Jennetts Carp Brace

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Allan Jones and Karl Yates enjoyed their first fishing trip out since lockdown started. Jennetts was the destination and Allan was rewarded with a common of 19lb 6oz and Karl 23lb 2oz . Regulars to Jennets will be pleased that the fallen tree that has blocked access to far side has now been cleared away.

A blank Trip !

During the 1980’s and 90’s I did a fair amount of carp fishing and enjoyed some success catching carp on a regular basis including a few fish over twenty pounds. My carp fishing sorties in the past couple of decades have been few and far between partly due to a perception that carp fishing requires lots of time and a desire to catch other species has taken precedent.

The spectacular catches of carp I report on has to a degree tempted me back to carp fishing albeit on an occasional basis. The complexities of carp fishing are perhaps a bit of a challenge but with modern tackle rigs and baits catching carp is or at least should be easier than it has ever been. I recently fished at Jennett’s reservoir near Bideford with James and arrived full of confidence. The weather had broken and a North West Wind was blowing down the lake after weeks of hot weather and the carp having recently spawned I expected a good result. As did keen and experienced local carp angler Rob Kendal who had already banked one carp before we arrived.

Rob Kendall 17lb 10oz


James and I fished a peg apart maintaining the required social distance, one bait close to the far bank and another in the nearside margin.

The day drifted past James was pleased to catch a couple of bream on the margin rod and enjoyed chatting with his mate from the cricket club fishing in the next peg along.

Rob Kendall added another carp but was surprised at the lack of action considering the conditions. We made a few brews with the Kelly Kettle and cooked up some sausages. The day drifted past and we took in the surroundings, watched the squirrels and birds going about their daily routines.

James decided to leave mid afternoon and catch up with a few jobs at home. Ever optimistic I stayed on spurred on by the sight of carp rolling close to where I had put my baits. Any time I expected those bobbins to lift and the Delkim to bleep its warning. As the light began to fade I decided to head for home and packed away everything except the rods. As I turned to reel in the rod tip nodded and I pick up the rod hopeful of a last minute carp. it was a bream of around 2lb. I left with lots of questions in my head and doubting my ability to catch carp. I think I will have to invest a little more of that time soon.

North Devon Match Group Winter League No.5 Jennetts Reservoir.

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North Devon Match Group Winter League No.5 Jennetts Reservoir.

1st Paul Elworthy  26lb 1oz

2nd Chris Morris 12lb 5oz

3rd Martin Turner  12lb 3oz

4th Wayne Murton  7lb 5oz

5th John Forster    1lb 10oz ,

Eight fished . A mild , dry but windy day encouraged some of the larger bream to feed and with a reduced entry we all fished on the first bank. The roach proved difficult to tempt but Paul didn’t need any , his six bream caught on triple red maggot on a groundbait feeder on peg 4 was the convincing winner, Chris, on peg 5 landed 3 bream on the pole for second edging Martin into third with a mostly Rudd net on peg one.


Cracking Carp From South West Trust Waters

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Chris Hudson who caught this cracking 24.10 common from day ticket water Jennetts at the weekend.

Ryan Willshire from Bude has been back among the action on Upper Tamar Lake on the Cornwall and Devon border. This 27lb 2oz common was the highlight of a two fish catch at the weekend. Mainline IB boilies doing the business for Ryan again!


North Devon Match Group Championship No 4 Jennetts Reservoir

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Many Thanks to Martin Turner for the North Devon Match Group report from Jennetts Reservoir where they enjoyed to fabulous silver fish sport.

1st  Martin Turner  28lb 9oz

2nd  Christopher Morris 25lb 11oz

3rd   Kevin Shears 18lb 11oz

4th   John Lacy 18lb 6oz

5th    Peter Slade 17lb 9oz ,

A mild spring day with April showers , made for good sport on the South West Lake Trusts Jennetts Reservoir in Bideford. The bream failed to show in numbers but the roach fed well. Martin Turner landed quality fish on hemp and caster on the pole and whip from peg 8 , beside the elderberry bush , Christopher Morris had a similar net from peg 12 near the point also on the pole. Kevin drew end peg on the far bank for 3rd just pipping John Lacy who drew peg 4 near the dam.



South West Lakes Trust Waters give up some superb carp

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Jack Gabriel caught a fine brace of twenty pound carp from Jennetts reservoir, near Bideford. The commons went 21.00 and 22.00. Chris McCarthy has also been in action at Jennetts with this 17.12 Mirror and 16.09 common.

Jack Gabriel


Chris McCarthy















There not from North Devon but if you fancy a trip down to Cornwall these would be ample reward. A brace of commons caught from Argal Reservoir  near Falmouth by Marlon Weyeneth the below brace lovely commons from part of the South West Lakes Trust portfolio. Both fish were 25lbs and caught during short day sessions.





Fine Jennetts Common Brace

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Matt Ling did a quick session at Jennetts for 4 hours on the point and after losing a fish and blanking in the previous two sessions he decided to give it another go before his holiday finished and was rewarded with 2 fish in the short session. The largest was a 22lb 6oz common the other being a 11lb 4oz common both caught on multi rigs cast to the reeds on 12mm pop ups with a small scattering of freebies.