Two Twenties and a Thirty

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Paul Willsea joined us with his wife for Valentines week and managed to get some fishing in and caught a personal best 30lb Mirror, a 25lb Mirror and a 24lb Mirror all from the Specimen Carp Lake and won our Fish of the Week competiton!

Paul ’s Story –

“I have been coming to AP for 21 years and have never caught 3 big fish in one week. On Monday 18th February, I went down to the Specimen Carp Lake. The Reel went screaming off after about an hour, I couldn’t believe it, I landed a 24lb Mirror using a tutti fruity boilie.

After a little while, off it goes again and I landed a 25lb Mirror on a Sticky Baits Krill pop up, I was well chuffed, couldn’t believe it – 2 20’s in 1 day!!

Then on Thursday 21st February, about 2pm, I thought I would pack up in about half hour, when suddenly off the Reel goes. I landed a 30lb 2oz Mirror on a tutti fruity boilie. This is the best Valentine week I have ever had, I beat my personal best by 4oz, celebrated my Birthday on Valentine’s Day and had an absolutely fantastic week at AP!”

Here he is with his Winning Fish and being presented his prizes by Zyggy and Zenia with special thanks to PB Products UK.

Anglers Paradise

Mild Weather brings carp on the feed at Stafford Moor

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The milder conditions certainly seem to have encouraged Stafford Moor’s carp to go on the feed with some tremendous catches during the past week.

Jack Griffiths and Emily enjoyed a great session at Stafford Moor where they caught six fish  from the summer hut swim on Beatties lake up to 26lb. Emily had a 22lb mirror out and Jack had 2 x 26lb out all caught on OCD baits.

(Below)Jack Gattiker  fished for the first time  on swim 1 on lodge lake. Jack had 2 fish out up to 25lb caught on Sticky Baits 20mm Manilla boilies.

(Below) Mark Lamude banked three fish out from the beach swim on Beatties lake all caught on Mainline cell boilies topped with corn over a large bed of 15mm cell.

(Below)Debbie Stephens caught ten carp out up to 26lb from swim 2 on lodge lake in a 48 hour session ! All caught on Sticky Baits Manilla boilies.

Stafford Moor – Winter carp sport at the Moor

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(Below) Ben Hopkins and his friend John  fished up on swim 1 (three islands) on Lodge lake. They caught two fish each both personal best with Ben banking fish of 24lb 10oz and John a personal best of 27lb 9oz. The fish were tempted on pink wafters and pink krill.

(Below)Drew Davey  had one mirror out weighing in at 19lb 2oz from Albert square (swim 15 )  on Lodge lake in a day session this weekend caught on Sticky Baits Manilla boilies topped with a chopped down yellow Manilla pop up.

(Below) The ‘Carpbusters’ Ade, Ju and Christie all had one fish each out today in a day session caught on Mainline cell, Sticky Baits Manilla and Krill from the beach swim and big fish corner on Beatties lake.

Eight fish haul at the Moor

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Neil Harvey  had 8 fish out all caught on Mainline 15mm cell tipped on yellow corn. Glugged in cell bait enhancer with a 3in PVA sock with crushed cell and micro pellet all dipped in glug before the cast. Neil Fished peg 2 on lodge lake and caught all off the back margin of the spit, a rod length off.

Winter Carp Haul at Upper Tamar

Bude anglers Chris Hudson and Matt Pepperell enjoyed a great session at Upper Tamar lake on the Cornwall and Devon border over the weekend landing 8 carp from the Lookout Tower swim. Chris had this cracking 24lb 1oz mirror that was stocked in 2017 at 22lb. The majority of fish were mid doubles. All caught on CC Moore Live system with white pop ups fished over the top.

Chris Hudson with a fine mirror of 24lb 1oz