Upper Tamar Carp

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Aaron Bunning recently had this mirror from Upper Tamar on Nashbait Scopex Squid

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Chris Connaughton who works at Quay Sports has banked a carp known as the bullet at a weight of 44lb 12oz from Hacche Moor Fishery near South Molton. The capture of such a fine carp highlights the journey carp fishing has been on over the past 70 years. In 1952 Richard Walker banked a carp weighing 44lb from the legendary Redmire Pool on the Welsh Borders. The carp made headlines and beat the previous record of 26lb caught by Albert Buckley in 1930. Walker’s record stood until 1980 when Chris Yates caught a carp of 51lb 8oz from the same pool. The record has been broken on numerous occasions since 1980 and I like I suspect many others  have lost track of the carp record. Today’s carp anglers are very fortunate to have carp dwelling across the country that exceed those old milestones in fishing history. In North Devon there are numerous waters that contain carp of over forty pounds. This is a reflection on fishery owners, fish breeders, anglers’ baits and the potentially changing climate.

In North Devon we have several waters that would rival Redmire’s stock of carp.

New Lake Record 
News from Hacche Moor Fishery
“Congratulations to Chris Connaughton on his capture of the “bullet” at a new personal best and lake record of 44.12… Chris has been quietly plugging away this winter and was probably starting to ask himself a few questions, truth be told, as he was yet to have a bite on his winter ticket after several nights angling. This soon changed thou as he opened his account with a lovely fully scaled mirror then the following day he had the bite he was after; the king of the pond at 44.12.. it’s first ever capture during the winter syndicate period too so well done mate.”
Chris is also the owner of Remix bait’s
Can’t believe I’m writing this second fish of my winter campaign on @hacchemoorfishery and I’ve got ‘The Bullet’ which is a new PB and a New lake record caught using ‘Cellnapple’ pop ups. Buzzing!!!


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Sam Passmore with a beautiful, clean 28lb 3oz Mirror from Nirvana’s Day Ticket Kracking Carp Lake.
Sam caught the Mirror using a hinge stiff rig made up of DSD end tackle and finished with a mad baits boosted wicked white cast to a showing fish.The only show in the 3 days of fishing and the only bite he had, and he landed it!
Sam shared – “Another fish from the lake that’s been so good to me and hopefully I’ll be back to finish the business when the time comes!
Anglers Paradise

Stafford Moor Carp Fishing

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(Below )A Lake booking up on lodge lake social organised by Gavin Lynch saw the guys bank a total of 37 fish  with a total weight of 770lb ! This included several new personal bests  Including Chris larners new pb of 30lb 3oz.

(Below) Charlie O Connor who smashed his personal best  with a 33lb 4oz beauty from the inlet swim on Beatties lake , Charlie was using Mainline cell, Sticky baits Manilla and our house pellets.


Stafford Moor – In Fine Carp Form

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(Below) Oakley Hunt and his dad Warren fished on beach 1 on lodge lake. They banked 7 fish with dad Warren having a new personal best of 27lb 12oz.
All fish were caught on Sticky baits krill and Manilla boilies.
(Below) Michael Stevens, Ben Palmer & Sam Reed  had a few carp out from swims 12 and 13 on the spit up on lodge lake. All fish caught on CC Moore live system and LDM baits.
(Below) Ross Mckee who fished up on the dam wall on lodge lake. Ross had 5 fish out which included 3 new pbs up to 26lb 2oz. Ross caught on Mainline cell and Essencial cell boilies and Sticky baits krill boilies.
(Below) Steve West banked 12 fish from the inlet swim on Beatties lake up to 26lb 8oz all fish caught on 15mm Mainline cell boilies & yellow pop ups.
(Below) Adam Gunn and Lee Jamesfished up on fraggle rock (swim 8 up on lodge lake) Adam had a fish 28lb 1oz caught on Stucky Baits Krill boilies and house pellets, Lee James had 2 fish up to 25lb & caught on Sticky baits Manilla boilies and house pellets.
(Below) Harvey Chmberlain who had 28 fish out from the silver birch lodge situated on Beatties specimen lake All fish caught on mad baits Wicked White and Asbo up to 29lb 10oz.