho. Fishing was made difficult with large amounts of weed fouling the lines. Despite this four fish were landed with Paul Downing the winner with a bass of 6lb 61/2oz. In runner up spot was Cameron Atkinson with a bass of 5lb 1/2oz. In third place was Steve Ford with a bass of 4lb 14oz.

Cameron Atkinson runner up in bass competition